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Un Studio: The Latest Architecture and News

UNStudio Introduces New Flexible Urban Living Concept in the Van B Residences in Munich

UNStudio and Bauwerk have created a new ‘analog smart’ urban living concept for the Van B residences in Munich, Germany. The completely new form of housing reimagines the future of city living, catering to changing demographics and multiple family constellations. Through adaptable partitions and a system of plugin furniture, the project allows an easy change of configuration. “Quality meters over square meters”.

© bloomimages courtesy of UNStudio and Bauwerk© bloomimages courtesy of UNStudio and Bauwerk© bloomimages courtesy of UNStudio and Bauwerk© bloomimages courtesy of UNStudio and Bauwerk+ 16

UNStudio Completes First 37 Stations on the Doha Metro Network, in Qatar

UNStudio has unveiled images of the first finished stations on the new Doha Metro Network, one of the most advanced and fastest driverless systems in the world. Phase one of the Qatar Integrated Railway Project (QIRP), involved the construction of three metro lines (Red, Green, and Gold), with 37 stations currently having been completed.

Msheireb Station. Image © Hufton+CrowMsheireb Station. Image © Hufton+CrowDECC Station. Image © Hufton+CrowQatar National Library Station. Image © Hufton+Crow+ 19

Dominique Perrault Wins Urban Design Competition to Transform and Revive an Industrial Heritage in China

Dominique Perrault’s proposal has won “the transformation and revival of industrial heritages” or the Hangang district urban design international competition, in Handan, China. Six teams from world-renowned architectural firms, including Coop Himmelb(l)au and UNStudio Team, were invited to participate in the contest and envision the future of the city, through their creative designs.

Dominique Perrault Architecture - The City of Tomorrow. Image Courtesy of Hangang District Urban Design International Master CompetitionZHUANG Weimin Team - Agriculture Spirit, Industrial Civilization, Innovation City. Image Courtesy of Hangang District Urban Design International Master CompetitionWANG Jianguo Team - Transition · Memory · Renascence. Image Courtesy of Hangang District Urban Design International Master CompetitionCoop Himmelb(l)au Team - Nature Heritage City. Image Courtesy of Hangang District Urban Design International Master Competition+ 16

How to Future-Proof Our Cities? 4 Key Initiatives to Increase Resilience

Our cities, vulnerable by nature and design, have generated the biggest challenge that humankind has to face. With the vast majority of the population expected to settle in urban agglomerations, rapid urbanization is going to raise the issue of adaptability with future social, environmental, technological and economic transformations.

In fact, the main problematic of the decade questions how our cities will cope with fast-changing factors. It also looks into the main aspects to consider in order to ensure long-term growth. In this article, we highlight major points that help future-proof our cities and create a livable, inclusive and competitive fabric that adapts to any unexpected future transformation.

UNStudio Creates Winning Master Plan for the Korean National Football Centre in Seoul

UNStudio in collaboration with Johan Cruijff ArenA designed a winning plan for the Korean National Football Centre in Seoul. Focusing on health, wellness, science, technology, education, and promoting a healthy lifestyle, the project was selected as the winning design in an international closed competition that took place in March this year.

UNStudio Designs a Multifunctional and Flexible Education Building for TU Delft in the Netherlands

Part of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), in the Netherlands, Echo is a new multifunctional and flexible inter-faculty building, now under construction and due for completion in Dec 2021. Designed by UNStudio, in collaboration with Arup and BBN, the future-proof facility meets the needs of the ever-increasing numbers of students.

© Plompmozes© Plompmozes© Plompmozes© Plompmozes+ 12

ArchDaily X LifeCycles: The Future of our Cities

Today’s cities face many rapidly rising challenges and opportunities. Smart cities, urbanization, new mobility, sharing economy, affordable living and many more (r)evolutions cause for lifecycle and cross-generational thinking, and a vision for a liveable, sustainable, affordable and futureproof city development. 

The digital revolution is driving change in every part of our lives. The construction and design industry is rapidly discovering the potential of increased computational power to generate and fabricate buildings and objects, impacting the core principles of architecture and all involved materials. At the same time all levels of technology are used to create smarter cities that are safe, healthy and futureproof. Learn more about the future being built, today.

UNStudio Designs Gyeongdo Island, a new Sustainable Leisure Destination in South Korea

UNStudio has recently designed the masterplan for Gyeongdo Island, a new sustainable leisure destination in South Korea. Driven by nature, the 470,000 m2 buildings and public spaces are centered on the qualities of a green environment.

Courtesy of PlompmozesCourtesy of PlompmozesCourtesy of UNStudioCourtesy of Plompmozes+ 11

Australia's Tallest Tower Designed by UNStudio & Cox, Receives Planning Approval

The Victorian State Government has given official approval for the Southbank project, in Melbourne, with construction scheduled for next year. Set to become Australia’s tallest tower, the building is conceived by Dutch firm UNStudio and local firm Cox Architecture.

UNStudio Completes Remodeling Works of the Hanwha HQ in Seoul

UNStudio has just completed the remodeling works of the Hanwha headquarters building in Seoul, while the building remained fully occupied. The refurbishment operations have created a modern establishment that meets the current sustainability requirements.

Courtesy of UNStudioCourtesy of UNStudioCourtesy of UNStudioCourtesy of UNStudio+ 19

UNStudio Rethinks Traditional Glazing in Two Adaptive Reuse Designs

UNStudio completed two remodel projects in the Netherlands rethinking traditional glazing techniques. Located in Eindhoven and on the P.C Hooftstraat in Amsterdam, the projects each draw from their context and take inspiration from local history and culture. Made to restore and connect the two existing structures to their respective cityscapes, the projects are designed to restore the urban fabric as they connect to passerby.

© Evabloem© Evabloem© Evabloem© Evabloem+ 16

UNStudio’s Marianthi Tatari Explores Human-Centered Smart Cities in reSite Podcast

Design and the City is a podcast by reSITE, raising questions and proposing solutions for the city of the future. In the sixth episode, Marianthi Tatari, Associate Director and Senior Architect at UNStudio, talks about creating inclusive spaces to connect people and generating 24/7 activity within their projects.

© Jakub Cervenkai© Hufton+Crow© Christian Richters© Tomas Princ+ 9

UNStudio Reveals Recent Construction Images of Wasl Tower in Dubai

UNStudio, in collaboration with Werner Sobek, had designed a new high-rise for Dubai, expected to become one of the world’s tallest ceramic facades, once completed. Created for the wasl Development Group, the project is located along the famous Sheikh Zayed’s Road and directly opposite to Burj Khalifa.

© UNStudio© UNStudio© UNStudio© UNStudio+ 21

UNSense Develops an Adaptive Neighborhood of 100 Homes, part of UNStudio Brainport Smart District Master Plan

UNSense, the arch-tech company founded by UNStudio, is one step closer to the realization of the "100 Homes Project" after a successful feasibility study. Commissioned by the Brainport Smart District Foundation, the project is a collaboration between many different actors.

Courtesy of UNSenseCourtesy of UNSenseCourtesy of UNSenseCourtesy of UNSense+ 17

World Architecture Festival 2019: Watch the Live Stream

Follow along during the twelfth edition of the World Architecture Festival through ArchDaily's Live Stream. As the world’s biggest architectural awards program, WAF brings together more than 2,000 architects and designers to Amsterdam for three days of conference programs, awards, and exhibition events from December 4-6. Tune in to our Facebook live streams for a selection of lectures.

© Rasmus HjortshojCourtesy of JKMM Architects, WAFCourtesy of Mecanoo Architecten, WAF© Safdie Architects, WAF+ 5

What are Kinetic Facades in Architecture?

For most of the history of architecture, interesting facades were achieved through materiality or ornamentation. From the elaborately painted friezes of the Parthenon to the glass exteriors of modern skyscrapers, architecture was primarily static, only ‘changing’ as the environment would change and affect the material of the façade in differing ways, be it rain, light, rust, etc.

Al Bahar Towers facade panels. Image © AedasGalleria Centercity facade. Image © UNStudio. Photographed by Christian RichtersShading panels of the Kiefer Technic Showroom. Image Courtesy of Ernst Giselbrecht + PartnerKinetic facade of Brisbane Domestic Terminal Carpark . Image Courtesy of Urban Art Projects+ 18