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Workshop: The Latest Architecture and News

Studio Gang Transforms Old Chicago Post Office into Garment Manufacturing Studio and Community Hub

Studio Gang has revealed 63rd House, its design for Blue Tin Production's new manufacturing studio in the heart of Chicago’s southwest side. The new headquarters, which is an adaptive reuse project of Chicago's two-story brick post office that was built in 1920, will feature a mix of meeting and artist spaces around a central community room, "centralizing workers’ well-being, deepening connections with neighborhood residents and partners, and building long-term economic mobility and racial equity across the city".

Courtesy of Studio GangCourtesy of Studio GangCourtesy of Studio GangCourtesy of Studio Gang+ 6

"DESIGN H(ij)ACK" When Art/Design meet Public Space @TULUM

2020 Summer Program (6-weeks)
"DESIGN H(ij)ACK" When Art/Design meet Public Space
From June 29th till August 10th


“DESIGN H(ij)ACK”: while “HACK” has been widely used to describe the destructive behavior of anarchist activism, “HIJACK” is to interrupt the original continuity of an ongoing process and divert it towards its (hijacker’s) own desired course or purpose. This program proposes to merge these two phenomena.

The objective of the program is to generate tangible prototypes and solutions along the theme of "DESIGN H(ij)ACK - When Art & Design Meet Public Space". Cross-disciplinary collaboration is a necessity, combined with strong knowledge integration from

Marc Thorpe Proposes Houses for the Workers of Moroso on the Outskirts of Dakar Senegal

Marc Thorpe, New York-based architect and multidisciplinary studio, has designed the Dakar Houses for the workers of Moroso M’Afrique furniture collection. Located on the outskirts of the Senegalese capital in West Africa, the prototype houses are made from earth bricks.

Courtesy of Marc Thorpe DesignCourtesy of Marc Thorpe DesignCourtesy of Marc Thorpe DesignCourtesy of Marc Thorpe Design+ 8

Participants Call for MEDS Silesia 2020

The 11th edition of MEDS workshop, held in the industrial region of Poland - Silesia, is now open for entries! Apply as a participant up to the 21st of March.

MEDS Workshop
“Meetings of Design Students” is an international workshop organized each summer in a different country. Every year it gathers around 200 participants associated with various fields of art, design, and architecture. In a span of two weeks, guided by experienced tutors, the participants create and construct group projects, getting in touch with different approaches to design and mastering their skills in a wide range of building techniques. Each project combines

Call for Submitions: Participation in SESAM 2020 Poliklinika

250 young people from Europe and beyond will come to Slavutych, Northern Ukraine, for 11 days (27.05 - 07.06 ). During the event participants will inhabit an abandoned hospital in the city centre.

25 workshops, run by architectural students and young professionals, will tackle the theme Poliklinika (clinic), which is focusing on healthcare and its relation to architecture. Selected by an open call, workshops may vary from design and construction to theoretic research and conceptual art.

We welcome applications from anyone - student or professional in the field of architecture, design, art, or any other area of expertise closely

Berlin 2020 Filmmaking Workshop: Framing Urban Memory Via Short Films

A one-week workshop for individuals interested in filming architecture and the city. Between 16 and 20 March at ZK/U in Berlin, we will benefit from feature and short films to discuss urban architecture, and to re-produce Berlin through filming. The target of the workshop is to make a short film within the boundaries of the city. As a Berliner, or an outsider to the city, participants will be making a film in and about Berlin within the theme of “Urban Memory.” The workshop is open to all, and film experience is not required.

This is a full-time workshop. Please contact Gul

Open Call: Workshop for SESAM 2020 Poliklinika

Call for workshop tutors for SESAM 2020 Poliklinika is now officially open! The event will take place between 28th May and 7th June 2020 in Slavutych, Ukraine.

Anyone studying or working in the field of architecture, or any other area of expertise closely related to spatial practices, anywhere in the World, can apply by submitting a single pdf file in English to easaukraine@gmail.com by Feb 17, 23:59 Slavutych TIME (EET, GMT +2).

Meds Workshop Generates 14 Projects on the Island of Spetses in Greece

Meetings of Design Students or MEDS is an international workshop, taking place every summer in a different country and tackling every year a new thematic. In its 10th edition, MEDS Workshop was held in Greece, on the island of Spetses, bringing together traditional craftsmanship and contemporary approaches, resulting in 14 interdisciplinary projects.

© Vlad Georgiev, Jan von der Heyde, Dimitri Leimgrübler, Chara Kaika© Vlad Georgiev, Jan von der Heyde, Dimitri Leimgrübler, Chara Kaika© Vlad Georgiev, Jan von der Heyde, Dimitri Leimgrübler, Chara Kaika© Vlad Georgiev, Jan von der Heyde, Dimitri Leimgrübler, Chara Kaika+ 12

MIT India Initiative


The MIT India Initiative is a not-for-profit effort of students and alumni from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to delve into pressing problems in novel, challenging contexts, and tackle these with technology and design. This is a first of its kind workshop where mentors from multiple departments of MIT and Harvard will work with talented participants chosen from all across India to design solutions to some of today's most pressing challenges.

The workshop will be held in Mumbai, India facilitating participants to work on solutions that cut across boundaries of cultures, disciplines, and institutions.

Tutor Call for MEDS Silesia 2020

The 11th edition of MEDS Workshop will be held in the industrial region of Poland - Silesia. Based mainly in Tychy it will take the advantage of the Upper Silesian Urban Area’s diversity challenging the participants to face different projects in different cities such as Katowice and Dąbrowa Górnicza.

The theme of the edition “Revival” explores the urban and architectural context of Silesia as a space of mines, forges and factories that contributes to a specific regional identity. Both of those paradigms - industrial context and the identity - are an opportunity to reflect upon the issue of transformation. The

Open Call: ‘Creating Homes for Tomorrow’

CANactions School international educational program 'Creating Homes for Tomorrow'.

2 seasonal workshops of 8 days each:

Helsinki—March 21—28, 2020
Kyiv—May 9—16, 2020

Program duration: October 2019—May 2020

February 2, 2020 (23:59 CET)—for Helsinki + Kyiv.

Within the 2019/20 educational program, CANactions School travels to 3 metropoles in western, northern and eastern Europe and explores their innovative approaches for creating more livable neighborhoods. Based on the findings, we develop new strategies for locally specific and globally relevant questions, considering spatial, economic, social and political measures.

The program is exposed to the housing context of the three European cities that are widely

SESAM 2020 POLIKLINIKA in Slavutych, Ukraine

The Ukrainian team of European Architecture Students Assembly (EASA ) is holding an architecture event called SESAM POLIKLINIKA in Slavutych, Ukraine on 28.05 - 07.06.

SLAVUTYCH was built to rehouse workers from the contaminated zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

250 young architects from Europe and beyond will come in Slavutych, Northern Ukraine, for 10 days. During the event participants will inhabit an abandoned hospital in the city centre and will help to bring it back to life.

Around 30 workshops, run by architectural students and young professionals, will tackle the issue of this post-atomic city. Workshops will be selected

AA Visiting School Asinara - Casting Castaways

Every human intervention on an island – even those that interpret it as an ideal space for confinement - starts as an act of colonisation aimed at reducing the unescapable condition of insularity. Enacting the power of nomads as decolonising agents, Casting Castaways will migrate every two years from island to island across a former carceral archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. We will seek for a pedagogy that, while suggesting future scenarios vis a vis current trends in tourism, environmental preservation and heritage, interrogates those territories to understand how and whether architecture can challenge and escape from the very ideas

Fab Formations - Algorithms and parametric fabrication in design

Are you interested in gaining Parametric competency to push your design skills to the next level?

Are you ready to learn a very exciting and powerful tool that will take your ideas and concepts to a whole new realm?

The two-day introductory workshop to parametric design with digital fabrication in the field of Design integrated within the algorithmic modeling. It will allow you to investigate new formal solutions optimized for the architecture and design. It will also include a lecture and presentations on the subject of complexity in our design methodology and how to incorporate it as a design tool. The

Architecture For Workplaces: Lectures And Internships with UNStudio, Alfonso Femia, L22, Morphosis, 3XN, Amdl Michele De Lucchi

 | Sponsored Content

YACademy launches the first edition of Architecture for Workplaces, a high-level training course offering 8 scholarships and internships in internationally-renowned architectural firms.

102 hours of lessons, a 30-hour workshop, lectures and placement opportunities in internationally-renowned architectural firms like UNStudio, Alfonso Femia, L22, Morphosis, 3XN, and Amdl Michele De Lucchi.

RCR - XII International Workshop of Architecture and Landscape

The workshop focuses on the living of a direct experience of the participants, showing the territory where the work of RCR Arquitectes is rooted, with the aim of understanding their relationship with the site and the landscape, to share and pass on an attitude to life, architecture, and creativity, putting into practice their working methods.

RCR - VII International Workshop of Audiovisual and Photography

The workshop has the aim of broadening knowledge of audiovisual and photography, centered in Architecture and Space. The course develops from the approach to the territory and architecture of RCR and combines reflection on Visual Arts and its implementation in practice through creative work. The exercises are raised around the awakening of the senses, stimulating the creation of images that make us experience wanting to touch, listen and be in this specific place.