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White Arkitekter: The Latest Architecture and News

Snøhetta and White Arkitekter Transform an Old Quarry in Sweden into a Sustainable Residential Development

Construction broke ground on the Wendelstrand residential development that will transform an old quarry outside Gothenburg into an environmentally friendly and socially sustainable neighbourhood. Developed by Next Step Group and designed by Snøhetta and White Arkitekter, together with Tham & Videgård, Andreas Martin-Löf Architects and Liljewall, the project will feature 1000 homes of various typologies and a series of amenities. The first stage of the development debuts with the Snøhetta-designed Lakehouse, a communal building that blends with the landscape.

The Lakehouse. Image Courtesy of Next Step Group and SnøhettaThe Lakehouse. Image Courtesy of Next Step Group and SnøhettaThe Lakehouse. Image Courtesy of Next Step Group and SnøhettaCourtesy of Next Step Group and Snøhetta+ 16

Helsinki Redesigns Its Maritime Façade Through an International Competition

Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competition
Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competition

Helsinki seeks to transform the Makasiiniranta area into an extension of its pedestrian city centre through a competition that will reshape a significant part of its maritime façade. The two-phase competition has shortlisted nine international groups whose proposals were made available for public feedback under anonymity. As most of the former industrial areas of the city have been redeveloped, Makasiinirantais is the last part of the old harbour waiting to undergo transformation and the most significant one, as it is considered a nationally valuable environment.

shortlisted design. Image Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competitionshortlisted design. Image Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competitionshortlisted design. Image Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competitionshortlisted design. Image Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competition+ 11

How Social Sciences Shape the Built Environment

Within an increasingly specialized environment, architecture is becoming a collective endeavour at every stage of the design process, and social sciences have acquired an important role. As architecture has become more aware of its social outcome, decisions formerly resulted from the speculative thinking of the architect are now backed up by professional expertise. The following discusses the increasing role of humanist professions such as anthropology, psychology, or futurology within architecture.

Rush University Medical Center New Hospital Tower  by Perkins+Will . Image © Steve Hall / Hedrich BlessingMoving Kiruna. Image Courtesy of Jessica Nilden3XN's Sydney Fish Market. Image Courtesy of MIRMaggie’s Leeds Centre by Heatherwick Studio. Image © Hufton+Crow+ 7

White Arkitekter to Design One Kilometre Long Extension for a Park in Norway

White Arkitekter has won a competition to design a new beach park and sea bath in Bergen, Norway. The waterfront proposal entitled “True Blue” generates “a new meeting place where residents will be challenged to experience the water’s qualities throughout the year”. Inspired by water, the most tangible element in Bergen, the winning project creates a sustainable park, upon the competition’s brief.

Courtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White Arkitekter+ 8

White Arkitekter + ReGen Villages Create First Circular, Self-Sufficient Communities for Sweden

White Arkitekter, in collaboration with Silicon Valley-based ReGen Villages, have joined forces to create fully circular, self-sufficient and resilient communities in Sweden. Inspired by computer games, the project puts in place organic food production, locally produced and stored energy, comprehensive recycling, and climate positive buildings.

White Arkitekter's New Take on Traditional Swedish Cold Bathhouses

Scandinavian practice White Arkitekter has won the architectural competition for Jönköping Bathhouse in southern Sweden. Designed to be an all-season bathhouse on the shores of Lake Vättern, the project takes advantage of different conditions in the cardinal directions to create an all-year bathing experience. Built entirely from wood, the bathhouse is designed to create a contemplative setting, immersing the bather in tranquil, natural surroundings.

White Arkitekter Create Lattice Observation Tower in Sweden

Scandinavian firm White Arkitekter has won an architectural competition for a landmark 12-meter-tall observation tower, hosted by the municipality of Varberg, Sweden. The winning proposal will form part of the development of the region’s new ecological recreation area at the Getterön nature reserve.

White Arkitekter Transforms a Swedish Square with 65 Meter Bench

Design practice White Arkitekter has created a 65 meter-long ‘sofa’ for Forumtorget Square in Uppsala, Sweden. Designed to provide space for rest and social interaction, the linear outdoor seating is the centerpiece of wider improvements to the large square. The project aims to attract more visitors to Forumtorget and its surrounding shopping area by building on the area’s character as a gathering place.

Forumtorget Sofa. Image © Måns BergForumtorget Sofa. Image © Måns BergForumtorget Sofa. Image © Måns BergForumtorget Sofa. Image © Måns Berg+ 16

White Arkitekter designs Mother & Baby Hospital Unit in the Democratic Republic of Congo

White Arkitekter has unveiled its design for a mother and baby unit for the Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Scandinavian firm developed a new facility to be built onto the existing hospital, designed to improve the wellbeing for mothers and children. The project was highly commended at WAF 2018 in the Health-Future Project category.

The Panzi Hospital, set up following 20 years of war and devastation, has expanded its focus to treating survivors of sexual violence and serves over 400,000 people. The new unit will replace the overcrowded facilities at Panzi Hospital, which deals with up to 3500 births per year, and aims to reduce the maternal and post-natal mortality rate while providing more positive birth experiences.

Courtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White Arkitekter+ 11

White Arkitekter Reinvents the Water Tower Typology with Horizontal Concave Facade

Courtesy of White Arkitekter
Courtesy of White Arkitekter

A series of concave concrete panels hoisted on slender plank-like columns sit amongst the vast rural plains of Sweden, silently redefining the typology of an otherwise utilitarian structure. White Arkitekter's recent proposal for a water tower in Varberg is a slim horizontal structure, deviating from the typical, vertical and round design. Titled VÅGA, it features two tanks for storing water within its unique shape that may actually be better suited to its purpose.

Courtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White Arkitekter+ 6

White Arkitekter's Design for Nuuk's Psychiatric Clinic Emphasizes Nature in Mental Health Design

The built atmosphere in which we live has a profound impact on our mood and well-being. For those with mental health issues, this fact is particularly important to understand. This raises the question: can architects successfully design a space that has an overall positive influence on the healing process? What integrated elements of the building, in particular, aid in the process while fighting the prejudice and stigma of mental health issues?

Celebrate World Water Day With These 20 Designs That Feature Water Elements

© Fernando Guerra | FG + SG
© Fernando Guerra | FG + SG

March 22 is World Water Day, an annual international celebration launched and organized by the United Nations. The goal of the day is to raise awareness about a wide range of water-based issues from around the world. This year’s theme is “Nature From Water”, which invites everyone to think about how nature can provide solutions to the water challenges we face today.

To celebrate World Water Day this year, we’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite projects that utilize water as a central design feature. Whether it be Zumthor's Thermal Vals or Chritso and Jeanne-Claude's Floating Piers, water has been playing an important role in architectural design and in demarcating the boundaries of nature against our built environment.

@ Anders Sune Berd© Felipe Díaz Contardo© Ahmad El Mad© Yao Li+ 21

Massive Redevelopment Plan in Stockholm Will Feature Terraced Building by Foster + Partners

With construction well underway on the redevelopment of Stockholm’s Slussen interchange, one of the city’s busiest transportation hubs, the final building of the masterplan has been launched by the City of Stockholm and Foster + Partners.

Located at the focal point of the overall masterplan envisioned by Foster + Partners with Berg Arkitektkontor, landscape designer White Arkitekter and lighting designer ÅF, Mälarterrassen (named after Lake Mälaren, the large freshwater lake upon which much of Stockholm is located) will provide three levels of mixed-use space to re-invite locals and tourists alike to an area of the city previously dominated by automobiles.

Image by Foster + Partners.. Image Courtesy of City of StockholmKatarinavägen. Image by Foster + Partners. Image Courtesy of City of StockholmSlusstorget. Image by White Arkitekter. Image Courtesy of City of StockholmKatarinaparken. Image by Foster + Partners. Image Courtesy of City of Stockholm+ 11

The Serenity and Community of White Arkitekter's Hasle Harbour Bath

Completed in 2013 on the western coast of Bornholm—a small Danish island located south of Sweden—the Hasle Harbour Bath by White Arkitekter is one of a number of waterfront bathing facilities appearing in Denmark. Structures such as the Hasle Harbour Bath, the Kastrup Sea Bath, also by White Arkitekter, and the Copenhagen Harbour Bath by BIG + JDS, evoke images of a bracing coexistence with natural elements. If hygge, the Danish art of cosiness, has been one of the country's most successful cultural exports in recent years, the idea of a refreshing dip in the Baltic Sea offers a counterpart—a ying to hygge's yang.

© Signe Find Larsen© Signe Find Larsen© Signe Find Larsen© Signe Find Larsen+ 4

Monocle's 2017 Conference in Berlin to Discuss "Quality of Life" and Cities with Daniel Libeskind

Monocle’s Quality of Life Conference takes place this summer in Berlin, and will be a must-visit event for entrepreneurs, architects, urbanists and designers alike. Hosted by Monocle editor in chief Tyler Brûlé, topics unpacked across the conference include transport, city branding and the future of the property industry. From visionary entrepreneurs to acclaimed architects, guest delegates and panelists will join Monocle editors and radio hosts for a range of lively discussions, with talks interspersed with samplings of Berlin’s fine hospitality and opportunities to explore the city’s architectural sites.

White Arkitekter Proposes Transparent "Lantern" Design for Akershus Art Center

White Arkitekter has proposed a timber-framed "lantern" design for in a new addition to the local art center in Akershus, Norway as part of a limited architecture competition. The design by White Arkitekter was selected as a runner-up, with Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter named the winner. White’s design aims to connect the art facilities to adjacent historical institutions and create additional public space.

Courtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White Arkitekter+ 10

White Arkitekter Releases Plans to Reclaim Underutilized Areas of Stockholm

White Arkitekter has teamed up with the City of Stockholm to redevelop Södra Skanstull, a neighborhood characterized by obstructive overland infrastructure bridging the south of Stockholm to the island of Södermalm.

In order to reclaim these underused areas of the city, the revitalization project will create pedestrian and cyclist boulevards, as well as 65,000 square meters of space for culture, sports, and offices, 22,000 square meters for commerce, and 750 new apartments. The project will additionally identify, map, and upgrade existing facilities.

Courtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White Arkitekter+ 5

Humlehaven / White Arkitekter

From the architect. The new plan for Copenhagen’s Carlsberg Byen development embraces the closeness of the old city, and aims to establish a vibrant new neighborhood on the site of a former brewery. White Arkitekter has developed a residential and commercial proposal which responds to the historical urban morphology of Copenhagen while making a literal connection to the old industrial context by utilizing bricks recycled from the demolition of some of it.

Courtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White ArkitekterCourtesy of White Arkitekter+ 20