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'Alphabeta' Creative Workspace / Studio RHE

In an effort to transform the Finsbury Square landmark building, the 'Alphabeta' Creative Workspace by Studio RHE is set to become the new center for London’s most progressive and challenging companies.The development, set over nine storeys, will provide a dynamic shared atrium space, communal roof-terrace, ‘ride-in’ cycle ramp direct from Worship Street. The building’s original period features are to be restored and celebrated but the fabric and services are to be fully updated throughout with exposed wall finishes and ducting to ensure high ceiling levels. More images and architects' description after the break.

Escenario Santander / Capilla Vallejo Arquitectos

  • Architects: Capilla Vallejo Arquitectos
  • Location: Parque de las Llamas, santander
  • Architect in Charge: Jose V. Vallejo Lobete
  • Execution Direction: JDR CONSULTORES
  • Contractor: OHL
  • Construction Manager: Luis Velasco
  • Project Year: 2011
  • Photographs: Courtesy Capilla Vallejo Arquitectos

Courtesy of Capilla Vallejo Arquitectos Courtesy of Capilla Vallejo Arquitectos Courtesy of Capilla Vallejo Arquitectos Courtesy of Capilla Vallejo Arquitectos

'Water for Thought: Life-Changing Design' Exhibition

Focusing on water and sustainability, the Roca London Gallery will be hosting for the We Are Water Foundation. Their program, which going on now until March 23rd, includes the exhibition 'Water for Thought: Life-Changing Design' and exciting events during the month including Water as a Source of Inspiration, with Zaha Hadid Architects, on Thursday, March 14th and World Water Day, which will help Roca raise £2,500, on Friday, March 22nd. The exhibition aims to generate awareness of global water problems through a mixture of design, technology and video. Demonstrating how people can use their creativity to create awareness and provide solutions to water-related problems, some of the World’s most innovative product designs for accessing, transporting or purifying water in developing countries will be on show. For  more information, please visit here.

TreeHouse / FMD Architects

© Shannon MacGrath
© Shannon MacGrath
  • Architects: FMD Architects
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Project Year: 2009
  • Photographs: Shannon MacGrath

© Shannon MacGrath © Shannon MacGrath © Shannon MacGrath © Shannon MacGrath

Boseong House / UTAA

  • Architects: UTAA
  • Location: Boseong, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
  • Design Team: Kim Chang-gyun, Choi Byung-yong, Jang Geun-yong, Pyeon Hye-sook
  • Area: 160.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Hwang Hyo-chel

© Hwang Hyo-chel © Hwang Hyo-chel © Hwang Hyo-chel © Hwang Hyo-chel

AD Round Up: Women Architects Part I

© Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan

AD Round Up: Women Architects Part I AD Round Up: Women Architects Part I AD Round Up: Women Architects Part I AD Round Up: Women Architects Part I

IE Master in Architectural Design

This innovative post-graduate program is aimed at professionals who wish to play a leading role in cross functional teams engaged in architectural and urban design.

It covers five areas:
·Architectural Design
·Building and Energy Technologies
·Urban Studies
·Contemporary Culture
·Architectural Management

The program is designed to last one year, with rotations between Madrid and Barcelona and provide its students with exposure to the cultural and urbanistic design paradigms which characterize both cities. It is infused with the entrepreneurial and leadership spirit that defines the IE Business School programs. The curriculum integrates hands on design and theory in an environment that invites open experimentation and professional relationships.

In addition to the core curriculum, the IE Master in Architectural Design Academic Advisors offer an international network of professionals and contributors that ensures the program figures prominently within the context of current international architectural debates. More after the break.

Patterns and Layering: Japanese Spatial Culture, Nature and Architecture

According to renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, "this book aims to establish the interrelation between patterns and layering within architecture. These two previously detached notions can now be integrated into one methodology mediated by structural concepts. Patterns and Layering is the first book to introduce this new interrelationship, which has the potential to begin a new architectural and design revolution.” More information + full content after the break.

Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar / HASSELL

From the architect. Designed for the 2013 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, the Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar by HASSELL attempts to play on this element of intrigue and surprise, creating an unexpected landscape in a familiar urban setting. The architects’ design brings a jungle of coffee trees on the edge of a central business district which opened just last week and runs until March 17. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Women In Architecture: How Can We Close the Gap?

© Flickr User CC m'sieur rico
© Flickr User CC m'sieur rico

Today, in honor of International Women's Day, we want to take a look at one of the most pressing issues facing architecture today: the lack of women architects. Articles abound about the what of gender inequality in architecture - the facts and figures that reveal the extraordinary gender gap that exists in the profession (in the UK, for example, only 21% of architects are women, and they earn 25% less than their male counterparts)  - but strikingly few discuss the how of lessening that gender gap. 

Read the opinions of two prominent female architects, and provide your own, after the break...

BD Survey Reveals 22% of UK Architects Unemployed

A survey conducted by BD has revealed that 22% of qualified architects in the UK are currently unemployed. The survey included fully qualified architects as well as graduates who are still in training, and paints a bleak picture of the current state of the British architecture industry. Other trends which the survey highlights are a reduction in job security as many architects move to freelance work to stay active, and an average 30% wage reduction for those still in employment.

More results of the survey after the break

Kfar Shmaryahu House / Pitsou Kedem Architects

© Amit Geron
© Amit Geron
  • Architects: Pitsou Kedem Architects
  • Location: Kfar Shmaryahu, Israel
  • Design Team: pitsou kedem, Irene Goldberg, Raz Melamed
  • Area: 600.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Amit Geron

© Amit Geron © Amit Geron © Amit Geron © Amit Geron

Redevelopment Of The Rail Corridor In Sants / Sergi Godia, Ana Molino Architect

  • Architects: Sergi Godia, Ana Molino Architect
  • Location: Carrer d'Antoni de Capmany, 65, 08028 Barcelona, Spain
  • Architect in Charge: Sergi Godia, Ana Molino, JA Acebillo
  • Construction Management: Josep Carles Montoliu, Angel López, Paco Alcañiz
  • Sturctural Study: Julio Martínez Calzón
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Sergi Godia Moragues

© Sergi Godia Moragues © Sergi Godia Moragues © Sergi Godia Moragues © Sergi Godia Moragues

The 10 Most Overlooked Women in Architecture History

Looking back on architectural history, you could be forgiven for thinking that women were an invention of the 1950’s, alongside spandex and power steering - but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Big names like Le Corbusier, Mies, Wright and Kahn often had equally inspired female peers, but the rigid structure of society meant that their contributions tended to be overlooked.  In honor of International Woman’s Day 2013, we take a look at the 10 greatest overlooked women in architectural history. 

Read the full list after the break...

Waiatarua House / Hamish Monk Architecture

  • Architects: Hamish Monk Architecture
  • Location: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Contractor: McGillivray Builders
  • Sub-consultants: Assemble ltd
  • Structural Engineer: Blueprint Consulting Engineers
  • Geotechnical Engineer: Engineering Design Consultants
  • Area: 225.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Mark Smith

© Mark Smith © Mark Smith © Mark Smith © Mark Smith

2G #64 / Bak Gordon

For years Portugal has captured the attention of the international architecture scene, but has also proven to be a breeding ground for architects beyond the great masters such as Fernando Távora, Álvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura. The famous Porto School has given way to a new generation of talented architects from other parts of the country, including the Aires Mateus brothers from Lisbon (2G 28, 2003) or the architect Paulo David from Madeira (2G 47, 2008). And from an even more recent generation comes another Lisboan, Ricardo Bak Gordon, who combines the best architecture of his own country with an awareness of what is happening abroad.

Eva Jiřičná Awarded 2013 Jane Drew Prize

The Eva Jiřičná-designed Knightsbridge apartment in west London. © Flickr user mobilix
The Eva Jiřičná-designed Knightsbridge apartment in west London. © Flickr user mobilix

Czech-born architect Eva Jiřičná has been announced, by unanimous decision of the esteemed AJ Judging Panel, as the Winner of the 2013 Jane Drew Prize “for her outstanding contribution to the status of women in architecture.” Zaha Hadid, prize judge and winner of last year’s Jane Drew Prize, lauded Jiřičná’s for redefining the idea of retail space with her innovated use of industrial materials and famous steel and glass staircases.

Doctor's Office in The Suburb of El Gordillo / Paco García & Daniel Zapata

  • Architects: Paco García Romero, Daniel Zapata Pedreño
  • Location: Sevilla, Spain
  • Team: Eduardo Montes, Bárbara Sanz, Carlos Gómez, Manuel M. Sarabia
  • Client: Servicio Andaluz de Salud
  • Year: 2009
  • Photography: Antonio Arévalo

© Antonio Arévalo © Antonio Arévalo © Antonio Arévalo © Antonio Arévalo