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Transform your “New Tab” page into a useful, inspiring tool with ArchDaily’s New Tab Chrome Extension.

Every time you open a new tab in your Chrome browser, it’s an opportunity to be inspired with a randomly selected photograph of our +38,000 curated projects. If you want to learn more about the project featured, you can easily click to see more pictures, drawings, and information.

Land Lines: Trace an Infinite Path Around the Planet Using Maps

Land Lines, a new Chrome Experiment exploiting the satellite image data collated by Google Maps, allows anyone—cartographic aficionado or otherwise—to marvel at the contours of the world through gestures. Intelligently designed to detect dominant visual lines from a dataset of thousands of images, cut down from over 50,000 by using a combination of OpenCV Structured Forests and ImageJ’s Ridge Detection, users can simply "draw" or "drag" on a mobile browser or on a desktop to "create an infinite line of connected rivers, highways and coastlines."