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Is Mass Timber the Key Element in a Low Carbon Future?

This article was originally published on Common Edge.

A Unique Approach to Creating Public Spaces: In Conversation with Alejandro Haiek

Architecture practices usually start their design process with a client, who provides a program and a site. Alejandro Haiek, founder of The Public Machinery, approaches things differently. The Public Machinery describes itself as a network of architects and designers working collectively, actively observing, imagining, and proposing public urban interventions themselves. Their proposals are at the intersection of art, architecture, and engineering and weave community engagement, ecology, and new technologies into innovative forms of social infrastructure. They secure funding through research and public grants, enabling them to create public spaces that defy expectations in both their design process and in the form their projects take.

A Production Facility in Germany and An Observatory in Athens: 8 Unbuilt Multi-Functional Projects Submitted by the ArchDaily Community

Urban environments are constantly evolving, with cities becoming the hubs of cultural diversity and economic life. In fact, the globe is speeding towards a future in which 70% of people will live in cities by 2050. Architects are at the core of this revolutionary movement, rethinking the nature of a city due to this urban surge. In response to this immense focus on newer and more diverse cities, architects and designers are leaning towards multifunctional and mixed-use projects. Attracting diverse crowds of people, mixed-use architecture explores the maximum potential of what a structure can serve.

Designing the Appearance of Rammed Earth Walls: The Interplay Between Natural Clay Colors and Pigmentation

Rammed earth is one of the oldest methods of constructing walls and still holds great potential for modern earth construction. One aspect of this potential is the gift of its colors and layers, which become visible as the formworks are removed, revealing a layered character. As a process that involves the layer-by-layer compression of gravel, sand, silt, and clay, its resulting appearance is a horizontal stratification of earth tones, material content, and curing procedures. This colorful appearance of rammed earth walls can be controlled and explored through patterns, texture, pigmentation, and natural clay colors, offering an opportunity to push its boundaries within architecture.

Stockholm Wood City: Construction of the World's Largest Urban Development Project in Wood to Begin in 2025

Atrium Ljungberg has just revealed Stockholm Wood City – the world's largest urban construction project in wood. Construction on the project is expected to begin in 2025, and the first buildings are expected to be completed in 2027. The initiative is a demonstration of Swedish sustainability.

Graham Foundation Awards 64 Grants for Architecture and Design Projects with Critical Perspectives in 2023

The Graham Foundation has announced the award of 64 new grants to individuals exploring innovative and interdisciplinary ideas that contribute critical perspectives on architecture and design in 2023.

“I Want to Get Down to the Roots of Things”: Interview with Kim Utzon

Kim Utzon started his small architectural practice, Kim Utzon Arkitekter, in Copenhagen in 1987, choosing to work primarily in Denmark and neighboring Sweden, to keep close ties with family and be able to reflect effectively on regional building traditions. Kim is the youngest son of Jørn Utzon (1918-2008), the Pritzker Prize-winning architect whose most celebrated buildings include the Sydney Opera House (1973), Bagsværd Church near Copenhagen (1976), and the Kuwait National Assembly Building (1982). Kim’s brother Jan Utzon is a practicing architect and his sister Lin Utzon is a ceramic artist.

Tham & Videgård Celebrates Two Decades in Practice with Exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish architecture firm Tham & Videgård exhibits a broad selection of projects celebrating over twenty years in practice at the ArkDes—Centre for Architecture and Design in Stockholm, Sweden. For the first time, the studio’s work is being presented in its entirety, displaying in detail acclaimed buildings like the winning proposal for the Denfert art center in Paris and the 150-meter-tall +One Tower for the Swedish Exhibition in Gothenburg. From November 2022 to August 27, 2023, On: Architecture offers visitors a full-scale spatial experience involving models, new photography, and films – all set within a glass ground showroom.

Hair Salons With Sculptural and Surreal Interiors in Japan and Sweden

Beyond the traditional boundaries of Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese wabi-sabi, the aesthetics from the far north and the far east have more parallels than one might think at first glance –it is not for nothing, after all, that they are so popularly combined with each other, creating the term Japandi.

Ai Weiwei’s Arch Installation Opens in Central Stockholm

Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei unveiled the Arch, a cage-like sculpture in front of the National Museum of Stockholm. The 12-meter-tall stainless steel structure features at its center silhouettes of two people holding one another, appearing to break through the steel bars of the cage. The artwork was created to symbolize refugee stories and is seen as an ode to freedom. The sculpture is installed outside Nationalmuseum national gallery on the Blasienholmen peninsula in Stockholm’s archipelago. It will remain there for one year, after which, it will be moved to a yet undisclosed location in the city.