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"We Still Have Not Built that City of the Future Where I Once Lived": In Conversation with Nishan Kazazian

What follows this short introduction is my unusually personal interview with a Lebanese-American architect and artist Nishan Kazazian. His work is inspired by numerous sources that come from many directions such as Kintsugi, the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together, primary color geometric abstractions evocative of Russian Constructivism, as well as paintings by Piet Mondrian and Paul Klee. Yet, a stronger inspiration comes from his memories of home and family history. Layering and superimposition of cultures and languages were constantly present in his life since childhood and remain guiding forces to Kazazian, who is both a licensed architect and a professional artist.

Synergic Landscapes, 2018. Image Courtesy of Nishan KazanianArizona House, Flagstaff, Arizona, 1994. Image Courtesy of Nishan KazanianSpeculative Zoo with Satellite Imagery & Holograms, Hudson River, New York, 2019~2020. Image Courtesy of Nishan KazanianAmphibian Concert Hall Son et Lumière, Non Site Specific, 2018. Image Courtesy of Nishan Kazanian+ 25

"Practice Operations is a New Way of Thinking": Monograph's Robert Yuen on Design and Technology

Technology has begun to radically transform operations in the AEC industries. For Robert Yuen, CEO and Co-Founder of Monograph, he's developed a cloud-based project management application that's tailored to address these changes. Trained as an architect and establishing himself as an entrepreneur, Robert utilizes his background to reimagine what the futures holds for managing design and construction.

Great White Plastic Folded Structure. Image Courtesy of Robert YuenRelaxed Vault: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Meets Kuka Robotic Arm. Image Courtesy of Robert YuenRobert Yuen. Image Courtesy of MonographCasting Unpredictability. Image Courtesy of Robert Yuen+ 12

30 Technology-Driven Projects Point to Our Future: In Conversation with Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido

Vladimir Belogolovsky talks with Mexican-American architect Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido on his exhibition 30 Projects/30 Years/30 Stories now on view at the Museo Metropolitano in Monterrey, Mexico.30 Projects/30 Years/30 Stories, a large retrospective on the work of Mexican-American architect Francisco Gonzalez Pulido, was opened on June 18 at the Museo Metropolitano in Monterrey, Mexico. The exhibition will remain on view until September 21.

Courtesy of FGP AtelierCourtesy of FGP AtelierCourtesy of FGP AtelierCourtesy of FGP Atelier+ 22

"The Tenets of Good Design are Timeless": JMZ's Tenée R. Casaccio Explores Building and Planning Today

JMZ Architects is a firm realizing both long-term visions and local spatial needs. With a background in planning and architecture, they are a Women-owned business creating campuses and new structures alike. Practicing from a single office of 23 employees in Glens Falls, New York, they have focused exclusively on architecture and planning for higher education institutions, primarily public colleges, and universities, and state higher education systems.

© David Lamb Photography, Courtesy JMZ Architects and Planners© David Lamb Photography, Courtesy JMZ Architects and Planners© David Lamb Photography, Courtesy JMZ Architects and Planners© David Lamb Photography, Courtesy JMZ Architects and Planners+ 11

"The Profession is in Dire Straits": GLUCK+ on the Future of Architecture and Design-Build

Architecture is inherently tied to building and construction. When these processes are aligned, great structures take shape. For architecture, construction and development firm GLUCK+, design and building go hand-in-hand. From designer and builder to owner and developer, the practice has taken on diverse roles to bring innovative projects to life. Looking to the future, Principal Thomas Gluck explores how the firm is creating work in New York City and across the United States.

Bridge, 205 Race, Photo credit: Timothy Hursley. Image Courtesy of GLUCK+Van Sinderen Plaza under construction . Image Courtesy of GLUCK+Harvard University Thesis project, "Anarchitectonics" 1991. Image Courtesy of GLUCK+Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning, Photo credit: Randy Rubin. Image Courtesy of GLUCK++ 14

"The House is the Most Flexible Space Ever": Interview with Pippo Ciorra and André Tavares

"The house is among the first concepts shared by society and architecture", states André Tavares and Pippo Ciorra, curators of the exhibition called At Home: Projects for Contemporary Housing, on display at Garagem Sul / Centro Cultural Belém, in Lisbon. The show, which is the unfolding of another one previously held at the MAXXI Museum in Rome, gathers pieces from the huge collection of the Italian institution and seeks intersections with contemporary Portuguese architectural production. Its main topic – the house, the home – has never been more discussed than right now.

Bringing together houses of different scales, built in diverse locations by various methods and techniques, and designed by Italian, Portuguese and international architects, the exhibition gathers, in groups of three, projects from which it is possible to weave relationships that go beyond geographies and materialities and foster reflections about the future of housing and what the home of tomorrow will look like.

We had the opportunity to talk with Tavares and Ciorra about the exhibition, its motivations and expectations with its opening in the physical venue of Garagem Sul. Read below.

"At Home" exhibition at Garagem Sul. © Courtesy: Garagem Sul, CCB, 2021. Photo: Tiago Casanova"At Home" exhibition at Garagem Sul. © Courtesy: Garagem Sul, CCB, 2021. Photo: Tiago Casanova"At Home" exhibition at Garagem Sul. © Courtesy: Garagem Sul, CCB, 2021. Photo: Tiago Casanova"At Home" exhibition at Garagem Sul. © Courtesy: Garagem Sul, CCB, 2021. Photo: Tiago Casanova+ 12

Building Community: The Women of Sasaki Designing More Sustainable and Inclusive Futures

Celebrating community, three interdisciplinary leaders of design firm Sasaki are building space for change. Defining the future through collective, contextual, and values-driven projects, they are showing how working together produces greater impact. Following the belief that better design comes through open exchange and deep engagement, each of these women are creating more sustainable and inclusive futures.

Courtesy of SasakiCourtesy of SasakiCourtesy of SasakiCourtesy of Sasaki+ 12

The Women of HKS: Architects and Researchers Designing Resilient Cities

Designing resilient cities combines practical solutions with innovative ideas. Interdisciplinary global firm HKS is working to bring these ambitions to life with researchers, urban designers, nurses, anthropologists, graphic designers and more. Viewing design as a process of discovery, three directors at HKS are leading how cities explore research, equity and integration to create more resilient futures.

TWU 20 Year Vision. Image Courtesy of HKSUCSD North Torrey Pines. Image © Kehaulani CrooksHKS Hospital Asuncion Paraguay. Image Courtesy of HKSHKS Nemours Children's Hospital. Image Courtesy of HKS+ 11

Alexis Dornier on Architectural Experimentation and his New Venture, Stilt Studios

“It all started with the question: What if I’m going to build my own house?" It was this consideration that prompted Alexis Dornier to note that when he's providing architectural design service he's mostly catering, filtering and catalyzing input from other people that have budgets, preferences and tastes and it’s up to him to channel or organize that and let it "stream through" him. Using his craft to put it in order. "But what if you did not have that other hand [designer's help]? What would you do?”

Archdaily’s Hana Abdel, projects curator, sat down with Alexis Dornier to discuss his latest venture as co-founder of Stilt Studios, a company “focused on making Architectural design accessible to a greater audience of people. People who wouldn’t be able to afford an architect or don’t want to go through the trouble of working with an architect. So, what if we could create a product, or an architecture that almost works as a product.”

Canggu Garden -  A grown-up, sophisticated version of your favorite childhood treehouse. By elevating our studios on stilts, Stilt Studios maximize views up top while leaving the ground below minimally impacted to honor our philosophy of treading lightly on the Earth. . Image © KIETreehouse B (Multi-Level). Image © KIETreehouse A. Image © KIETreehouse B (Multi-Level). Image © KIE+ 33

"Practices Must Remain Agile": Slack's Evelyn Lee on the Future of Working Together

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped how we work together. From telecommuting to virtual programming, architects and designers are rethinking traditional office structures to reimagine collaboration around the world. For architect Evelyn Lee, her work as the first Senior Experience Designer at Slack Technologies centers on building better workplace experiences. In a year defined by remote work, she's exploring what culture and community mean today.

Slack Headquarters. Image © Garrett Rowland and Amy YoungPractice Innovation LabPractice Innovation LabSlack Headquarters. Image © Garrett Rowland and Amy Young+ 14

In conversation with Anastasia Elrouss: Architect, Activist, and Founder of Warch(ée) NGO

I’ve known since I was a child that change would never happen on its own. My dream was to make a positive change as a woman architect and urban planner.” Architect, Activist, and Founder of Warch(ée) NGO, Anastasia Elrouss has been involved in architecture and advocating for women in the field, for nearly 15 years. Through her own practice, she is always seeking to create interventions that are constantly adapting to the users and the environment, “putting the human layer at the center of the architectural experience”. Through her platform, she is encouraging an ongoing conversation about gender equality and the role of women in the workplace and the world.

Archdaily’s Hana Abdel, project curator and Christele Harrouk, senior editor, had the chance to sit with Anastasia to discuss her journey, her creative process, her deeply-rooted involvement with women in the field and the inception of both her NGO and architectural practice.

The house of Lights – Lithuania  . Image Courtesy of Anastasia ElroussTower M - Lebanon. Image Courtesy of Anastasia ElroussHaven House – Lebanon. Image Courtesy of Anastasia ElroussHaddad Compound - Canada. Image Courtesy of Anastasia Elrouss+ 18