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60 Years of Barbie Architecture: When Popular Culture Meets Design

In her 1959 debut by Mattel, Barbie became a doll that transformed the toy industry and has been a popular culture icon ever since. 3 years later, the first accompanying Barbie Dollhouse was created, a home for Barbie representing her domestic, habitual, and day-to-day life. Over the past 60 years, Barbie Dreamhouses have changed and evolved, each iteration adopting the architectural and design fads of the eras in which they were produced. In fact, each dollhouse is an artifact of the unique blend of history, politics, popular culture, trends, and design styles that define architecture as we know it.

60 Years of Barbie Architecture: When Popular Culture Meets Design - Image 1 of 460 Years of Barbie Architecture: When Popular Culture Meets Design - Image 2 of 460 Years of Barbie Architecture: When Popular Culture Meets Design - Image 3 of 460 Years of Barbie Architecture: When Popular Culture Meets Design - Image 4 of 460 Years of Barbie Architecture: When Popular Culture Meets Design - More Images+ 6

Aesthetic Trends and Accessibility: Interior Design in the Age of Social Media

How to give your home: Dark Academia vibes” reads the title of a popular YouTube video targeted at homeowners fascinated by the aesthetics relating to liberal education and the arts. A subculture born in the age of social media, Dark Academia is one of many internet aesthetics that have gained prevalence in the last decade. Image-based platforms like Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok have amplified internet aesthetics, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social media allows users to support and create their own trends that rapidly amass a following. Today, the creation of aesthetic trends lies in the hands of the general public and will dictate the way interior design trends develop.

Architecture, Memes, and Social Media Influencers

According to a Harris Poll/Lego survey that questioned children across the United States, UK, and China, nearly one-third of children aged eight to 12 want to be a “YouTuber” when they grow up. That’s three times as many children who said that they wanted to be astronauts just a decade ago. The implications of how this generation of future influencers and content creators has a significant impact on the architecture and design profession begs the question- are we on the cusp of experiencing the rise of architecture influencers?


Ten Times Hotel / MONOLITH ARCHITECTS - Exterior Photography, Hotels, Garden, Facade, ForestTen Times Hotel / MONOLITH ARCHITECTS - Exterior Photography, Hotels, Garden, Door, Facade, ForestTen Times Hotel / MONOLITH ARCHITECTS - Exterior Photography, Hotels, Garden, Facade, ForestTen Times Hotel / MONOLITH ARCHITECTS - Interior Photography, Hotels, FacadeTen Times Hotel / MONOLITH ARCHITECTS - More Images+ 35

Shangyou, China
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  1055
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2020

The 10 Most Liked Photos in @archdaily Instagram in 2020

In a year marked by physical distance, social networks have gained an even greater dimension in the ways of relating to people and getting informed. Our channel on Instagram has surpassed its number of reach and brought to the public the best of what we publish on our page: projects, articles, interviews, and news from the world of architecture, inspiring new ideas and tools for a better future to our cities.

HomeTown by Archisource - Stay-Home International Drawing Challenge!

‘Only a room away’

HomeTown is a new stay-home international drawing challenge!

A free, open-to-all, collective drawing challenge that aims to create a giant tessellated isometric drawing from creatives around the world!

Draw your insight into staying at home during lockdown and join this international collaboration!

The challenge aims to show how we can remain connected in these unprecedented times and that whilst we’re all ‘only a room away’, regardless of the country or distance apart, we are united by creativity.

Inspired by MC Escher’s incredible isometric drawings we want to collectively build HomeTown, a new virtual city. Using the template provided, we want

Archisource - Drawing of the Year Competition

Archisource presents ‘Drawing of the Year 2019’. Our first competition celebrating the talent of architecture and design students and young professionals through a single drawing. With four categories to win from, we are celebrating the extensive variety of drawings that are created around the world each year.

This competition is in no way limited to architecture and we very much welcome those from other arts and design industries.

We are collaborating with a number of exciting partners to provide a collection of prizes worth a total of £1,500 including; a limited edition physical award designed by Mamou-Mani Architects, an Artist 15.6

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Building Materials to Architects

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with more than 1 billion users searching and discovering new images, videos, brands, businesses, and content every day. According to Instagram’s User Survey, 60% of people stated they discover new products on Instagram, and more than 200 million Instagrammers stated that they visit at least one Business Profile daily.

A Selection of the Best Instagram Photos from Arata Isozaki's Work

2019 Pritzker Laureate Arata Isozaki has been designing for more than half a century; several of his works are considered architectural classics due to their influence and impact on international design.

His work combines a number of styles, from vernacular to high tech  and organic to brutalist, giving his projects a sculptural and undeniably photogenic appearance. With such richness in design, it is perhaps no wonder that people around the world are excited to photograph his work.

We've selected 23 of the most beautiful photos of Isozaki's work posted to Instagram by users across the globe. Our selection, after the break:

Architecture and Embroidery: Discover the Art of Elin Petronella and Charles Henry

Elin Petronella and Charles Henry record the architecture and urban landscapes of European cities on vibrant, colorful, and even monochromatic embroideries. Classical Danish buildings, the bohemian streets of Paris, Lisbon's cable cars, and even the iconic Casa Batlló de Gaudí in Barcelona are some of the locations illustrated in the duo's work. See more of the textile artists/couple's work on Instagram: @petronella.art and @_charleshenry_.

Patio House / OOAK Architects

Patio House / OOAK Architects - Houses, Kitchen, Door, Facade, Table, Countertop, ChairPatio House / OOAK Architects - Houses, FacadePatio House / OOAK Architects - Houses, Deck, Door, Facade, Balcony, Fence, Handrail, Lighting, Table, Chair, CoastPatio House / OOAK Architects - Houses, Facade, Handrail, CoastPatio House / OOAK Architects - More Images+ 29

Karpathos, Greece

17 Bauhaus Instagram Feeds to Follow

Celebrate Bauhaus 100 through the world's number one visual storytelling platform, Instagram. An essential tool for designers, Instagram is a constantly growing digital database of market sharing and stimulation. Social media has changed not only how we gather precedents and market our designs, but also our designs themselves. "Instagram Culture" drives designers to create more shareable moments. As we continue to seek these dynamic encounters, let us not forget our forefathers of user experience design and the Bauhaus school.

Maison Kochi / Meister Varma Architects

Maison Kochi / Meister Varma Architects - Houses, Kitchen, Door, Facade, Table, Chair, BenchMaison Kochi / Meister Varma Architects - Houses, Bedroom, Chair, TableMaison Kochi / Meister Varma Architects - HousesMaison Kochi / Meister Varma Architects - Houses, Facade, Beam, Table, ChairMaison Kochi / Meister Varma Architects - More Images+ 20

Cochín, India