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3XN's Waterfront Climatorium Pays Tribute to the Fishing Culture of Lemvig, Denmark

3XN, working in collaboration with Orbicon and SLA, have won a competition for the design of a new climatorium in Lemvig, Denmark. The scheme seeks to form a modern interpretation of the area’s nature and fishing culture, while also influenced by local climate conditions.

The predominantly timber scheme balances a dual role of a public amenity serving science and the arts and a working laboratory geared towards the mitigation of climate change.

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New Photographs Explore BIG’s Waste-to-Energy Plant as Ski Slope Roof is Installed

Photographer Aldo Amoretti has captured new images of one of 2018’s most awaited projects, as the BIG designed Amager Bakke Waste-to-Energy Plant takes shape in Copenhagen, complete with an SLA-designed park and ski slope. The images show to the completed power plant, which opened in March 2017, while work progresses on the 170,000-square-foot (16,000-square-meter) park and ski slope that will cap the scheme.

Initially master planned by BIG, the unique design seeks to reclaim a typically unused element of a building for the public through the introduction of the nature-filled program. During summer months, the SLA-designed rooftop activity park will provide visitors with hiking trails, playgrounds, fitness structures, trail running, climbing walls, and of course, incredible views. In the winter, the park will be joined by over 1,640 feet (500 meters) of ski slopes designed by BIG.

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SLA Reveals Park and Ski Slope That Will Cap BIG's Groundbreaking Waste-to-Energy Plant

The final designs for one of 2018’s most awaited projects have been revealed, as SLA has released plans for the 170,000-square-foot (16,000-square-meter) park and ski slope that will cap the BIG-designed Amager Bakke Waste-to-Energy Plant in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Rendering. Image Courtesy of SLAPark Diagram. Image Courtesy of SLASeed Dispersal Tactics. Image Courtesy of SLAPlan. Image Courtesy of SLA+ 5

SLA Wins Competition to Design a New Cultural Landscape in Denmark

Danish-based landscape architects SLA have won a competition to develop The New Hedeland Nature Park – a 1,500-hectare cultural landscape near the historical city of Roskilde, Denmark. The winning proposal challenges the common idea of the conventional “culture house” as it is moved out in the open without walls and roofs, making participating accessible for everyone. The winning design also seeks to complement the area's unique nature and 10,000 years of cultural history into one coherent concept, creating new space for co-creation, interaction, and awareness.

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Humlehaven / White Arkitekter

From the architect. The new plan for Copenhagen’s Carlsberg Byen development embraces the closeness of the old city, and aims to establish a vibrant new neighborhood on the site of a former brewery. White Arkitekter has developed a residential and commercial proposal which responds to the historical urban morphology of Copenhagen while making a literal connection to the old industrial context by utilizing bricks recycled from the demolition of some of it.

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Town Hall Uppsala / Henning Larsen

Henning Larsen Architects, in collaboration with SLA and Tyréns, has won a competition for the design of a new city hall in Uppsala, Sweden, beating out proposals from Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, White Arkitekter, Ahrbom & Partners, and 3XN Architects.

The project will include a refurbishment and addition to the existing city hall building, which was built in 1957 and only partially completed in accordance with the original drawings. Henning Larsen Architects’ design will close off the L-shaped building, connecting the old and the new with a glass-roofed courtyard to create a new public gathering place for residents of Sweden’s 4th largest city.

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Masterplan by SLA and Ramboll Aims to Alleviate Flooding in Copenhagen

Planning and landscape firm SLA Architects and engineering office Ramboll have won an international competition to redesign Hans Tavsens Park and its surrounding area in the central Copenhagen borough of Nørrebro. The competition tasked architects with envisioning a park and streetscape that would benefit the hydrological, biological and social ecosystems of the neighborhood. The winning proposal, titled The Soul of Nørrebro, tackles the challenge by creating a system of drainage areas and an adaptable park designed to redirect runoff and contain and purify water during flood conditions.

CEBRA and SLA Design a School for The Sustainable City in Dubai

CEBRA, in collaboration with landscape architect SLA, has designed the Sustainable School for The Sustainable City in Dubai. In opposition to hot-climate educational environments that are often large, air-conditioned structures, CEBRA’s vision for The Sustainable City proposes a permeability between outdoor and indoor learning environments, utilizing both in equal measure.

Courtesy of CEBRA (Architecture) & SLA (Landscape)Courtesy of CEBRA (Architecture) & SLA (Landscape)Courtesy of CEBRA (Architecture) & SLA (Landscape)Courtesy of CEBRA (Architecture) & SLA (Landscape)+ 5