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Gothenburg: The Latest Architecture and News

LINK Arkitektur Designs a Rain-Friendly School Near Gothenburg

LINK Arkitektur has revealed the design of a school that integrates the local climate conditions and challenges within the educational process. Located in Torslanda near Gothenburg, Sweden, where it rains every other day during the school year, the project uses water as a resource for both play and learning, taking a disruptive situation and turning it into an opportunity for understanding nature and the state of the environment.

Brunnsparken / Bornstein Lyckefors

Courtesy of Bornstein Lyckefors
Courtesy of Bornstein Lyckefors

Courtesy of Bornstein LyckeforsCourtesy of Bornstein LyckeforsCourtesy of Bornstein Lyckefors© Carl Ander+ 27

Cobe Wins Competition for Gothenburg University Library with Book-Inspired Design

Cobe’s winning design for the new library of the University of Gothenburg proposes a light, clean volume, whose slightly curved facades are a nod to the pages of an open book. The Danish architecture studio translates the concept of knowledge as the heart of a library into the interior spatial configuration of the project, while the architectural image evokes the idea of a lighthouse. Featuring a transparent and open ground floor, the new repository of knowledge creates a strong connection with the surrounding park, becoming a mediator between the city and the university.

Courtesy of CobeCourtesy of CobeCourtesy of CobeCourtesy of Cobe+ 6

Brf Viva Housing Complex / Malmström Edström Arkitekter Ingenjörer

© Ulf Celander© Ulf Celander© Ulf Celander© Ulf Celander+ 23

Gothenburg, Sweden

Selma Lagerlöfs Cultural Center / White Arkitekter

© Åke E-son Lindman© Åke E-son Lindman© Åke E-son Lindman© Åke E-son Lindman+ 25

Gothenburg, Sweden

Tham & Videgård Win Competition to Design +One Tower in Sweden

Architectural firm Tham & Videgård won the international competition to elaborate a new addition for the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre in Gothenburg. The selected proposal puts in place a new hotel tower and a main entrance for the venue.

Courtesy of Tham & VidegårdCourtesy of Tham & VidegårdCourtesy of Tham & VidegårdCourtesy of Tham & Videgård+ 12

Henning Larsen Reimagines the Garden City Model in Sweden

Danish studio Henning Larsen has won the competition to develop a 15.5-hectare urban masterplan south of Gothenburg, Sweden. Designed for 3000 residents, the project represents a community model that was made to refocuse urban energy around green foundations. Named Humlestaden, the masterplan encompasses Gothenburg’s Västra Frö-lunda district, former home of the Pripps brewery. The project is made to reimagine the historic Garden City model and reframe city life through a green lens.

Chalmers Department for Architecture and Civil Engineering / White Arkitekter

© Kalle Sanner© Kalle Sanner© Kalle Sanner© Kalle Sanner+ 22

Tham & Videgård Reinvent Swedish Timber Row Houses

Swedish practice Tham & Videgård Arkitekter designed a series of colored timber homes for Gothenburg, Sweden. Part of a larger site development along Landvetter Lake, the project was imagined as a "vertical village" that rethinks the row house typology. A series of compact, three-level homes include private gardens around tall hedges and rounded plots. The solid timber design reimagines the firm's original proposal for a site in Stockholm.

Vertical Village II. Image Courtesy of Tham & Videgård ArkitekterVertical Village II. Image Courtesy of Tham & Videgård ArkitekterVertical Village II. Image Courtesy of Tham & Videgård ArkitekterVertical Village II. Image Courtesy of Tham & Videgård Arkitekter+ 9

Island Houses / Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

Courtesy of Tham & Videgård ArkitekterCourtesy of Tham & Videgård ArkitekterCourtesy of Tham & Videgård ArkitekterCourtesy of Tham & Videgård Arkitekter+ 11

Gothenburg, Sweden

Putsegården / what! arkitektur

© Ulf Celander© Ulf Celander© Ulf Celander© Ulf Celander+ 21

UNStudio Selected to Design New Cable Car in Gothenburg

UNStudio has won a competition to design a new, 3-kilometer long cable car in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. The cable car's route, which will connect the old city on the south of the river with three locations to the north, will feature a total of six towers which have been designed around an adaptable, asymmetrical structural system intended to mimic the cranes in the city's shipyards. The expected opening date for the cable car is in 2021, with the new transportation system being inaugurated as part of the celebrations of Gothenburg's 400th anniversary.

MVRDV and BSK To Add Timber Framed Structure to Historic Warehouse in Gothenburg

MVRDV, with co-architects BSK Arkitekter, has revealed the design of Magasin 113, a mixed-use transformation and extension of a 16,500-square-meter riverfront warehouse in Gothenburg, Sweden. Located within the planned Frihamnen RiverCity district – the largest ongoing urban development project in Scandinavia – the building will inject contemporary program in the existing warehouse structure, including flexible office spaces, an arts center, a cafe, pop-up shop spaces, retail shops, a restaurant and artist studios.


Riksbyggen and Sweco Architects Win Competition for Wooden Mixed-Use Development in Gothenburg

Riksbyggen and Sweco Architects were announced as the winners of a government-led competition to create a cross-laminated timber framed housing development for the Johanneberg district of Gothenburg, Sweden. The proposal, called “Slå rot” (Swedish for “put down roots”), was chosen for its response to its existing environment with nods to tradition, while still providing an innovative structural system and modern living to the neighborhood.

Courtesy of Sweco ArchitectsElevationElevationSite Plan+ 12

"Hallo Darkness!" Why Not All Buildings Need To Be Cheerful All Of The Time

In a world in which the "happy" architectural image feels all-pervasive, the British architect and academic Dr. Timothy Brittain-Catlin reveals its darker side suggesting why, and how, we might come to celebrate it. You can read Brittain-Catlin's essays on British postmodernism here, and on colorful architecture, here.

"Contemporary buildings celebrate openness, light and free-flowing movement," says the President of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in the March 2017 issue of the Institute’s journal. This is what at my school we call an "announcement", rather than a statement of fact. Indeed, all architects and architecture students hear these words all the time. But are they true? Should they be?

Gothenburg to Realise Henning Larsen's Mixed-Use Urban District

Like many European urban districts, the Swedish city of Gothenburg is in the process of transforming old industrial areas along its waterfront into mixed-use public realms. Against the backdrop of urban regeneration in Gothenburg, Danish firm Henning Larsen has unveiled a masterplan for the Lindholmen urban district, which following its completion in 2025, will offer a diverse environment for engagement between students, entrepreneurs, and public citizens.

Courtesy of Henning Larsen ArchitectsCourtesy of Henning Larsen ArchitectsCourtesy of Henning Larsen ArchitectsCourtesy of Henning Larsen Architects+ 7

Sweco's Kulturkorgen Offers Gothenburg a Basket of Culture

Growing like an outcrop amongst the hills of Gothenburg, the Kulturkorgen by Swedish firm Sweco Architects offers the public an opportunity to watch, engage, and perform. The scheme is a result of an architectural competition for a new Culture House in the city, run in collaboration with Architects Sweden. The winning proposal, who’s name translates to ‘Basket of Culture’, acts as both a building and a square – a social arena where flexible interior spaces act in tandem with a generous public green landscape for recreation and gathering.

A generous public square contains seating, stages, and play areas. Image Courtesy of SwecoInterior functions are organised around a central atrium. Image Courtesy of SwecoThe facade is a rich blend of timber, colour and pattern. Image Courtesy of SwecoThe Kulturkorgen emerges as an outcrop from the hills of Gothenburg. Image Courtesy of Sweco+ 13

Alejandro Aravena Wins 2017 Gothenburg Prize for Sustainable Development

2016 Pritzker Prize winner Alejandro Aravena has been selected as the 2017 recipient of the Gothenburg Prize for Sustainable Development, an international award that recognizes an individual or group for “outstanding performance and achievements towards a sustainable future. Given annually since 2005, the prize has previously been awarded to environmentalists, scientists, engineers and political advocates – Aravena is the first architect to receive the honor.