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Computational Design: Next 1.0

THE PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE: An Online Interactive Conference with global frontiers.
Two-Day Online Conference with Live Presentations, Tutorials, Interactive Sessions, Live Mentorship & Panel Discussions.
A collaborative initiative by ParametricArchitecture (PA) with rat[LAB]EDUCATION, DesignMorphine, A>T

Computational Design: NEXT is a collaborative initiative by some of the global frontiers of Computational Design to open up an Online Learning platform as a comprehensive ONLINE CONFERENCE comprising of discussions, dialogues, tutorials and mentorship to a global audience through thought-provoking and meaningful dialogues curated by Parametric Architecture (PA), one of the leading media platforms focussing on Computational Design and its various subsets.

The first iteration of online

Advancing Computational Building Design 2020

Advancing Computational Building Design enables forward-thinking architects and engineers to accelerate their adoption of generative, digital design tools across their projects. You’ll hear how your peers are leveraging computation and iterative design processes to inform decision making and provide the power to clients to better visualize their future asset and drive collaborative relationships with designers.

Returning for its 4th year, ACBD is back and will be reuniting the AEC community in Denver to yet again provide the actionable insight required to allow computational design to expand and change the face of architecture.

The MaoHaus / AntiStatics Architecture

MaoHaus Exterior. Image © Xia Zhi
MaoHaus Exterior. Image © Xia Zhi

MaoHaus Night. Image © Xia ZhiMaoHaus Exterior. Image © Xia ZhiMaoHaus Detail. Image © Xia ZhiMaoHaus Site. Image © Xia Zhi+ 52

Beijing, China

Permutable Morphologies Webinar - Grasshopper Masterclass

Permutable Morphologies is a Parametric Certification webinar Course that focuses on designing forms by means of algorithms. The course is based on understanding the process of building shape, translating a standard 3D modelling process into grasshopper vocabulary and then automating it to interpolate infinite design iterations as solutions while documenting design problems for further use.

The course is carefully crafted for beginners and advanced users alike. It doesn’t matter if you are someone who has no prior knowledge of visual programming or scripting and want to start from scratch. Alternatively, if you’re already somewhat experienced, and you want to know methods

Verticle Tides / Atelier Alter

Courtesy of Atelier AlterCourtesy of Atelier AlterCourtesy of Atelier AlterCourtesy of Atelier Alter+ 23

Qingdao, China

Chapel / Craftworks

© Edmund Sumner
© Edmund Sumner

© Edmund Sumner© Edmund Sumner© Edmund Sumner© Edmund Sumner+ 21

  • Architects: Craftworks
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  225
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2018
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers: Mandarin Stone, Nora, Stora Enso, Artisan Plastercraft & Mike Wye Associates, Graepel Perforators & Weavers, +2

Loft Library / Arboreal Architecture

© Agnese Sanvito© Agnese Sanvito© Agnese Sanvito© Agnese Sanvito+ 18

Chuan's Kitchen / Infinity Mind

Dim light matches concrete furnishing. Image © Haochang Cao, Songyang BaPassage from entrance to interior. Image © Haochang Cao, Songyang BaBamboo waving  stretching through the space. Image © Haochang Cao, Songyang BaBamboo waving detail. Image © Haochang Cao, Songyang Ba+ 9

  • Interior Designers: Infinity Mind
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  450
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2017

Welded Steel Wigwam by studio:indigenous Connects Past to Present at Exhibit Columbus

In this video, Spirit of Space visits Exhibit Columbus to see Wiikiaami, a parametrically designed structure by studio:indigenous. Beginning in 2016, Exhibit Columbus is an annual event which invites people to travel to the small, but architecturally fascinating Midwestern town of Columbus, Indiana. Free and open to the public through November 26th, Exhibit Columbus displays 18 unique, site-responsive architectural installations.

via Screenshot from videovia Screenshot from videovia Screenshot from videovia Screenshot from video+ 5

Oskar Zieta Inflates Steel Arches With Air to Create This Lightweight Pavillion

Polish architect, designer, and sculptor Oskar Zieta has unveiled his latest project: the arched NAWA pavilion on an island in Wroclaw, Poland. The pavilion forms part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations following the theme of “Metamorphoses of Culture” and was unveiled in June. The lightweight steel elements that make up the parametrically designed sculpture are made in a unique method called FiDU, a metal-inflating process created by Zieta during his PhD studies in ETH Zurich. Though Zieta has used FiDU successfully for various products (many exhibited in the Salone del Mobile in Milan), the NAWA Pavillion is the first project of this size to use the technology entirely, and is thus coined as “a manifesto of FiDU."

Courtesy of Oskar ZietaCourtesy of Oskar ZietaCourtesy of Oskar ZietaCourtesy of Oskar Zieta+ 50

"DESIGN H(ij)ACK" When Art/Design Meet Public Space

The objective of the program is to generate tangible prototypes and solutions along the theme of "DESIGN H(ij)ACK - When Art & Design Meet Public Space". Cross-disciplinary collaboration is a necessity, combined with strong knowledge integration from research, concepts, design, to execution, “DESIGN H(ij)ACK” encourages all participants to think differently, design efficiently, and work economically, mostly important: collectively.

Conference: Parallelism in Architecture, Environment And Computing Techniques, (PACT)

The theme of Parallelism in Architecture, Environment and Computing Techniques (PACT) 2016 explores the relations between computational design in architecture, organizational and global, ever-changing and pervasive contexts. PACT 2016 aims to gather practitioners and researchers interested in investigating and improving the state of practice of computational design software in the architectural discourse, where practicing design computing experts can explain the challenges they face in their day-to-day practices, and collectively induce an impact on the future of the field.

Revit Architecture 101 - Online Course (And We're Giving Away a ThinkParametric Membership!)

ThinkParametric launches its Revit Architecture 101 course taught by Håvard Vasshaug Design Technologist and BIM Specialist at DARK Architects.

Revit Architecture is one of the leading applications in the industry for Building Information Modelling and is reshaping the way we design and build architecture projects.

We're also giving away year-long memberships to ThinkParametric! Read on to find out how you can win. 

Neri Oxman’s “Mushtari” Is a 3D Printed Wearable That Makes Products from Sunlight

Designer and architect Neri Oxman, working with the Mediated Matter group, has unveiled “Mushtari”: a 3D-printed wearable that can convert sunlight into usable products. Joining the “Wanderer” collection, Mushtari was designed as a relationship between the most primitive and most sophisticated life forms. The wearable contains 58 meters of internal fluid channels and functions as a microbial factory, using synthetic biology to convert sunlight into items for the wearer.

Endesa World Fab Condenser / MARGEN-LAB

© Adrià Goula© Adrià Goula© Adrià Goula© Adrià Goula+ 41

  • Architects: MARGEN-LAB
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2014
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers: Tallfusta