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o2a’s Proposed Tel Aviv University Building Controls Natural Light and Wind for a Sustainable Solution

o2a Studio has unveiled their proposal for the Lorry I. Lokey School of Management at Tel Aviv University. Part of an invited competition, the design brief required a two-phase proposal sited at the focal point of the Tel Aviv University Campus: an initial 3,500 square metres of classrooms, offices and an auditorium and a future 1,500 square metres of extra classes and offices. Though not selected for the final design of the school, the o2a Studio proposal for the Lorry I. Lokey School of Management encompasses contextual, programmatic and climatic concerns in an elegant solution. Read more about this proposal after the break.

Beacons of Pride: #LoveWins in These Illuminated Buildings

San Francisco City Hall illuminated in rainbow colors in honor of Pride Week Image © Nickolay Stanev via
San Francisco City Hall illuminated in rainbow colors in honor of Pride Week Image © Nickolay Stanev via

Earlier today, the US Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage should be legal in all 50 states, effectively overruling 14 states that so far have continued to enforce a ban (if you've been on Facebook in the last few hours, you've probably already heard). The ruling comes just in time for Pride Parades which will take place this weekend in many cities, and to celebrate this historic decision, we've rounded up some iconic buildings lit up for past Pride Parades for everybody to enjoy - equally.

Colorful Illustrations of Tel Aviv’s Eclectic Facades

Take a virtual walk down the streets of Tel Aviv with these illustrations of the city's facades by graphic designer Avner Gicelter. “My aim is to capture the unique essence of the building's features in my illustrations, using a minimal set of graphic elements,” he explained. “After the building's illustration is done I choose a background color out of a palette and a typeface that will reflect what I refer to as a Tel Avivian atmosphere."

Gicelter first had the idea to capture the unique architecture in Tel Aviv’s city center when apartment hunting in 2013. “I got more interested in the building's facade than in the apartments we were looking at,” he said. Since then he has illustrated over 70 different buildings.

Check out some of Gicelter’s illustrations after the break and visit his website to learn more. His illustrations are also available for purchase on Etsy.

24 Chen Blvd.. Image © Avner Gicelter King Albert Square. Image © Avner Gicelter 3 Nezach Israel St.. Image © Avner Gicelter 17 Shmaryahu Levin St.. Image © Avner Gicelter

Tel Aviv Museum Of Art Examines The International Circulation Of Prefab Concrete Panels

Between 1945 and 1981 around 170 million prefabricated (prefab) residential units were constructed worldwide. Now, as part of a study undertaken by Pedro Alonso and Hugo Palmarola of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile between 2012 and 2014, an exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art features 28 large concrete panel systems from between 1931 and 1981. In so doing, it explores a transnational circulation of these objects of construction, "weaving them into a historical collage of ambitions and short-lived enthusiasm for utopian dreams."

This show, curated by Meira Yagid-Haimovici, is an attempt to reveal "how architecture and urbanism was charged with historical, social, and political narratives, and how the modernist vision promoted the fusion of aesthetics and politics." The models, which are being exhibited as part of the Production Routes exhibition, seek to highlight the richness embodied in 'generic' architecture through the lens of prefab construction methods.

Past Turned Into Space / Pitsou Kedem Architects

  • Architects: Pitsou Kedem Architects
  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Architect in Charge: Tamar Berger
  • Design Team: Irene Goldberg, Tamar Berger, Pitsou Kedem
  • Photographs Styling: Eti Buskila
  • Area: 220.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Amit Geron

© Amit Geron © Amit Geron © Amit Geron © Amit Geron

Fuks 34 / Henkin Shavit Studio

© Aviad Bar-Ness © Aviad Bar-Ness © Aviad Bar-Ness © Aviad Bar-Ness

Ganei Shapira Affordable Housing / Orit Muhlbauer Eyal Architects

  • Architects: Orit Muhlbauer Eyal Architects
  • Location: Arye De Modena Street 17, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Lead Architect: Hila Berger, Shay Naim
  • Main Supplier: Layish Metal Industries LTD
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Shai Epstein

© Shai Epstein © Shai Epstein © Shai Epstein © Shai Epstein

V House / Paz Gersh Architects

  • Architects: Paz Gersh Architects
  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Area: 350.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Amit Giron, Itay Sikolsky

© Itay Sikolsky © Itay Sikolsky © Amit Giron © Itay Sikolsky

Float House / Pitsou Kedem Architects

  • Architects: Pitsou Kedem Architects
  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Design Team: Pitsou Kedem, Raz Melamed, Irene Goldberg
  • Site Area: 2000 sqm
  • Area: 550.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Amit Geron

© Amit Geron © Amit Geron © Amit Geron © Amit Geron

Topolopompo Fire Kitchen / Baranowitz Kronenberg Architecture Ltd

© Amit Geron © Amit Geron © Amit Geron © Amit Geron

Shneur House / Yoav Messer Architects

  • Architects: Yoav Messer Architects
  • Location: HaYarkon Park, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Design Team: Iftah Hayner, Henly Elor, Laura Hoffman Schaeftler
  • Area: 185.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Amit Geron

© Amit Geron © Amit Geron © Amit Geron © Amit Geron

Peter Zumthor: Seven Personal Observations on Presence In Architecture

Known for his superior design and unparalleled craftsmanship, the 2009 Pritzker Laureate and 2013 RIBA Gold Medal Award winner, Peter Zumthor, was recently invited to speak at the School of Architecture in Tel Aviv University. In a lecture titled “Presence in Architecture - Seven Personal Observations,” Zumthor shared some of the inspirations behind his greatest projects, giving us insight into his poetic, intelligent, (and some might say) “nearly divine” mind.

Zumthor’s Seven Points on “Presence,” after the break...

Saint Benedict Chapel. Image Courtesy of Felipe Camus Image Courtesy of Felipe Camus Brauder Klaus Field Chapel. Image © Samuel Ludwig © Jose Fernando Vazquez

New Tel Aviv High-Rise By Richard Meier Nears Completion

Pritzker Laureate Richard Meier’s iconic new residential tower in the heart of Tel Aviv is nearing completion. Located in Rothschild Boulevard, the city’s bustling high-end commercial, cultural and financial district, it is no surprise that over 70% of the 42-story luxury tower has already been sold.

More on the tower, and its potentially controversial context, after the break...

Exhibition: Daniel Libeskind’s Architectural Drawings

On October 23, 2013, Tel Aviv’s Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery will open its newest show, Never Say the Eye Is Rigid: Architectural Drawings of Daniel Libeskind”. The exhibition, in collaboration with the Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery (Milan, Turin, Rome ,Tel Aviv), which brings together 52 original drawings will include depictions of the architect’s signature work, the Jewish Museum Berlin (2001), and his 2003 master plan for Ground Zero in New York City.