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Per Kirkeby: Public Sculptures that Commemorate Nothing but Their Surroundings

The interview Per Kirkeby: "We Build Upon Ruins" published on Louisiana Channel not only showcases the colorful canvases of the Danish painter, sculptor, filmmaker, and writer, but also his own reflections on the importance of surroundings that "give us so much baggage." It's this very idea that Kirkeby brings to his brick sculpture displays, where something simple and sometimes useful puts aside inaccessible conceptualism to pay homage to the surroundings rather than the sculptures themselves.

Call for Entries: 2019 Brick in Architecture Awards

The Brick Industry Association (BIA) has opened its entries for the 2019 Brick in Architecture Awards—now celebrating 30 years as the nation’s leading architectural design competition featuring fired-clay brick. Entries are due by Oct. 31.

With a history of stunning, innovative and unusual design, all submissions must use clay brick as the project’s primary building material.

“We’re excited to showcase outstanding design that demonstrates brick’s virtually unlimited aesthetic freedom and sustainability,” said BIA President Ray Leonhard.

As the competition rules state, entrants must be either an architect or designer employed by an architectural, design-build or landscaping design firm. Any

16 Brick Cladding Constructive Details

Traditionally, bricks have been used in architecture to fulfill a double function: structural and aesthetic. While they act as an effective and resistant modular solution in building structures, their faces can be exposed to constitute their architectural appearance, generating facades rich in texture and color, thanks to the iron present in the clay they are composed of.

At present, there are products that allow the attractive appearance of bricks to be merged with other structural systems, separating their functions and providing the necessary freedom of design so that the facades can adapt creatively in favor of the conditions of each project and the requirements of its users.

La Géode / ADHOC architectes. Image © Adrien Williams Four51 Marlborough / Hacin + Associates. Image © Trent Bell Photography Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building / Mecanoo + Sasaki Associates. Image Cortesía de Mecanoo Moody Center for the Arts / Michael Maltzan Architecture. Image © Nash Baker + 21

Oldmeetsnew House / Block Architects

© Quangdam © Quangdam © Quangdam © Quangdam + 25

Trà Vinh, Vietnam
  • Architects: Block Architects
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 148.0
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2018

This is How a Complex Brick Wall is Built Using Augmented Reality

Fusing augmented reality with the physical space, Fologram seeks to facilitate the construction of complex designs (for example, parametric designs that require a series of measurements, verification, and specific care) through digital instructions that are virtually superimposed into the workspace, directing a step-by-step guide for bricklayers during the construction process.

'Research institutions and large companies are working with industrial robots to automate these challenging construction tasks. However, robots aren’t well-suited for unpredictable construction environments, and even the most sophisticated computer vision algorithms cannot match the intuition and skill of a trained bricklayer,' stated their creators.

Cortesía de Fologram Cortesía de Fologram Cortesía de Fologram Cortesía de Fologram + 9

15 Colombian Projects Pushing the Brick Envelope

The greats of twentieth-century Colombian architecture were regarded for their genuine interest in brick. To this day, many of Colombia's iconic neighborhoods are filled with brick buildings. 

Below, a selection of stunning Colombian brick projects —available in this My ArchDaily public folder as well.

Casa Llano Grande / Yemail Arquitectura. Image © Santiago Pinyol Casa La Serena / Sebastián Gaviria Gómez. Image © OLMO Fotografía Edificio Primaria Colegio Anglo Colombiano / Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos. Image © Rodrigo Dávila Escuela de Música Yotoco / Espacio Colectivo Arquitectos. Image © Santiago Robayo + 16

Brick Walls: Tips on Treatment and Maintenance

Bricks have historically been the cornerstone of a wide array of living spaces, providing everything from enclosure and protection to the framework for letting in sunlight. Whether it be for their economic or aesthetic aspects in both color and texture, the use of brick can be glimpsed in cities the world over. 

In spite of its practicality and widespread use, brick does present a challenge for architects and builders. Everything from humidity, wind, sun, mold, and time leaves its mark on brick, gradually wearing down its practical and aesthetic properties.

But fear not, in the following article we'll give you our tips on how to best treat and care for brick.

A' Design Award and Competition - Open Call: Building Structural Design Category 2017-2018

Housing from the ground to the sky The residential complex

Award Winning Design - BRONZE A DESIGN AWARD

In modern architecture, high-rise building and skyscrapers was proposed as one of the effective factors to urban problems. This proposed method causes so much problems in these cities conditions such as twinkling city skyline, environmental pollution, disturbing privacy and also undesirable view of the buildings lower in height, safety factors, communication problems, installation, Etc.
Skyscrapers, each trying to reach their peak in such a way that they aim to connect the earth to the sky. Somehow they are bridges from earth to sky.
Dome is one

Carlo Ratti Associati's Proposed Milan Science Campus Features Robotically-Assembled Brick Facades

Carlo Ratti Associati has released details of their schematic design for the University of Milan’s new science campus, featuring robotically-assembled brick facades, porous communal areas, and natural oases. Working in collaboration with Australian real estate group Lendlease, the “Science for Citizens” proposal will sit within a new Milan Innovation District, located on the site of Milan’s 2015 World Expo.

Located within this new district, and home to over 18,000 students and 2,000 researchers, the “Science for Citizens” proposal seeks to “put forward a vision for an open campus that becomes a testing ground for innovative education while fostering exchanges between the university and the surrounding innovation neighborhood.”

2018 Brick in Architecture Award Winners Announced

The Brick Industry Association (BIA) has announced the winners of the 2018 Brick in Architecture Awards, given to “the country’s most visionary projects incorporating fired-clay brick.” This year, 19 projects were selected from 88 total entries, spanning commercial, educational, landscaping, and residential categories.

“Fired-clay brick offers unlimited aesthetic flexibility, and is an integral part of any sustainable, low maintenance building strategy,” said Ray Leonhard, BIA’s president and CEO.

Full details on the awards and winners are available on the official website here. Below, we have organized the winning schemes by category.

The Study at University City – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Image © Halkin | Mason Photography Williams College Bookstore – Williamstown, Massachusetts. Image © Jeff Goldberg/Esto Freedom Walkway – Rock Hill, South Carolina. Image © Matthew Benham Photography 613 Baltic Street – Brooklyn, New York. Image © Will Femia & Christian Harder + 58

Eduardo Souto de Moura and META Unveil Proposed Exhibition Hall for Urban Renewal in Bruges

Eduardo Souto de Moura, in collaboration with META architectuurbureau, has released images of a proposed urban renewal project in the Belgian city of Bruges. The Beursplein & Congresgebouw consists of a new exhibition hall and covered public square on the site of a recently demolished trade fair complex.

The $46million (€40million) scheme seeks to act as a catalyst for urban renewal at the center of Bruges, with a dual role of exhibition hall and conference center capable of receiving business delegates on weekdays, and tourists on weekends.

© infunctievan © infunctievan © infunctievan © infunctievan + 10

Cascading Brick Arches Feature in Penda's Residential Tower in Tel Aviv

Penda has released images of its proposed high-rise residential tower in Tel Aviv, featuring brick arches and cascading terraces influenced by the city’s Bauhaus era and the materiality of its Old Town. The 380-foot-high (116-meter-high) scheme will house a range of one to four bedroom apartments, as well as double-height penthouses.

For the scheme’s design, Penda rejected the “generic glass tower” in favor of a form and materiality which responds to Tel Aviv’s sunny Mediterranean climate.

Courtesy of Penda Austria Courtesy of Penda Austria Courtesy of Penda Austria Courtesy of Penda Austria + 29

Schauman & Nordgren Lead Competition-Winning Design for Mixed-Use Customs District in Finland

Courtesy of Schauman & Nordgren
Courtesy of Schauman & Nordgren

A team comprising Schauman & Nordgren Architects, MASU Planning, and Schauman Architects have been announced as winners of an invited competition for the design of a new exhibition, shopping, and housing scheme in an old customs area of Tampere, Finland. The “Tulli Halls” scheme is defined by a red brick materiality referencing the industrial heritage of the area, and a central tower forming a “beacon and focal point for Tampere.”

The scheme seeks to balance old and new, as well as public and private, with a form which has a “grounding in Tampere’s heritage as well as aspiring future” and public space to improve living conditions of residents and offer meeting places for the general public.

Courtesy of Schauman & Nordgren Courtesy of Schauman & Nordgren Courtesy of Schauman & Nordgren Courtesy of Schauman & Nordgren + 17

Manuel Herz to Design Curvilinear Expansion of Rural Senegal Hospital

Manuel Herz has been chosen to design the expansion of the Tambacounda Hospital in rural Senegal, conceived and funded by the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and American Friends of Le Korsa.

The extension is viewed as an urgent project to address overcrowding in the vital facility, with the demands of 20,000 annual patients resulting in hot, overcrowded communal spaces, and children sharing beds in wards. The Foundation described Manuel Herz as the “unanimous choice” with an approach showing “a mix of visual flair, practical understanding, and profound humanitarianism.”

Image by Play-Time © Manuel Herz Architects Image by Play-Time © Manuel Herz Architects Image by Play-Time © Manuel Herz Architects Image by Play-Time © Manuel Herz Architects + 4

These Reflective Bricks Seek to Return Natural Light to Dense Neighborhoods

© Nathanaël Abeille © Nathanaël Abeille © Nathanaël Abeille © Nathanaël Abeille + 19

French designer, Nathanaël Abeille's metalized pieces in 'Proyecto Reflexión' shows how a building could reflect sunlight and share it with another building in some of the narrow spaces of Villa 21 de Barracas, Buenos Aires. These "metal bricks" came about as a combined team effort with architects Francisco Ribero and journalist Cecilia Fortunato.

Review the full project after the break.

Mexican Houses That Show the Many Ways to Use Bricks

© Carlos Berdejo Mandujano © César Béjar © Ricardo Rodríguez Cortesía de Ariel Valenzuela + Diego Ledesma + 12

This week we present a selection of the best images of brick houses published on our site. These 11 Mexican projects reveal the diversity of expression that architects in the country have achieved through creative arrangements of the brick modules. read on for a selection of images from prominent photographers such as Carlos Berdejo Mandujano, Onnis Luque, and Patrick Lopez.

Red Brick Country Auditorium / Huazhong University of Science and Technology + ADAP Architects

© Gangyi Tan, Jinghao Feng © Gangyi Tan, Jinghao Feng The single arch in the middle of the lane. Image © Gangyi Tan, Jinghao Feng © Gangyi Tan, Jinghao Feng + 24

Ezhou, China