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New Orleans: The Latest Architecture and News

Trahan Architects Breaks Ground on New Chapel for Loyola University in New Orleans

Trahan Architects broke ground on the new Chapel of St. Ignatius and Gayle and Tom Benson Jesuit Center at the Loyola University in New Orleans. The new spiritual site and the community gathering space draw on elements of the Jesuit tradition, central to the University's heritage. Through the circular design, the light-filled interior space and the predominance of natural materials, Trahan Architects creates a space of universal spirituality at the heart of the campus.

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In Transit: Large-Scale Road Infrastructures Seen from Above

We live in a tangled web of flows – of capital, information, technology, images, structures, in constant momentum dominating all aspects of our lives. The large-scale road infrastructures shown here are products of this powerful desire for movement, which for many years was also synonymous with development, as portrayed by the famous Goethean character Faust in his endless quest for a (false) sense of progress.

From these tangles of concrete and steel, at multiple levels and in different directions, emerges a geometrically organized chaos that tears the urban fabrics in a relentless effort to prioritize the flows with the fewest obstacles and the highest capacity possible.

Houston, Texas. Created by @dailyoverview, source imagery: @nearmapNew Orleans, Louisiana. Created by @benjaminrgrant, source imagery: @nearmapJacksonville, Florida. Created by @benjaminrgrant, source imagery: @digitalglobeLos Angeles, California. Created by @dailyoverview, source imagery: @nearmap+ 12

“Make It Right” Goes Wrong in New Orleans

Some celebrate the failures of "Make It Right", Brad Pitt’s patronage in New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina wrecked New Orleans in 2005, celebrated architects like Frank Gehry, David Adjaye and Thom Mayne created art for a foundation set up by Pitt. A local architect, John C. Williams was hired to turn designs from those starchitects into buildings with a directive to use the best sustainable materials available.

David Adjaye-Designed House Built by Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation to Be Torn Down

A small but nevertheless significant building designed by David Adjaye in the Lower Ninth Ward for Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation will be demolished because it has been deemed unsafe.

The city of New Orleans posted a “Notice of Emergency Demolition” on the vacant house at 1826 Reynes Street, saying that it is “in imminent danger of collapse and/or threat to life,” according to NOLA.com.

Jonathan Tate Talks Hurricanes, Homes, and Hotels

Architect Jonathan Tate was living and working in Memphis, Tennessee, when Hurricane Katrina ensnared New Orleans in 2005. Instinctively drawn to the Big Easy, he later moved there for the opportunity to observe the reconstruction effort and investigate architecture’s role in it.

The Schoolhouse / Rome Office

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Moody Pavilions / Trahan Architects

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Bienville House / Nathan Fell Architecture

© Justin Cordova
© Justin Cordova

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New Orleans, United States

Bastion Community Housing / OJT

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New Orleans, United States

Starter Home* No. 4-15 Housing / OJT

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Trahan Transforms Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre with Advanced Fabrication

New Orleans-based Trahan Architects have wrapped the interior of Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre in steam-bent oak. Working with FARO and fabricators CW Keller, the team was inspired by the style of furniture and design artist Matthias Pliessnig. Led by founder Victor F. “Trey” Trahan and partner Leigh Breslau, the renovation has created a signature piece of cultural architecture for Atlanta.

Alliance Theatre. Image Courtesy of Trahan ArchitectsAlliance Theatre. Image Courtesy of Trahan ArchitectsAlliance Theatre. Image Courtesy of Trahan ArchitectsAlliance Theatre. Image Courtesy of Trahan Architects+ 9

When the Best Laid Plans Go Awry: What Went Wrong with New Orleans' Make It Right Homes?

This article was originally published on CommonEdge as "Rob Walker on the Mistakes of Brad Pitt's Make it Right."

I will start with a confession: I was part of the fawning media swarm that lauded and applauded the accomplishments of Make It Right, Brad Pitt’s bold attempt to rebuild a portion of the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. The project was, it seemed once, one of the few post-Katrina success stories coming out of that flood-ravaged community.

The Shop at CAC / Eskew+Dumez+Ripple

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© Neil Alexander

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The Top 10 Inspirational Design Cities of 2018, As Revealed by Metropolis Magazine

In Metropolis Magazine's latest - and last - installment in their annual design cities review, the focus is not on output or culture but on cities themselves as the point of inspiration. For the designers surveyed, these were the cities that made their hearts beat a little faster; the ones that remained in their minds and wormed their way into their work.

Starter Home* No. 3 / OJT

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New Orleans, United States

Pecos County Safety Rest Area / Richter Architects

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New Orleans, United States

Crescent Park / Eskew+Dumez+Ripple

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