Iranian Architecture

Capital Tehran

Language Persian

Area 1,648,195 km2

Population 79.2 million

Through its complex cultural past and occasional turbulent political environments, Iran's architecture has achieved its own distinct vernacular. Monumental mosque design reflects the religiously affiliated architecture of the past but contemporary architects in Iran are concerned with defining their place in non-secular design. Contemporary Persian architecture, shown in this list of projects, news, and firms, shows an aesthetic connected with its spiritual past, trying to find its place in the future.
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Latest projects in Iran

Latest news in Iran

Kamyaran Project Proposes New Concept of School-to-City Facility

The Kurdish city of Kamyaran - which sits on the transit borders of Kurdistan and Iran - is a developing city that experienced a devastating earthquake a few years ago. The city is located in a district deprived of modern facilities, and the majority of the residents' income is acquired from the transit of products across the common border with Iraq and Turkey. Project developers in the area are faced with several challenges, one of which is the amount of projects needed to ameliorate the city's status.

Iranian Project Manipulates Geometric Slabs for Privacy in Forest Villa

Situated between the Caspian Sea and Si Sangan forest, Iranian firm MADO Architects developed a private residential project dedicated to the clients' specific request of absolute privacy. The Sisangan Villa project focused on the site's layout, referral to typical vernacular architecture, and geometric manipulation to create a dynamic structure of intersecting concrete walls and glass facades.

Retrofuturism's New Series Places Contemporary Landmarks in Old Persian Paintings

Architect and visual artist Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar has been conceptually combining contemporary landmarks with traditional Iranian houses and palaces, in a photo-series titled "Retrofuturism". In his latest collection, the Persian architect chose to displace iconic structures and place them in 19th century paintings of the country by artist Eugène Flandin.

Shortlist Revealed for Tamayouz Women in Architecture and Construction 2019

The Tamayouz Excellence Award has revealed its shortlist of finalists for Women in Architecture and Construction 2019, given to emerging female contributors in the architectural and construction field throughout the Near East and North Africa. This annual award honors 2 categories, Rising Star and Woman of Outstanding Achievement, and the winners will be announced next month.

Gilan University Conceptual Gateway in Iran

Hajizadeh & Associates elaborated a proposal for the entrance of the Gilan University in Rasht in Iran. Basing their conceptual approach on the Iranian notion of access, they created not only a passage or a connection space but a social and cultural area.

Persian Palaces Meet Contemporary Landmarks in Forouzanfar's Retrofuturism Series

There is often a debate on whether architects and engineers should restore old buildings and preserve what is still standing as a token of the past, or completely demolish them and introduce contemporary designs and features. In Iran, the remains of historic monuments, some of which are World Heritage Sites, have yet to know their fate, as restoration strategies remain uncertain.

Traditional Iranian Monuments Reimagined as High-Rise Buildings

Traditional Iranian architectural monuments are often built low to the ground due to the lack of beam and column technology. Palaces, mosques, and public buildings are thus built with only one or two floors, and Iranian architecture rarely features towers or high-rise buildings as a result.

Retrofuturism Gives Traditional Iranian Architecture a Modern Twist

Villages and cities in Iran have always had a fixed low-rise horizontal skyline due to the lack of beam and column technology. Although some cities have already adopted contemporary styles and have constructed soaring skyscrapers, but the majority of towns remain committed to traditional building techniques.

NextOffice's Artist Forum to be a Cultural Hub for Sadra, Iran

NextOffice’s Sadra Artists Forum is a public cultural center to be located in the arid suburban town of Sadra. Consisting entirely of low-lying or subterranean building levels, the project's unique structure contrasts the surrounding urban area and uniquely shapes the relationship between interior and exterior spaces.

Iranian Architects Announce Inaugural Isfahan Prize

A group of Iranian architects have come together to announce the inaugural Isfahan Prize and Architect of the Year in Iran. Designed to recognize young architects 40 years old or younger, the prize competition aims to bring awareness to those who are positively impacting architecture, Isfahan and the natural environment. It explores how Isfahan and its built environment have become grounds for contemporary architecture and design.

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