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Arches in Interior Design: 26 Projects that Reimagine the Classical Shape

Although the use of arches in architecture dates back to the 2nd millennium B.C., it was the Romans who solidified them as both an engineering element and a symbol of military victories, which we now see excessively as memorial arches. Shortly after, different civilizations and cultures adopted the arch for their own purposes, bridging together structural necessity and aesthetics. In this article, we look at how arches evolved from significant structural elements to captivating decorative details.

Samna Restaurant / YOD Group. Image © Andrey BezuglovGarden Tour / PADSTUDIO. Image © Rongkun ChenSSAB Flagship Store / Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio. Image © Vlad Patru ARKA Flower Shop / Maly Krasota Design. Image © Dmitriy Sergienko+ 30

Interiors with Vaulted Ceilings: 21 Non-Obvious Designs

High Park Residence / Batay-Csorba Architects. Photo: © Doublespace PhotographyMunicipal Archive / Aulets Arquitectes. Photo: © José HeviaWildernesse Restaurant / Morris+Company. Photo: © Jack HobhousePENTHOUSE / P-M-A-A. Photo: © José Hevia+ 22

The simplest definition of a vaulted ceiling is a self-supporting arched structure to cover a space. This technique was used extensively during the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages but fell into disuse with the advance of other building solutions that became more practical. However, many contemporary projects still build these elements or highlight the original structures in renovations because of their powerful impact on the building design.

CR.IS Apartment / A2OFFICE

© © AL.MA Fotografia | Alexandra Marques© © AL.MA Fotografia | Alexandra Marques© © AL.MA Fotografia | Alexandra Marques© © AL.MA Fotografia | Alexandra Marques+ 28

Vila do Conde, Portugal
  • Architects: A2OFFICE
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area :  95
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year :  2020
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers :  BRUMA, CIN, Ineslam, Sanindusa, Wicanders, +7

Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners Design Arching Residential Building in Moscow

Architectural bureau Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners have unveiled their concept for "Brodsky", a new residential building on a high-density plot in the central district of Moscow. Situated along a river embankment, the scheme seeks to create a strong functional and visual connection between itself and the surrounding context.

The 14-story scheme named after the famous Russin poet seeks to enhance the public realm by creating a courtyard with a pedestrian alley, weaving around the scheme’s arch façade to connect with the embankment. The positioning of the courtyard alley also establishes a new visual experience not currently realized: a two-point perspective from the courtyard to the river.

Courtesy of Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners, by MIRCourtesy of Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners, by MIRCourtesy of Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners, by MIRCourtesy of Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners, by MIR+ 14

Cascading Brick Arches Feature in Penda's Residential Tower in Tel Aviv

Penda has released images of its proposed high-rise residential tower in Tel Aviv, featuring brick arches and cascading terraces influenced by the city’s Bauhaus era and the materiality of its Old Town. The 380-foot-high (116-meter-high) scheme will house a range of one to four bedroom apartments, as well as double-height penthouses.

For the scheme’s design, Penda rejected the “generic glass tower” in favor of a form and materiality which responds to Tel Aviv’s sunny Mediterranean climate.

Courtesy of Penda AustriaCourtesy of Penda AustriaCourtesy of Penda AustriaCourtesy of Penda Austria+ 29

Blank Architects Win Competition to Design Moscow Metro Station

Russian architecture office Blank Architects have won a competition to design the Rzhevskaya Metro Station in Moscow, Russia. The open international competition searched for proposals to design three stations along the capital’s new metro line: "Rzhevskaya," "Sheremetyevskaya," and "Stromynka." Blank Architects is one of three architecture offices winning proposals for each station, with AI Architects chosen to design "Sheremetyevskaya" station and Map Architects winning "Stromynka." Designed as a sequence of arches and topped with a transparent pavilion, the proposal creates a dialogue between monumental and light elements - a modern addition to the city’s architectural identity.


Studioninedots Will Create a "Super Space" in Amsterdam

Combining entrepreneurship with affordable housing, West Beat is the winning project for a creative complex in Nieuw-West, Amsterdam. The building proposal, created by Studioninedots in collaboration with Lingotto was inspired by the elements of light and sound, with each design choice reacting to the surrounding environment.

Courtesy of Studioninedots | A2 StudioCourtesy of Studioninedots | A2 StudioCourtesy of Studioninedots | A2 StudioCourtesy of Studioninedots | A2 Studio+ 6