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Mendes da Rocha and Al Borde among Winners of the XI Ibero-American Architecture and Urbanism Biennial (XI BIAU)

In Asunción (Paraguay), the XI Ibero-American Architecture and Urbanism Biennial (XI BIAU) have presented the winners of the Panorama de Obras section (Projects Panorama) of this contest edition, "all faithful to the spirit of the XI BIAU: living, the inhabitant," according to the organization.

odD+ Architects Reinterpret Historic Courtyards and Gardens in Quito Tower

odD+ Architects have designed a residential tower with exterior gardens in Ecuador. Inspired by the architecture of classical cloisters in downtown Quito, the tower reinterprets the courtyard through the building facade. The exposed building face is meant to reconnect residents to the surrounding old town fabric. Dubbed Common Garden, the project frames unique views of the city through 12 floors of gardens and arcades.

BIG and Uribe & Schwarzkopf Unveil Rose-Colored Tower in Ecuador

Bjarke Ingels Group and Uribe & Schwarzkopf have designed a 24-story rose-colored tower in Quito, Ecuador inspired by natural beauty, diversity, and the community of the city. EPIQ is BIG’s second building in the city, with a dynamic, porous structure clad in colored titles to echo the beauty of Quito, and to be the face of a new sustainable urbanism in the growing city.

odD+ Architects Design Slender Tower in Ecuador to Connect with Nature

odD+ architects have released details of their proposed Grove Tower in Quito, Ecuador. A 10,000-square-meter office building for one of the country’s most prestigious law firms, the scheme has been designed as a “monumental structure that represents the values of the firm on an extremely narrow terrain.”

ODD Architects Creates Sunflower-Inspired Residential Tower for Ecuador

Quito-based odD+ Architects have designed a residential skyscraper inspired by sunflowers for Ecuador. Taking cues from the rhythmic formations of the plant's seeds and petals, the tower is a direct response to the increasing urbanization of Quito. Aiming to address development patterns that threaten the natural landscape and its endemic species, the project was made to be a vertical ecosystem for the city.

Low-Budget Urban Garden Uses Local Materials to Bring Quito's Community Together

The social design from Natura Futura Arquitectura for a greenhouse in the warm subtropical climate of Nayón, Ecuador, the proposal approaches the use of local material resources in the construction of low-budget productive structures for the development of the collective.

The Best University Proposals for Social Housing in Latin America and Spain in 2017

At the end of September, we invited our Spanish-speaking readers to send us their social housing proposals completed at a university level. Social housing is still a challenge for much of Latin America and although every year hundreds of architecture students work on projects that reflect their concerns in the social housing field, its visibility is very low and its materialization is null. At a time when the Global South has pursued its own responses to its own problems, the university response on social housing should be taken into account by the State, both of whom are interested in the common good. 

Ecuadorian Document Captures Emerging Trend Characterized by Conscious Use of Local Resources

In recent years Ecuadorian architecture has been producing interesting concepts that are characterized by high standard design outcomes based on the conscious use of local resources. This type of practice is led by a generation that puts collective work and social values above individualities, in order to develop a "do a lot with little" style of architecture.

“Permanently Unfinished”: The Evolution of Architecture in the Galapagos Islands

Most visitors to the Galapagos Islands point their cameras towards the exotic animals and away from the local people. They direct their full attention to the natural landscape, as if to intentionally deny the existence of the urban space of the city, since the presence of any form of architecture would seem in logical conflict with the islands’ identity as a protected wildlife reserve.

The Totora Cube Investigates the Techniques of Incan-Era Craftsmanship

Developed by the architects of the "think-act tank" Archquid, in connection with the indigenous community and other institutions of the parish of San Rafael de la Laguna (Otavalo, Ecuador), this project revolves around the material research of the totora plant, a subspecies of the giant bulrush sedge. The Totora Cube project deepens the understanding of the art and craft with which these fibers have been used since pre-Inca times.

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