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Images Released of 3XN's Olympic Headquarters in Lausanne

3XN and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have released images of a new headquarters planned for a 24,000-square-meter site on banks of Lake Geneva in the Swiss city of Lausanne. Adjacent to the historic Château de Vidy, which has been the “iconic home” of the IOC, 3XN’s design is intended to respect both the château’s legacy and park setting, while making the transition from park to building as “soft” as possible. 

3XN Designs Affordable Housing Tower in Denmark

© 3XN
© 3XN

The influx of students in Aarhus, Denmark is causing the city to rapidly expand. In response to the growing need for affordable housing close to the local university, 3XN teamed up with developer Jens Richard Pedersen to design a residential high-rise near the institution. The future tower has been dubbed La Tour as an ode to the building that currently occupies the site, Hotel La Tour. 

Newly released renders and model photographs depict the tower as a sweeping semi-circular form that rises in steps. The gradual elevation of the building will start at the street, defining the transition from the surrounding small-scale buildings to the urban high-rise typology. For more information and images, read on after the break.

Courtesy of Adam Mørk/3XN Courtesy of Adam Mørk/3XN Courtesy of Adam Mørk/3XN © 3XN

World Photo Day: Adam Mørk by Kim Herforth Nielsen of 3XN

In honor of World Photo Day (August 19th) ArchDaily wanted to thank the photographers who bring to life the projects that we publish every day. So we asked architects to weigh in on the work of some of our most-appreciated architecture photographers. Here, Kim Herforth Nielsen of 3XN writes on behalf of Adam Mørk

UN City / 3XN. Image © Adam Mørk New Maritime Museum and Exploratorium / COBE Architects + Transform Architects. Image © Adam Mørk Green Lighthouse / Christensen & Co Architects. Image © Adam Mørk DTU Compute / Christensen & Co Architects. Image © Adam Mørk

3XN Chosen Over Windgardh, Arkitema to Design University Building in Sweden

3XN has won an architectural competition -- beating out WingårdhArkitema DotChristensen & CoJuul/Frost, and White -- to design a new educational building for Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna (southwest of Stockholm, Sweden). The project not only includes a new 18,250 square meter building, but also the renovation of a listed Modernist Public Bath Paul Hedquist. The new campus is planned to be ready in 2018. Read the architect's description of the winning project, after the break.

© 3XN © 3XN © 3XN © 3XN

Four Teams Shortlisted to Design New Central Library in Calgary

Four shortlisted teams have been asked to design proposals for a new central library in the Canadian city of Calgary. Selected from 38 submissions, the competing teams of local and international architects will harness the power of platemaking to envision a 280,000 square-foot “landmark” for the East Village Calgary. 

Green Solution House / 3XN

Courtesy of 3XN
Courtesy of 3XN

Danish practice 3XN is the architect behind ‘Green Solution House’, a new experimental conference center and hotel, where everything is adapted to the circulation of nature and where guests will get an idea of how it feels to live in a world without waste. Located on the Danish island of Bornholm, it is designed and developed in accordance with the principles of Cradle 2 Cradle®. This means that all materials used in the building are either fully recyclable or biodegradable. Hence, the building design takes on the ambition to eliminate the concept of waste. More images and architects’ description after the break.

3XN Celebrates 25years of Design Excellence

Celebrating 25 years of architecture and design Danish Architects 3XN have built a portfolio of work that ‘focuses on the humanity and environment at the center of its architecture.’ Their recent works include the award winning Middelfart Savings Bank Headquarters and the incredibly popular Museum of Liverpool.

Another look at 3XN's Museum of Liverpool

© José Campos
© José Campos

Opened on July 19th the new Museum of Liverpool by 3XN serves as a meeting point for history, the people of Liverpool, and visitors from around the globe.  Featured on ArchDaily in July (see the full project feature here) photographer  José Campos recently shared with us his photographs of this impressive museum.

© José Campos © José Campos © José Campos © José Campos

3XN Enters Innovative Cooperation with William McDonough + Partners

Courtesy of 3XN
Courtesy of 3XN

The international team of 3XN and William McDonough + Partners is about to develop one of Europe’s first and most ambitious Cradle to Cradle® projects; the Green Solution House on the island of Bornholm, Denmark. Green Solution House will be an innovative ‘Demonstratorium’ facilitating the development and test of new green technologies on an international scale. At the same time the building will function as a showcase in itself; designed according to the Cradle to Cradle® principles, the project is anticipated to integrate the latest knowledge within materials and appropriate technologies. More details after the break. Visit the projects we have previously featured of both firms: 3XN and William McDonough + Partners

Finalists for Dublic Concert Hall: 3XN and Henning Larsen Architect

Courtesy of 3XN
Courtesy of 3XN

Two Danish Studios have been selected to compete in the prestigious competition to design Dublin’s new National Concert Hall. The two finalists were narrowed down from a shortlist of renowned architects from 2008. The two studios, 3XN and Henning Larsen Architects, delivered spectacular designs, which, unfortunately, will not be realized due to the cancellation of competition under Ireland’s fragile economic situation. Read on for more information after the break

Swedbank’s New International Headquarters / 3XN

© 3XN
© 3XN

The new Headquarters will be one of Sweden’s most modern and innovative office buildings – focusing on transparency, Scandinavian simplicity and dynamic social environments. Behind the project is the Danish Architect 3XN in collaboration with Humlegården Fastigheter, representing the property owner Länsförsäkringar Liv.

More images and complete press release after the break.

In Progress: Bella Sky / 3XN

Courtesy of 3XN
Courtesy of 3XN

Scheduled to open in May 2011, Bella Sky is just six months away from its anticipated debut in Copenhagen, Denmark. The spectacular hotel was designed by architects 3XN and dons a unique design that will certainly make it stand out in the Copenhagen skyline. Read on for more images and information after the break.

3XN Wins Landmark Project in Sweden

3XN’s winning proposal for the new structure marking the entrance to Vällingby Parkstad in Stockholm, Sweden,  creates a close relation between work life, housing, and leisure. The building’s curved design embraces the area and the lively shaped balconies opens up the structure towards the surroundings thus raising the park up in the air. The dense city structure at the base adds activity at eye level and life thrives on active roof tops and flowering balconies. Construction is planned to begin in 2011. More images after the break.

Mind Your Behaviour: How Architecture Shapes Behaviour

MIND YOUR BEHAVIOUR invites you into 3XNs universe and gives a glimpse into the thoughts, visions and processes forming the basis of 3XNs architecture focusing on behaviour. The exhibit challenges the concept of behaviour by providing a direct and physical meeting with 4 meter high abstract building sections as well as inviting the viewer to reflect on how architecture shapes our behaviour. The exhibit displays 28 projects from the last five years of 3XNs work.

Railyards Cultural Centre / 3XN

A few weeks ago, we featured a competition won by 3XN to transform the former freight train halls in Aarhus, Denmark into a new and dynamic cultural center. After the break, several more images and diagrams about this new cultural hub for scenography, visual arts and literature.