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Design Immersion Days: Introducing Architecture and Design to High School Students

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Introducing high school students to their potential future careers is key in helping them to envision how the next years of their lives may be. With an immersive four-week summer program, Design Immersion Days (DID) gives an insight into design and architecture experimentation to high school students. Aiming to inspire their curiosity about architecture, the program’s proposal integrates the introduction of basic design knowledge and critical thinking skills, as well as familiarizing them with the wider architecture and design culture of Los Angeles.

Known for their innovative approach, SCI-Arc is characterized for encouraging their students to take the lead in reimagining the limits of architecture. Through their Youth and Summer Programs, they start building connections –both locally and internationally– with those interested in a future inside the discipline and provide them with design tools and architectural thinking.

Call for Entries: Quarantine Facility Design for Temporary Healthcare Facility

We are living in uncertain times and as citizens of a developing economy, we are posed with an additional challenge of using our resources sparingly so as to ensure minimum impact on our economy.

A vaccine or a permanent solution to the situation may take years to develop. To aid government’s effort, the Architecture fraternity must come up with cost-effective solutions for quarantine facilities that are in compliance with social distancing norms.

In this competition, we ask you to come up with visionary concepts for an isolation ward in a quarantine facility, to help subdue the effects of the outbreak on existing

Open Call to 24h Competition 34th Edition - Hope

IF it is an international platform for competitions that aims to connect ideas from different areas of society in order to help transform cities and make them increasingly self-sustaining, efficient and green.
We are looking for innovative ideas and new ways of thinking.
In a global emergency period, it is increasingly important that we think globally.
IF is the space
Here, you can try and experiment, everything is possible!

A place where the time limit is used to stimulate your creativity.
This contest aims to present 24-hour architectural responses to the problems affecting cities and society today and consecutively the

Participants Call for MEDS Silesia 2020

The 11th edition of MEDS workshop, held in the industrial region of Poland - Silesia, is now open for entries! Apply as a participant up to the 21st of March.

MEDS Workshop
“Meetings of Design Students” is an international workshop organized each summer in a different country. Every year it gathers around 200 participants associated with various fields of art, design, and architecture. In a span of two weeks, guided by experienced tutors, the participants create and construct group projects, getting in touch with different approaches to design and mastering their skills in a wide range of building techniques. Each project combines

Open Call for Visioning: On Housing

Between the Leaves is seeking submissions for visioning on the future of housing in a more equitable world.

Between the Leaves is a yearly publication created by Canopy / architecture + design that focuses on socio-environmental issues impacting the built environment. Each edition explores perspectives on a chosen topic from a variety of contributors, with the goal to promote empathetic dialogue and strengthen our communities, in a world where equity and mutual understanding are more crucial than ever before.

The inaugural issue, On Housing, seeks to uncover what affordable housing means in Chicago, who it disproportionally affects, why the concentration of

Site Mirador

ARKxSITE is pleased to announce the ‘SITE MIRADOR’ international architecture ideas competition for architecture and landscape architecture students and young professionals (≤ 40 years old).

This international one-stage architecture ideas competition invites all architecture and landscape architecture students, young architects and landscape architects, young professionals with a degree in architecture studies or landscape architecture studies (≤ 40 years old) to develop and submit compelling ideas for the design of a Site Mirador located at the Zavial Battery, Algarve, Portugal.

The Site Mirador offers a unique experience through time and memory. It is a powerful moment to increase and stimulate the

2020 Sherwin-Williams Student Design Challenge

The 2020 Sherwin-Williams Student Design Challenge is now open and accepting residential and commercial project submissions through March 15. This year’s annual competition marks a decade of Sherwin-Williams inviting students to create award-winning interior renderings for a chance to win cash prizes, receive national recognition and celebrate their excellence in design.

“Over the past 10 years, Sherwin-Williams has had the pleasure of supporting the next generation of interior designers and architects through the Student Design Challenge, and we continue to be blown away by their talent,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “The upcoming decade brings

Meds Workshop Generates 14 Projects on the Island of Spetses in Greece

Meetings of Design Students or MEDS is an international workshop, taking place every summer in a different country and tackling every year a new thematic. In its 10th edition, MEDS Workshop was held in Greece, on the island of Spetses, bringing together traditional craftsmanship and contemporary approaches, resulting in 14 interdisciplinary projects.

Meds Workshop Generates 14 Projects on the Island of Spetses in Greece - Image 1 of 4Meds Workshop Generates 14 Projects on the Island of Spetses in Greece - Image 2 of 4Meds Workshop Generates 14 Projects on the Island of Spetses in Greece - Image 3 of 4Meds Workshop Generates 14 Projects on the Island of Spetses in Greece - Image 4 of 4Meds Workshop Generates 14 Projects on the Island of Spetses in Greece - More Images+ 7

SESAM 2020 POLIKLINIKA in Slavutych, Ukraine

The Ukrainian team of European Architecture Students Assembly (EASA ) is holding an architecture event called SESAM POLIKLINIKA in Slavutych, Ukraine on 28.05 - 07.06.

SLAVUTYCH was built to rehouse workers from the contaminated zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

250 young architects from Europe and beyond will come in Slavutych, Northern Ukraine, for 10 days. During the event participants will inhabit an abandoned hospital in the city centre and will help to bring it back to life.

Around 30 workshops, run by architectural students and young professionals, will tackle the issue of this post-atomic city. Workshops will be selected

24h competition 31st edition - babel

Ideasforward wants to give young creative people from around the world the opportunity to express new ideas of future societies through theirinnovative and visionary proposals.
We are an experimental platform seeking progressive ideas that reflect on emerging themes.
We want to break mental borders and put all the visions on the table.
Here, you can try an experiment, everything is possible!

A place where the time limit is used to stimulate your creativity.
This competition aims to present architectural answers in 24h to, social problems, humanitarian causes, or utopian themes of contemporary societies. It wants to put the creative minds

Find the Architecture Program that Suits You Best

Find the Architecture Program that Suits You Best - Image 1 of 4
Courtesy of The Midnight Charette

The Midnight Charette is an explicit podcast about design, architecture, and the everyday. Hosted by architectural designers David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet, it features a variety of creative professionals in unscripted and long-format conversations that allow for thoughtful takes and more personal discussions. Honesty and humor are used to cover a wide array of subjects: some episodes provide useful tips for designers, while others are project reviews, interviews, or simply explorations of everyday life and design. The Midnight Charette is available for free on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, and all other podcast directories.

On this episode of The Midnight Charette podcast, hosts David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet discuss the factors to consider when choosing an undergraduate architecture school. The two cover everything from program curricula to group dynamics, accreditation, faculty leadership, school reputation, student work and portfolios, course diversity, 5th year, job opportunities after graduating and more. The Midnight Charette also recently interviewed several educators and academic leaders on architecture education and their own work. If you have any questions or advice about portfolios or any other design-related topics, leave a voicemail at The Midnight Charette hotline: 213-222-6950.

Rethinking the Future of Air Travel: Students and Fentress Architects Collaborate in Venice Biennale Exhibition

Deemed to be the homogenized "spaces of circulation, consumption, and communication", airports around the world appear to be almost indistinguishable in their dissolution of identity. Despite technological changes in air travel, the typology of the airport has remained consistently ordinary.

In the European Cultural Center’s biennial exhibition, students from North Carolina State University’s College of Design worked alongside Curtis Fentress, Ana-Maria Drughi, and Joshua Stephens of Fentress Architects to propose innovative concepts for reshaping air travel. PLANE—SITE’s latest film from their series of short videos of the Time-Space-Existence exhibition showcases this design collaboration.

Call for Submissions: "Vernacular" — Paprika! Volume 4, Issue 6

In the spirit of Virgil Abloh we put quotation marks around the word "vernacular." Then we replace the word with a blank and ask you to fill it in. What do they build with where you're from? What do indigenous houses look like? What methods do they prefer and who actually uses them? This issue of Paprika!, a weekly journal at the Yale School of Architecture, will probe the architectural vernacular, a concept increasingly in vogue but equally undefined.

We invite all essays and comments that reevaluate the “vernacular" in contemporary design, encouraging specific examples where possible. We also invite

50 Instagram Feeds for Architecture Students (And Everybody Else)

Instagram has made a sizable impact on architecture, from allowing designers to showcase their work, to influencing the very design of buildings themselves. As we have shown in the past, there are hundreds of architecture feeds worth a follow for designers at any stage of their career. However, for fresh students of architecture, the vast labyrinth of suggestions, stories, and tags can be overwhelming, distracting, and almost irrelevant.

To address this, we have compiled a list of 50 Instagram feeds that, although applicable for all designers, are particularly aimed at offering inspiration, support, and references for students finding their feet in the architecture world. Give them a follow to stay up-to-date with the latest creations from fellow students, young architects, university studios, and more.

Students Construct 7 Innovative Tiny Cabins at Hello Wood's 2018 Cabin Fever Retreat

The ninth Hello Wood International Summer University and Festival has taken place at Hello Wood’s campus in the Hungarian countryside. As part of the week-long Cabin Fever program, students from 65 universities around the world were given the opportunity to build seven contemporary timber cabins in a nomadic, lush countryside, mentored by international architects.

As a result of the week-long effort, the rural area was transformed into a cutting-edge working village featuring cabins on wheels, cabins on stilts, and multi-story homes. The festival is dedicated to the Tiny House Movement, which “makes cabins which give urban dwellers the chance to get away from it all for a while.”

APSS Crossing Temporary 2018 | Call for Participants

APSS is a summer school of architecture located in Boka Bay, Montenegro, For six years now it has been acting as a platform for architecture, urbanism, informal education with studies and research that has lead to more projects such as Montenegro Pavilion at Venice Biennale in 2104 and 2016 that has originated from APSS work. After our Re-Use series in APSS, we have continued our journey with the topic of TEMPORARY in architecture, this year extended to CROSSING TEMPORARY.

Dancing - Alternative Designs for Clubs

The aim of the “dancing” competition is to develop design proposals for the nightclub typology, intended as a place to experience entertainment in relation to music: listen, perform, dance.

The participants are asked to create innovative and unconventional projects on this theme, questioning the very basis of the notion of a club.

New York Vertical City

New York is the emblematic city of professional progress, great ambitions and large corporations. A place where the idea of success in society is pursued although in many cases it is accompanied by long working hours. People spend a third of the day or more in workspaces and most offices were designed to increase productivity regardless of the spatial quality or well-being of employees.