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Morphosis: The Latest Architecture and News

Spotlight: Thom Mayne

The principal architect of LA firm Morphosis, Thom Mayne (born January 19, 1944) was the recipient of the 2005 Pritzker Prize and the 2013 AIA Gold Medal, and is known for his experimental architectural forms, often applying them to significant institutional buildings such as the New York's Cooper Union building, the Emerson College in Los Angeles and the Caltrans District 7 Headquarters.

Emerson College Los Angeles. Image © Iwan Baan Perot Museum. Image © Iwan Baan Cooper Union Building. Image © Iwan Baan Bill & Melinda Gates Hall. Image © Roland Halbe + 16

Krft Chosen to Create a New Building for the Performing Arts in Brighton, UK

Krft, a young architecture studio based in Amsterdam, was selected as the winner of the Brighton College competition, for the new performance arts building. Finalists included international firms Haworth Tompkins, Sauerbruch Hutton, Mecanoo, and Morphosis.

“We’re Building New Ways of Working”: Morphosis Explores XR and the Future of Design Technologies

Shifts in technology reflect how designers are creating experiences of architecture and cities. New advances engender novel ways of working, and in turn, shape our design process. As a practice defined by pushing boundaries, experimenting with workflows, and embracing new design technologies, Morphosis has a forty-year history of enthusiastically wondering at the future.

Atrium and liner at Kolon One & Only Tower in Seoul, Korea. Image Courtesy of Morphosis Architects Kolon One & Only Tower, featuring brise-soleil composed of varying FRC modules. Image Courtesy of Morphosis Architects GFRC facade panel installation at the M-Bridge complex in Sejong City, Korea. Image Courtesy of Morphosis Architects Digital mockup for Dessault Systemes x Morphosis installation at Milan Design Week 2019. Image Courtesy of Morphosis Architects + 12

Morphosis Unveils New Images of Viper Room Development for L.A.'s Sunset Strip

Morphosis has unveiled new images of the proposed 15-story mixed-use development along the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Spanning along Sunset Boulevard between San Vicente Boulevard and Larrabee Street, the 369,000-square-foot building is designed with a gym, movie screening room, and a rooftop pool. The project would include a new home for the landmark Viper Room, as the sinuous residential tower and hotel redefines one of L.A.'s most iconic streetscapes.

Courtesy of Kilograph Courtesy of Kilograph Courtesy of Kilograph Courtesy of Kilograph + 4

Morphosis Unveils New Korean American National Museum in Los Angeles

Korean American National Museum. Image Courtesy of Morphosis Korean American National Museum. Image Courtesy of Morphosis Korean American National Museum. Image Courtesy of Morphosis Korean American National Museum. Image Courtesy of Morphosis + 6

Morphosis has unveiled a new design for the Korean American National Museum in Los Angeles. The project includes a two-story building with a green-roof of plants native to the Korean peninsula and California. Rethinking the Hanok dwelling typology, the project is made to bring architecture and landscape together. Referencing traditional Korean architecture, the team designed the project as "a piece of Korea grafted onto Los Angeles."

“We’re a Possibilities Company”: Keely Colcleugh on Communicating the Future of the Built Environment

Architecture is defined by stories. It’s through visualization and communication of ideas that we construct new environments. Trained as an architect, Keely Colcleugh is a designer with a range of experience across the fields of architecture, graphic design, film, and visualization. In 2009, she founded Kilograph with a desire to combine leading edge visualization techniques with animation, interactive design, graphics, and branding. Now Keely is the CEO of a growing creative agency with offices in Los Angeles and Spain.

In an exclusive interview with ArchDaily, Keely talks about her transition to communication design, her love for Los Angeles, and how the art of visualization continues to evolve.

El Paso Children's Museum - Koning Eizenberg. Image Courtesy of Kilograph California Market Center - Brookfield Properties. Image Courtesy of Kilograph LA Football Club - Entry - Gensler Los Angeles. Image Courtesy of Kilograph Kilograph Studio. Image Courtesy of Kilograph + 13

OMA, Morphosis and Johnston Marklee Among Finalists for New Chicago Arts Center

The University of Illinois at Chicago has announced the shortlist to design a new $95 million Center of the Arts for the College of Architecture, Design and the Arts. Chosen from 36 teams, the shortlist includes OMA with KOO Architects, Johnston Marklee with UrbanWorks, and Morphosis with STL Architects. The new center will include a 500-seat concert hall, a 270-seat reconfigurable theater, an exhibition hall, rehearsal spaces, and a combination cafe and jazz club. The 88,000-square-foot building will be primarily used by the UIC’s School of Theatre & Music as the new public face of UIC’s East Campus.

Discover Los Angeles Architecture Studios Through the Lens of Marc Goodwin

After having previously photographed the offices of architecture firms in the Netherlands, Dubai, London, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, the Nordic countries, and Barcelona, architectural photographer Marc Goodwin continues the series with an exploration of 15 large architecture and design studios in Los Angeles. Featuring a set of emerging and world-renowned offices alike, the series gives a glimpse into the life of designers across the City of Angels.

Brooks + Scarpa. Image © Marc Goodwin Marmol Radzinger. Image © Marc Goodwin EYRC. Image © Marc Goodwin Edward Ogosta Architecture. Image © Marc Goodwin + 31

Morphosis Designs a 15-Story Hotel for L.A.'s Sunset Strip

Morphosis has revealed a design for a new 15-story hotel along the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. The design comes four months after Silver Creek Development purchased the property and the site of the landmark Viper Room night club. At nearly 200 feet in height, the mid-rise structure would feature an a large interior opening through two connected towers. The sinuous hotel would redefine one of L.A.'s most iconic streetscapes.

Morphosis Releases Images of Proposed Orange County Museum of Art in California

Morphosis has released images of its proposed Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) in California. The scheme hopes to create an “open and engaging urban presence within Orange County’s largest center for arts and culture” when it opens in 2021.

At 52,000 square feet, the museum will allow OCMA to organize major temporary exhibitions alongside spacious installations. The museum will contain nearly 25,000 square feet of exhibition galleries, representing a 50% increase on their current location in Newport Beach.

Courtesy of Morphosis Courtesy of Morphosis Courtesy of Morphosis Courtesy of Morphosis + 7

Morphosis Releases Details of Competition-Winning Scheme for Unicorn Island Masterplan in China

Morphosis has released details of their competition-winning masterplan for Unicorn Island in Chengdu, China. One of four entrants to be successful, including the OMA scheme we covered yesterday, Morphosis were recognized for their “walkable park city interweaving business resources, green infrastructure, and lifestyle” to offer the optimum conditions for both large and small companies to thrive in the Chinese development zone.

As the Chinese economy transitions from a production-based system to one driven by services, the Unicorn island masterplan is an initiative commissioned by the Chengdu government to offer state-of-the-art resources and networks for both start-up firms and so-called “Unicorn” companies, those with a value of over one billion US dollars.

via Morphosis via Morphosis via Morphosis via Morphosis + 7

OMA Among Winners of Competition for Unicorn Island Masterplan in China

OMA has been announced as one of four firms to win an international competition for the design of Unicorn Island in Chengdu, an “innovative masterplan specifically designed for New Economy companies.”

As China moves from a production-orientated economy to a knowledge and service-based economy, the masterplan seeks to provide a variety of working and living conditions for both start-up firms and “Unicorn” companies, those with a value of over one billion US dollars. Along with OMA, the four winners also included Morphosis, who were recognized for their walkable scheme integrating business, green infrastructure, and lifestyle.

Courtesy of OMA Courtesy of OMA Courtesy of OMA Courtesy of OMA + 13

"Campus of the Digital Age": Cornell Tech Officially Debuts on Roosevelt Island in New York

The innovative Cornell Tech campus has officially opened on New York City’s Roosevelt Island. Master planned by SOM and featuring buildings and landscapes by Morphosis, Weiss/Manfredi, Handel Architects, and James Corner Field Operations, the campus represents a new vision of a campus for the digital age. Two years after breaking ground in 2015, the campus now houses some of the most environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient buildings in the world.

The Bloomberg Center / Morphosis. Image © Matthew Carbone for Morphosis The Bridge / Weiss/Manfredi. Image © Iwan Baan The Bloomberg Center / Morphosis. Image © Matthew Carbone for Morphosis The House / Handel Archtiects. Image © Field Condition + 17

Morphosis' Bloomberg Center at Cornell Tech Aims for Net Zero and LEED Platinum Certification

With construction nearing completion ahead of its September opening date, the first building at the new Cornell Tech campus on New York City’s Roosevelt Island has been dubbed “one of the most environmentally-friendly buildings in the world” by the university, as they revealed their aspirations for the building to reach Net Zero and LEED Platinum status.

Designed by Morphosis, The Bloomberg Center (named for Emma and Georgina Bloomberg, daughters of former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg) will employ a range of strategies including solar power; geothermal ground source heat pumps; a dynamic energy-efficient facade which balances transparency and opaqueness to maximize building insulation; and an array of smart building technologies that monitor lighting and plug load use, among other metrics.

Phase 1 of the Cornell Tech campus will open in September. Image © Max Touhey Facade in-progres. Image © Morphosis Facade mock-up. Image © Morphosis Geothermal field after drilling wells. Image © Cornell Tech + 5

Interview With Thom Mayne: “I Am a Pragmatic Idealist”

For many observers, Thom Mayne might easily be considered the most unpredictable personality in architecture. Once labeled the “bad boy of architecture” by critics—a moniker which he has, at times, enthusiastically adopted and even encouraged—Mayne's actions in the architecture world can range from something as responsible as designing one of the United States' most sustainable university campuses to something as outrageous as proposing one of the world's tallest towers in a revered Austrian mountain town. In this interview, the latest from Vladimir Belogolovsky's “City of Ideas” series, Mayne discusses his ideas, his past statements on architecture, and where he thinks the profession will go next. The interview was originally published by the Berlin-based SPEECH Magazine.

Diamond Ranch High School, 2000. Image © Brandon Welling The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, 2006. Image © Iwan Baan       Bill & Melinda Gates Hall, 2014. Image © Doublespace Photography  Four-Towers-in-One competition proposal for Shenzhen. Image Courtesy of Morphosis + 34

Thom Mayne, Ando, Kuma & Zumthor Contribute Rooms for "House of Architects" Hotel in Vals

Four top architects – Thom Mayne (Morphosis), Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma and Peter Zumthor – have been tapped to contribute designs for the new “House of Architects” at the 7132 Hotel in Vals Switzerland. The latest addition to the hotel, The House of Architects features a lobby and entrance also designed by Morphosis Architects, and 7 room designs centered around a single material.

Morphosis' Wood Room 1. Image © Global Image Creation – 7132 Hotel, Vals Morphosis' Wood Room 1. Image © Global Image Creation – 7132 Hotel, Vals The new entrance pavilion, designed by Morphosis Architects. Image © Global Image Creation – 7132 Hotel, Vals The 7132 Hotel, with Peter Zumthor's Therme Vals. Image © Global Image Creation – 7132 Hotel, Vals + 16

Morphosis, Teeple Architects Among Firms to Lead OCAD University's Expansion in Toronto

The Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U) has selected firms Morphosis Architects, Teeple Architects, and Two Row Architect to manage the design and execution of the university’s new Creative City Campus (CCC) expansion project.

The project aims to extend and reinvigorate the campus core along McCaul Street in downtown Toronto and will include approximately 55,000 square feet of new construction, in addition to the renovation of 95,000 square feet of existing campus space.

Thom Mayne Completes Research on Houston’s Urban Future

Pritzker Prize winner Thom Mayne has completed a three-semester–long study of Houston’s future, given its current sprawling urban conditions and rapid growth. The project, conducted alongside 21 University of Houston students and faculty members Matt Johnson, Peter Zweig, and Jason Logan, focused on ways of addressing the problems that arise from Houston’s historical lack of zoning in conjunction with the largely unregulated growth of industry and capitalism. These approaches include reinventing the current energy infrastructure, changing real estate and density, and leveraging the lack of zoning to generate new ideas.