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Emilio López: "Latin American Architecture Is about Experimenting with Geography and Resources"

Emilio López is an architect from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador and holds a Master's degree in History and Theory of Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He has been involved in several design projects that have an interesting connection with the territory, such as Muta House and Don Juan House. Recently, he was recognized for this work in Pamplona during the 2023 Latin American Architecture Biennial.

Bamboo in Latin American Housing: 10 Houses Revealing the Future of the Material in Architecture

The use of local materials in architecture is becoming more and more important as there is a growing need to find new, sustainable construction methods that can help address the current climate crisis. Understanding the behavior of different materials and their key construction properties, architects and other professionals in the field are increasingly turning to bamboo, aiming to develop strategies and techniques that enable its use in both the structures of their projects and the various components of spaces.

The Color in Structures and Enclosures: Applications in Contemporary Latin American Housing

Although the use of color can be employed to hide or disguise a specific characteristic, it can also be used to highlight them. Within the Latin American territory, we can observe that shades of red, green, and blue have predominated in residential architecture, aiming to integrate a language appropriate to the context in which it is implemented.

"Building With Living Trees": The Story Behind Casa Jardín, in Quito, Ecuador

Today is the premiere of the first episode of a new documentary series that explores the projects of Al Borde. Titled "Building with Living Trees", this first instalment highlights the stories behind Casa Jardín (Garden House), a single-family home located in the suburban area of Quito, Ecuador.

Taller General: "Our Definition of Architecture Takes Shape Collectively"

Taller General is a meeting point where Martín Real and Florencia Sobrero, among other members and collaborators, come together daily to pursue their passion: channeling their creativity through architecture while merging all the aspects that shape their lives, from activism to education.

MAD Architects Designs Mixed-Use Building in Ecuador, the Firm's First Project in South America

The architecture firm MAD Architects, based in Beijing, China, has presented the design of its first project in South America, the mixed-use "Qondesa" tower in Quito, Ecuador, which will soon become the tallest building in the city.

RAMA Estudio Wins Competition for Recycling Public Building into Social Housing in Ecuador

RAMA Estudio has won a competition organized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (Miduvi) to transform public buildings into social housing. "Casa Cevallos" seeks to give a new face to the Miduvi Tungurahua building, located in front of the Cevallos Park in Ambato, Ecuador, incorporating 16 apartments for 45 inhabitants through 7 adaptable typologies.

Circular Economy in Latin American Housing: 12 Examples of Reuse of Materials

Although the circular economy involves other principles such as the regeneration of natural systems, the reuse or recycling of materials plays an important role in contributing to the reduction of waste generation by giving a second useful life to elements that could be considered waste. Wood, metal sheets, bricks, and stones, among others, can be reused, bringing sustainability and efficiency criteria to the projects, helping to consolidate this concept that still has a long way to go.

These Are the Winning Projects of the Pan American Biennial of Architecture of Quito 2022 (BAQ2022)

The Pan American Biennial of Architecture of Quito (BAQ2022) ended on November 18th. Organized by the Pichincha Provincial College of Architects of Ecuador (CAE-P), it has been held since 1978 with the aim of promoting dialogue, exchange, and reflection on architecture and the contemporary city. During this edition, the intention was to address the theme "Inflections: Seeing again", with the aim of providing a space for discussion and debate on architecture around the moments of inflection in history.

Pioneering Women Architects: From Latin America to Spain

What are the stories of the first Ibero-American women architects? This is the main question we seek to answer in celebration of ArchDaily's theme: Women in Architecture.