Italian Architect and Designer Gaetano Pesce Passes Away at 84

Italian architect and industrial designer Gaetano Pesce has passed away at the age of 84, as announced today on the creator's official Instagram page. Known for the famous UP5 Chair (2000) by B&B Italia which can be compressed like a sponge, and the Organic Building in Osaka, Japan (1993), with a vertical garden irrigated by a complex, computer-controlled hydration system, Pesce dedicated over six decades to his craft, accumulating a portfolio that spanned architecture, product design, and art.

During Milan Design Week 2024, a monographic exhibition titled "Nice to See You" showing at Biblioteca Ambrosiana, is set to feature unreleased works of Gaetano Pesce. Additionally, Gaetano was presenting "L’Uomo Stanco" an outdoor installation in Piazza San Pio XI.

World Architecture Festival 2024: Meet the Judges and Win Free Entry

The World Architecture Festival (WAF) is thrilled to announce the first distinguished members of its 2024 judging panel. This esteemed group comprises some of the world's most respected architects, designers, and industry leaders.

The 17th edition of WAF is welcoming submissions from architects and designers worldwide until 19th April 2024. The festival will take place at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from the 6-8th November 2024. In addition to the unique live-judged awards programme and crit presentations, this year’s event will include fringe events, an exhibition and keynote talks from an international panel of speakers.

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Portuguese Office Masslab Wins Competition for Mixed-Use Building in Helsinki, Finland

The Portuguese office MASSLAB, in collaboration with AFRY Ark Studio, won the Train Factory Mixed-Use Competition, an international competition in two stages whose main objective was to create a landmark for the city of Helsinki, Finland. The proposal was selected from five world-renowned architectural consortia.

The Train Factory Group and the City Council of Helsinki organized the competition, and the proposal “A roof for Helsinki” was chosen. The old electric train building will be transformed into a 45,000 m² complex for offices, retail and a hotel, reimagined as part of the social, commercial and cultural heritage.

ArchDaily's 2023 New Practices to Be Announced Tuesday, December 13

A selection of architectural firms and practitioners from all over the world will be announced as part of the 2023 generation of ArchDaily's New Practices this Tuesday, December 13, on ArchDaily and its versions in Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

Call for ArchDaily's Interns: Fall 2022/Winter 2023

ArchDaily is looking for a motivated and highly skilled architecture lover to join our team of interns for Fall 2022/Winter 2023, working for our English website. An ArchDaily Content internship provides a unique opportunity to learn about our site and write engaging, thought-provoking, and insightful articles. Our main goal is to empower everyone who makes architecture happen to create a better quality of life!

ArchDaily is a digital project in constant evolution. As we grow, we are looking for new and talented writers, editors, and interns. In fact, this internship can also open up a career path at ArchDaily. Many of our editors have actually been part of that program. The internship will run from October 2022- Mars 2023 *(Flexible). This Internship is remunerated.

DAAily jobs: Find Your Dream Job in the World’s Largest Architecture and Design Community

A recent survey made by our development team revealed that one out of four architects and designers identifies working conditions as their biggest frustration at the workplace. If architecture has been pushed to open and become more proactive, propositive, and inclusive, then finding your dream job should not be that hard either.

Call for Entries: Let's GetInvolved

At ArchDaily, we are constantly exposed to the work that many organizations and architects do to help local communities worldwide. We therefore wanted to broaden our reach and use our platform to try and support NGOs that rely on architecture and construction in their mission; spreading the word and connecting them with active members of our global community. 

Call for Submissions: ArchDaily's 2020 Young Practices

Humankind is at a crossroads. A climate crisis that threatens ecosystems and rises social instability. A fast-growing population leading to Earth's resources being consumed faster than ever. A still in progress global discussion about racial and gender issues. A technological revolution disrupting societies and markets —including the design and construction field. And an economic and pandemic crisis as a stress test for all of us.

In this context, architecture has been navigating through sequential changes over the last twenty years with the rise and latter consolidation of new technologies, tools, formats, topics, scales, and interdisciplinary approaches, along with the emergence of the Internet that led towards a disruptive decentralization of the architecture production and discussion.

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Since then, the way we consume architecture has changed. Projects on the other side of the world no longer feel quite so far away, and inspiration can come from any project, at any scale, anywhere. The mission we set out with so many years ago has captured the passion of architects and architecture lovers worldwide: nearly half a million people visiting our sites daily in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. 

We are especially proud of our global reach. With more than 40,000 new articles and 4300 projects added to our site in the last year alone, we are committed to providing the most relevant resources to our readers to better their knowledge and appreciation for the field we all love. We are proud and excited to reach readers in every corner of the world, and we savor the opportunity to continue sharing the inspiration, knowledge, and tools needed to design a positive urbanizing world.