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A Theme Park-Inspired Urban Design in Italy and a Floating Neighbourhood in Iran: 10 Unbuilt Projects Submitted to Archdaily

Urban design is increasingly striving for more inclusive, sustainable environments, bringing together various groups and activities, and fostering social interaction. This week's curated selection of the Best Unbuilt Architecture focuses on urban designs, large-scale urban development projects and masterplans submitted by the ArchDaily Community, showcasing how architects around the world work with and shape the urban fabric of highly diverse environments.

From the transformation of a brownfield into a lively neighbourhood in the Czech Republic to the redevelopment of Bergamo's city centre around new spatial and collective values, the following projects showcase the ideas shaping urban design, from functional diversity and notions of proximity to a focus on outdoor spaces. The common denominators of the following projects are their collective focus and the strong connection with the existing urban fabric.

Transformation of the brownfield area in Náchod city. Image Courtesy of LETO Architects Chorus Life. Image © JDP Joseph Di Pasquale ArchitectsManox Courtesy of Levitt Bernstein. Image © HAZEPalimpsest. Image Courtesy of Sepide Elmi+ 81

KCAP Designs Gouda Station Mixed-Use Tower in the Netherlands

KCAP Architects & Planners have designed a new mixed-use building at the rail station of Gouda. The design takes the form of a public plinth with a program of hotel, apartments and amenities. Created for ABC Vastgoed, the project aims to enhance the areas surrounding the existing rail stop and its overall quality as the final piece in a larger redevelopment of the station's northern area.

KCAP Designs Three Round Towers for the Netherlands

KCAP Architects & Planners have designed a proposal for three round, residential towers on the former Brabantbad site in the Netherlands. The team's project includes slender volumes atop transparent plinths adjacent to Prins Hendrikpark in 's-Hertogenbosch. The park embraces the IIzeren Vrouw, a former sand extraction lake, while also aiming to improve upon the current zoning plan.

KCAP Designs Bucheon Daejang New Town for South Korea

KCAP Architects & Planners won the international competition for one of the Bucheon Daejang New Town as part of the Seoul metropolitan region in South Korea. Titled Open Fields City, the proposal was made with DA GROUP to create new urban quarters characterized by "fields" and interconnected pathways.

Courtesy of DA Group + KCAPCourtesy of DA Group + KCAPCourtesy of DA Group + KCAPCourtesy of DA Group + KCAP+ 7

KCAP and CITYFÖRSTER Design New Cultural Destination for Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava’s existing Istropolis culture and congress center will be replaced by a new cultural destination designed by KCAP and Cityförster. Creating a multifunctional cultural and social center, with a state-of-the-art concert and congress venue, the intervention will also transform the surrounding area into a modern open neighborhood comprising green and public areas.

© Playtime courtesy of KCAP/CITYFÖRSTER© Playtime courtesy of KCAP/CITYFÖRSTER© Playtime courtesy of KCAP/CITYFÖRSTER© Playtime courtesy of KCAP/CITYFÖRSTER+ 11

KCAP + Orange Architects Transform a Former Railway Yard into a New Residential District in St. Petersburg, Russia

KCAP in collaboration with Orange Architects, and A.Len Architectural Bureau as co-Architect, have imagined a proposal to transform the former Tovarno-Vitebskaya railway yard on Ligovsky Prospekt into a new residential district with communal facilities, retail, and extensive greenery, in the south-eastern part of the grey belt of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Courtesy of KCAP/Orange/A.LenCourtesy of KCAP/Orange/A.LenCourtesy of KCAP/Orange/A.LenCourtesy of KCAP/Orange/A.Len+ 8

KCAP’s Dynamic Masterplan for Heidelberg, Germany Moves Forward

The PHVision Masterplan for Heidelberg in Germany has been approved by the City Council. Located on the site of the Patrick-Henry-Village (PHV) in Heidelberg, the 100-hectare development, designed by KCAP can now move forward, transforming the former military area into a new quarter, establishing the knowledge city of the future.

KCAP + Felixx Win the Competition for the Redevelopment of Shenzhen’s Damaged East Coast

KCAP + Felixx have won the international competition for the revitalization of the coastline of Dapeng, severely damaged by the Mangkhut typhoon in September 2018. The winning proposal developed a logic of “Triple dike strategy”, a barrage system to ensure future resilience.

© KCAP + Felixx© KCAP + Felixx© KCAP + Felixx© KCAP + Felixx+ 19

KCAP Reveals Urban Vision to Revitalize the Post-Industrial Landscape of The Hague

KCAP has released images of their proposed HS Kwartier urban vision for The Hague in the Netherlands. As cities such as The Hague face the challenge of providing more inner-city housing, former industrial and port areas are increasingly being reimagined as attractive areas for living and working. KCAP’s HS Kwartier scheme, situated in the post-industrial Laakhavens region, seeks to “give an impulse to both the environment around Hollands Spoor station and the connections with the center of The Hague."

Under KCAP’s urban vision, the area around the Hollands Spoor station will be characterized by excellent accessibility and a mix of various functions. A mixed-use urban program of 245,000 square meters will include large amounts of housing, offices, education, student housing, hotels, culture, restaurants, and retail.

© KCAP and WAX© KCAP and WAX© KCAP and WAX© KCAP and WAX+ 6

Orange Architects + KCAP Create a Golden City Block for St. Petersburg in Russia

Orange Architects + KCAP have created a Golden City Block for St. Petersburg, Russia. Bordering the Finnish Gulf, the new urban development is part of Vasilievsky Island. Three of Orange and KCAP's projects in the development are already underway, including the towers of block 6, as well as construction for block 7 and block 8. Inspired by the morphology and structure of St. Petersburg’s city center, the design utilizes urban blocks with enclosed gardens and courtyards.

Golden City. Image Courtesy of KCAP and Orange ArchitectsGolden City. Image Courtesy of KCAP and Orange ArchitectsGolden City. Image Courtesy of KCAP and Orange ArchitectsGolden City. Image Courtesy of KCAP and Orange Architects+ 16

Rem Koolhaas to Give Closing Keynote at 2018 World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam

Rem Koolhaas, Dutch architect and founder of the Rotterdam-based firm OMA, has been announced as the closing keynote speaker at the World Architecture Festival. The event will take place in Amsterdam at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre on from 28-30 November.

Winner Announced for Highrise Residential Tower Competition on the French Rhine

© Yam Studio
© Yam Studio

The mayor of Strasbourg, Roland Ries, has announced the winner of the architectural design competition for a residential tower. The site is located near the Rhine, within the ‘Strasbourg, Presqu’ile--Citadelle’ neighborhood -- dense with low-rises, not exceeding five levels. The winning design by KCAP Architects & Planners and OSLO Architectes is commended for its contextual sensitivity and formal relationship with Germany which sits just on the other side of the Rhine river.

AD Round Up: Awesome Airports

AD Classics: Dulles International Airport / Eero Saarinen. Image © MWAA
AD Classics: Dulles International Airport / Eero Saarinen. Image © MWAA

If there is a universal truth, it is that nobody likes spending time in an airport. This article from the Financial Times corroborates this fact, pointing out that, no matter how well-designed a terminal is, people make every effort to leave it as soon as possible. While the novelty of air travel has worn off since its inception in the 20th century, the work devoted to designing airports has only increased. We’ve collected some of our favorite terminals we'd actually love to get stuck in, including works by Eero Sarinen, SOM, Fentress, J. Mayer H., KCAP, Paul Andreu, bblur architecture and 3DReid, Corgan Associates, De Bever, and Studio Fuksas. Enjoy!