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Orange Architects + KCAP have created a Golden City Block for St. Petersburg, Russia. Bordering the Finnish Gulf, the new urban development is part of Vasilievsky Island. Three of Orange and KCAP's projects in the development are already underway, including the towers of block 6, as well as construction for block 7 and block 8. Inspired by the morphology and structure of St. Petersburg’s city center, the design utilizes urban blocks with enclosed gardens and courtyards. Block 7 consists of one 6-storey perimeter block with three 17-storey towers on top and includes two courtyards: one enclosed and one open. The building has one underground level, while on the first floor there is commercial program and five residential floors are located above. Monumental arches are connect the courtyards with the streetscape. One of the highlights of Block 7 is the open courtyard facing South. View more View full description
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