Design Concept for Bollywood Museum in Film City / Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design

Courtesy of Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design

Along with the and Toronto offices, the Los Angeles based Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design announces their conceptual design for the new world-class Bollywood Museum located at Film City in Mumbai, . The design is the physical manifestation of an emotional response to Hindi cinema.

Location: Film City, Mumbai, India
Client: Maharashtra Film, Stage and cultural Development Corporation Ltd.
Architect: Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design in collaboration with Cannon Design International

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The Architecture and Transformation of elBulli / From World’s Best Restaurant To Culinary Research Foundation

© Maribel Ruiz de Erenchun

Food is as much about architecture as it is the concept of taste. With food comes the sum of its parts to create the whole, the great attention to detail and the emotion of first bite like that of entering a memorable space for the first time.

Jorge Louis Borges says, “The taste of the apple lies in the contact of the fruit with the palate, in the fruit itself, in a similar way poetry lies in the meaning of the poem and the reader, not in the lines of symbols printed on the pages of a book. What is essential is the aesthetic act, the thrill, the almost physical emotion that comes with each reading.”

Ferran Adria, the master chef of elBulli, which has religiously been called the Best Restaurant in the World, has a heideggerian approach to food, cooking, and the physical act of eating. Similar to that as architects with the same heideggerian approach and the concepts of material, making, and the experiencing of space. Like Jorge Louis Borges and heideggerian architects, Ferran Adria crosses the realm of cooking and enters the presence of wholeness of experience. Transforming the traditional means of eating and elevating them to a memorable moment where memory, experience and taste meet.

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New Parador of Alcalá / Aranguren & Gallegos Architects

© Hisao Suzuki

Architects: Aranguren & Gallegos Architects
Location: , Madrid
Collaborators: Arturo Alberquilla Rodríguez, Pablo Aranguren López, Luis Burriel Bielza, Silvia Díez González, Pablo Fernández Lewicki, Simón Francés Martínez, Mónica Fresno Fernández, Blanca Juanes Juanes, Roberto Ortiz De Landázuri Monagas, José Antonio Rodríguez Casas, Javier Rubio Montero, Marta Sorribes Gil, José Antonio Tallón Iglesias.
Building Engineer: Fernando Pérez Marcos
Structural Engineer: CEIDER INGENIERÍA SL
Project Management: IDOM
Installation Engineer: ETINSA SA
Lighting Engineer: LPM
Photographs: Hisao Suzuki

Courtesy of MONU

MONU Magazine New Issue: Post-Ideological Urbanism

Monu, a magazine on urbanism just released their new issue on the topic of post-ideological urbanism. This issue touches on one of the most fascinating and biggest issues of our time and in our culture, or what is left of it:…

Tactile Architecture: Does it Matter?

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio

In 1958, Harry Harlow famously demonstrated, in a still controversial and haunting study, that tactile stimulation can be more desirable than food. Harlow raised infant rhesus monkeys without mothers and gave them a choice between two artificial surrogate mothers. Both were constructed of wood and wire mesh.The difference was that one had a bottle of milk while the other one was covered with cloth. To most psychologists’ surprise, the monkeys bonded with the cloth mother that lacked a source of nutrition.[1] Since then numerous studies from baby rodents to neonates have shown the importance of tactile stimulation.[2] Yet, 50 years on, few architects have studied how a design’s tactile experience might affect its users. In all likelihood, the effects of a design’s tactile properties are probably minuscule when compared to the studies mentioned above; they are categorically different in terms of tactile engagement. Still, the effects could be meaningful and measurable when it comes to a person’s social behavior, self-perception, enjoyment of, and comfort in a building.

Courtesy of Society of Architectural Historians/Southern California Chapter

Stone on Stone: SAH/SCC Lecture and Book Signing

The Society of Architectural Historians/Southern California Chapter will be presenting architect Hicks Stone, son of Edward Durell Stone, and author of the new book Edward Durell Stone: A Son’s Untold Story of a Legendary Architect (Rizzoli, October 2011). The free…

Artificial Topography / Ryumei Fujiki

Masahiro Hoshida

Architects: Ryumei Fujiki
Location: ,
Client: Kobe Biennial Committee
Project Team: Fujiki Studio, KOU::ARC, Kensuke Kawamura, Yoshiki Tachi, Shun Simoya, Kohaku Furihata, Yuki Sakurada, Toshihiko Hatori, Yoshito Fukaya, Yuji Uemura, Yuki Ishigami
Colaboration: Yukiko Sato (F.A.D.S)
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Ryumei Fujiki, Masahiro Hoshida

Video: Niemeyer Center / Oscar Niemeyer

YouTube Preview Image

Duosegno Visual Design, a project of architecture photos and videos, shared with us one of their videos for the Niemeyer Center designed by . In collaboration with the cultural center, they are shooting the interiors for the second part of the project.


Marmelo Mill / Ricardo Bak Gordon

© FG + SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Architects: Ricardo Bak Gordon
Location: ,
Client: Elaia Lagar
Collaborators: Luís Pedro Pinto, Nuno Velhinho, Pedro Serrazina, Sónia Silva, Vera Higino, Walter Perdigão
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 47,723 sqm
Photographs: FG + SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Courtesy of Miguel Saraiva & Associados

CDB Tower & Minsheng Financial Tower Competition Proposal / Saraiva + Associados

For the International Conceptual Design Competition of The Two Towers – CDB Tower & Minsheng Financial Tower, Saraiva + Associados… focused on a unique and harmonious force, along with a modern and innovative approach to create a building of intense

Astral Media / Lemay Associés

© Claude-Simon Langlois

Architects: Lemay Associés
Location: ,
Client: Astral Media
General Contractor: Patella inc.
Engineers: Planifitech Inc. (electro-mechanical engineering) and Nicolet Chartrand Knoll limitée (structural/civil engineering)
Project Area: 6,000 sqm
Photographs: Claude-Simon Langlois

In the spring of 2010, Astral Media relocated approximately 350 employees to four floors in the heart of the action in downtown Montreal. The goals of this large-scale project included elaborating new furniture standards, fitting up flexible meeting spaces and optimizing employee interconnectivity in a contemporary, energetic and versatile working environment.

Video: Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream / WORKac

Sam Dufaux presents WORKac’s vision for the transformation of Salem-Keizer, Oregon. The project integrates elements of the city and nature across an existing 200 acre big box retail site. WORKac is one of five interdisciplinary teams participating in MoMA’s Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream.”  Each team is challenged to re-imagine struggling American cities and , seeing the current economic crisis as an opportunity to evolve.

The video is provided by The Museum of Modern Art and was filmed by J6 Media Works.

AD Round Up: Health Architecture Part VIII

© Doug. J Scott


Three projects from , one from Austria and one from Australia for our 8th selection of previously featured health architecture. Check them all after the break.

St. Anthony Hospital / ZGF Architects LLP
Prior to the completion of the new St. Anthony Hospital, the South Sound Region represented one of the largest population centers in the State of Washington without a central community hospital. As a result more than 3,500 emergencies and 4,000 patients requiring overnight care had to travel well outside of the area for treatment annually (read more…)

Les Terrasses Cap-á-l’aigle: Where Architecture and Nature Connect / MU Architecture

© Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard

Architects: MU Architecture
Location: Charlevoix Region, Quebec,
Client’s Name: Florent Moser
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard

The residential development project Les Terrasses Cap-à-l’Aigle was born from a passion for the great open spaces and natural beauty of the Charlevoix region in 2009. Florent Moser and Alain Rajotte, both entrepreneurs as well as ardent lovers of the region, have created a unique residential development project that unites nature and architecture to provide a haven of peace and rejuvenation for its future owners and tenants.

Bonaire House / Silberstein Architect

© Robin Hill

Architects: Silberstein Architect
Location: Bonaire,
Date completed: 3/2011
Photography: Robin Hill Photography

Tucson-based Architects Line and Space Wins 2011 AIA-Arizona Architectural Firm of the Year Award

San Diego National Wildlife Refuge – © Mike Torrey

Architecture firm Line and Space, has been selected as the 2011 Architectural Firm of the Year by the Arizona Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The award recognizes a firm that has produced distinguished architecture for over ten years, has made significant contributions to the profession and the community, and has transcended local boundaries in making these contributions. Awarded by an out of state jury comprised of architects, the honor was given to at the Institute’s Celebrate Architecture Awards Gala held in Phoenix on October 22.

Ropemaker / Clive Wilkinson Architects

Courtesy of

Architect: Clive Wilkinson Architects
Location: Ropemaker Place,
Client: Macquarie Group Ltd
Executive Architect: Pringle Brandon
Area: 217,500 SF (20,207 SM)
Inception: March 2010
Completion: March 2011
Photograph: Courtesy of Clive Wilkinson Architects

2012 P.S.1 Shortlist

Photo: Steve and Sara via Flickr
Photo: Steve and Sara via Flickr

The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 has announced the 2012 finalists competing in the 12th annual competition under the Young Architects Program. Each year a group of emerging architects compete for the opportunity to design and construct a summer installation within MoMA PS1’s courtyard.

The 2012 shortlist includes AEDS Ammar Eloueini Digit-all Studio (Paris and ), Hollwich Kushner (NY), IK Studio (Cambridge), UrbanLab (Chicago) and Cameron Wu of Harvard University (Cambridge). The winners will be announced in February. Previous winners included Interboro Partners (Holding Pattern), Work AC (Public Farm 1), MOS (Afterparty) and SO-IL (Pole Dance).

Reference: The Architects Newspaper, MoMA PS1