Singapore Architecture

Capital Singapore

Language English

Area 719.1 km2

Population 5,610,000

With a strong background of cultural and ethnic diversity, Singapore architecture is a result of its varied influences. Contemporary Singapore architecture has a strong focus on sustainability, with many examples of vegetative landscapes being introduced into high-rise buildings. Green architecture and ventilation is particularly important for the architecture in Singapore due to its humid climate. This page of projects, interviews, and events details a young nation with a traditional colonial past pushing towards its own unique style of architecture.
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Latest projects in Singapore

Latest news in Singapore

Constructions Begin on a WOHA Designed Campus in Singapore

Expected to be completed in 2023, construction works have started on the campus of the Singapore Institute of Technology designed by WOHA. The 91,000 square meter project located in an existing forest, will create a “Campus in a Park” experience, where learning spaces and green spaces will be combined.

WOHA to Design the Singapore Pavilion for the 2020 World Expo

WOHA was chosen to design the Singapore Pavilion for the Dubai 2020 World Expo. Under the theme of “Nature, Nurture, Future”, the pavilion will aim to demonstrate “Singapore’s story of overcoming its physical limitations as a small island city-state and adapting itself to become a highly livable and sustainable city”.

KPF’s Robinson Tower Opens in Singapore

The Robinson Tower, a 24 000 m² boutique retail and office tower, was inaugurated in Singapore. Designed by the international firm KPF or Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, and executed in collaboration with Associate Architect A61, the building addresses the cultural and social aspects of the city, creating a singular and refined experience. The tower stands out from its context showcasing novelty in form and function, changing the city’s skyline.

World's Tallest Modular Buildings Completed

Construction company Bouygues Batiment International, in collaboration with their modular construction laboratory Dragages Singapore, has celebrated the completion of the tallest building tower ever built from modular construction, the Clement Canopy buildings in Singapore.

XTU Reveal Singapore Monument Inspired by Tropical Forests

XTU architects have published their competition entry for the Founder’s Memorial in Singapore’s Bay East Garden. Inspired by the mangroves and banyans of Singapore which stand tall along the coastal regions of tropical areas, the memorial dives its routes into the ground, before shooting skywards.

GRAFT Designs First Mobile Volo-Port for Air Taxis

Design practice GRAFT has designed the first mobile Volo-Port for air taxis. UK-based global vertiport owner and operator Skyports and air taxi pioneer Volocopter unveiled plans for the Volo-Port – the physical landing pads for so-called eVTOL (electric take-off and landing). As a collaboration between GRAFT Architects and Arup, Berlin agency GRAFT Brandlab won the competition for the Volo-Port design, and construction is scheduled for completion this year in Singapore.

Capturing the Beauty of Singapore’s Diverse Architecture

If you come to think of it, the urban development of the world's largest cities is like playing a game of Tetris; No matter how condensed or crowded, for architects, there is always room for more. However, this act of 'structural stacking' often creates unique architectural compositions.

Safdie Completes World's Tallest Indoor Waterfall in Singapore

Safdie Architects has completed construction of the world's tallest indoor waterfall in Singapore's Jewel Changi Airport. Featuring a lush indoor forest and a green trail of airport amenities, the Jewel Changi Airport was designed to reinvent the concourse as a public attraction. The project was built with a torus-shaped glass dome the includes an oculus at its center. Dubbed the Rain Vortex, the oculus allows water to cascade into the airport.

Safdie Architects Design a Fourth Tower for Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Safdie Architects have announced an expansion to the Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore. Linking to the existing resort and waterfront development, the project takes cues from the original three hotel towers completed in 2011. Safdie Architects will expand the existing resort with a new stand-alone hotel tower with about 1,000 suites and its own sky roof and swimming pool, as well as a 15,000-seat music arena.

Safdie's Jewel Changi Airport Nears Completion, Featuring the World's Tallest Indoor Waterfall

Safdie Architects have published an update of their iconic Jewel Changi Airport, as construction continues in Singapore. Featuring the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, a lush indoor forest, and a green trail of airport amenities, the scheme is set to open on April 17th of this year.

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