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Un Studio: The Latest Architecture and News

Knowledge as a Disrupter in the Networked Practice of UNStudio

After the first years of launching their architectural practice, Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos renamed their practice to UNStudio. Short for United Network Studio, the change of name stands symbolic to the knowledge based, networked nature of the firm, which has grown to expand to 6 offices worldwide today.

UNStudio Wins Competition for Mixed-Use Tower in Dusseldorf

Courtesy of UNStudio
Courtesy of UNStudio

UNStudio revealed a mixed-use high-rise building design in Dusseldorf integrated within the new Belsenpark masterplan. The tower, designed in collaboration with OKRA Landscape Architects, results from an international architecture competition held by private developer Pandion and features a diverse ground floor programme tied together by a pocket park. The project integrates prefabrication and modular design, thus reducing the building's environmental impact.

Courtesy of UNStudioCourtesy of UNStudioCourtesy of UNStudioCourtesy of UNStudio+ 11

BEYOND SCALE SERIES: I am Connected by Ben van Berkel UNStudio

The next “Beyond Scale” lecture at IE School of Architecture and Design is coming soon!

MPavilion, Australia’s Leading Architecture and Design Event Announces 2021 Program

The Naomi Milgrom Foundation has unveiled the 2021 MPavilion program, offering over 250 free events over the span of 152 days, its longest to date. Now in its 8th season, the event welcomes design enthusiasts from Australia and across the globe to celebrate the important contributions of the design community to cultural landscapes. This year's pavilion, titled 'The LightCatcher' is designed by Venice-based MAP studio, and will be installed in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Gardens from the 2nd of December until the 24th of April 2022.

© Anthony Richardson© Anthony Richardson© John Gollings© John Gollings+ 6

UNStudio Designs Community-Oriented Residential Development in Moscow

UNStudio revealed its competition-winning design for K31 Courtyard, a residential complex in Moscow that fosters community-building in the context of a rapidly changing city. The proposal features a stepped podium and two towers and reinterprets Moscow’s typical courtyard block, aiming to create a new neighbourhood through various housing typologies, amenities, and outdoor spaces.

© MARTA.pictures© MARTA.pictures© ZOA 3D© ZOA 3D+ 17

UNStudio Publishes Report on Placemaking and Community Building in the Post-Pandemic World

UNStudio has recently published a report exploring the broader scope of community building and placemaking in the post-pandemic urban environment. Through examples from their practice, UNStudio highlights various design strategies currently incorporated in architecture and urban planning that cater to the universal and crucial need to connect socially. In addition, the practice stresses the importance of “ third spaces” and human-scale connectivity, as well as the blending of digital and physical spaces of interaction.

Courtesy of UNStudio. Image FOUR FrankfurtImage Courtesy of UNStudio / Cox Architecture. ImageGreen Spine by UNStudio + Cox ArchitectureJetBrains Office. Image Courtesy of ZOA StudioBrainport Smart District Master Plan. Image Courtesy of UNSense+ 6

UNStudio's Masterplan Reshapes Sochi Waterfront into an Inclusive Neighbourhood and a Year-Round Destination

UNStudio has won the competition to redesign Sochi Waterfront with a masterplan that creates the framework for a vibrant urban environment for the local community while shaping a new identity for the notorious leisure resort on the Black Sea coast. Dubbed SoCo, the proposal seeks to create a year-round destination that would provide visitors with new attractions within Russia’s most important holiday destination, building on existing natural and cultural resources. At the same time, the design strategy focuses on shaping a close connection to the landscape and natural environment, building the foundation for inclusive neighbourhoods that would bring together various social groups.

© ZOA Studio© UNStudio© ZOA Studio© ZOA Studio+ 16

UNStudio Wins Competition to Design the Chungnam Art Museum in South Korea

UNStudio and South Korean design firm DA Group have been selected to design the Chungnam Art Museum in Naepo, South Korea. The proposal will provide an immersive cultural experience, with a strong focus on the interaction between art and the public. In addition to creating an assemblage of technology and art, the project will serve as a social anchor for the local community, a space defined by notions of flexibility and “art for all”.

Courtesy of UNStudioCourtesy of UNStudioCourtesy of UNStudioCourtesy of UNStudio+ 7

UNStudio and BIG Invest in Virtual Design Platform SpaceForm

UNStudio and Bjarke Ingels Group have partnered up with Squint/Opera to develop SpaceForm, a virtual, cloud-based platform that facilitates design, review and collaboration processes for architects and developers. The new virtual workspace explicitly developed for the architecture and construction industry aims to fill a gap by creating a viable and sustainable way of collaborating and designing remotely across global teams, thus reducing the need for travel.

Courtesy of UN StudioCourtesy of UN StudioCourtesy of UN StudioCourtesy of UN Studio+ 7

UNStudio Transforms JetBrains Office into a Green and Immersive Campus

After winning an international competition at the end of 2019, UNStudio has designed the new office of international software development company JetBrains in Saint Petersburg, promoting interaction and sustainability through its architecture, and focusing on the project's three keywords: Connective, Comfortable, and Versatile. UNStudio further developed the design in 2020 and construction is expected to start later this year.

Courtesy of ZOA StudioCourtesy of ZOA StudioCourtesy of ZOA StudioCourtesy of ZOA Studio+ 18

UNStudio Introduces New Flexible Urban Living Concept in the Van B Residences in Munich

UNStudio and Bauwerk have created a new ‘analog smart’ urban living concept for the Van B residences in Munich, Germany. The completely new form of housing reimagines the future of city living, catering to changing demographics and multiple family constellations. Through adaptable partitions and a system of plugin furniture, the project allows an easy change of configuration. “Quality meters over square meters”.

© bloomimages courtesy of UNStudio and Bauwerk© bloomimages courtesy of UNStudio and Bauwerk© bloomimages courtesy of UNStudio and Bauwerk© bloomimages courtesy of UNStudio and Bauwerk+ 16

UNStudio Completes First 37 Stations on the Doha Metro Network, in Qatar

UNStudio has unveiled images of the first finished stations on the new Doha Metro Network, one of the most advanced and fastest driverless systems in the world. Phase one of the Qatar Integrated Railway Project (QIRP), involved the construction of three metro lines (Red, Green, and Gold), with 37 stations currently having been completed.

Msheireb Station. Image © Hufton+CrowMsheireb Station. Image © Hufton+CrowDECC Station. Image © Hufton+CrowQatar National Library Station. Image © Hufton+Crow+ 19

Dominique Perrault Wins Urban Design Competition to Transform and Revive an Industrial Heritage in China

Dominique Perrault’s proposal has won “the transformation and revival of industrial heritages” or the Hangang district urban design international competition, in Handan, China. Six teams from world-renowned architectural firms, including Coop Himmelb(l)au and UNStudio Team, were invited to participate in the contest and envision the future of the city, through their creative designs.

Dominique Perrault Architecture - The City of Tomorrow. Image Courtesy of Hangang District Urban Design International Master CompetitionZHUANG Weimin Team - Agriculture Spirit, Industrial Civilization, Innovation City. Image Courtesy of Hangang District Urban Design International Master CompetitionWANG Jianguo Team - Transition · Memory · Renascence. Image Courtesy of Hangang District Urban Design International Master CompetitionCoop Himmelb(l)au Team - Nature Heritage City. Image Courtesy of Hangang District Urban Design International Master Competition+ 16

How to Future-Proof Our Cities? 4 Key Initiatives to Increase Resilience

Our cities, vulnerable by nature and design, have generated the biggest challenge that humankind has to face. With the vast majority of the population expected to settle in urban agglomerations, rapid urbanization is going to raise the issue of adaptability with future social, environmental, technological and economic transformations.

In fact, the main problematic of the decade questions how our cities will cope with fast-changing factors. It also looks into the main aspects to consider in order to ensure long-term growth. In this article, we highlight major points that help future-proof our cities and create a livable, inclusive and competitive fabric that adapts to any unexpected future transformation.