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The Second Studio Podcast: Should Architects Sell Floor Plans Online?

The Second Studio (formerly The Midnight Charette) is an explicit podcast about design, architecture, and the everyday. Hosted by Architects David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet, it features different creative professionals in unscripted conversations that allow for thoughtful takes and personal discussions.

A variety of subjects are covered with honesty and humor: some episodes are interviews, while others are tips for fellow designers, reviews of buildings and other projects, or casual explorations of everyday life and design. The Second Studio is also available on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

This week David and Marina of FAME Architecture & Design discuss whether or not architects should sell their floor plans online. The two cover the financial benefits of selling plans, making good floor plans accessible to more people, the downsides of selling partial services, quality concerns, the future of the profession, prioritizing speed and efficiency in design, why architects are often not used on projects, and more.

How to innovate in lead management and analysis

The sales cycle in the construction materials industry has remained static for the past 25 years, with each company evaluating its performance according to the number of leads they generate and how many are converted into sales.

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Building Materials to Architects

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with more than 1 billion users searching and discovering new images, videos, brands, businesses, and content every day. According to Instagram’s User Survey, 60% of people stated they discover new products on Instagram, and more than 200 million Instagrammers stated that they visit at least one Business Profile daily.

How to Generate Content That’s Interesting for Architects (Part 3: The title is Key)

In our last two articles we’ve given you a set of tips for presenting your products and materials to architects through content that they value so that you can develop interest in your brand. This strategy is called Content Marketing and its purpose is to give such useful information that potential clients become loyal to your products. Content Marketing can take the form of online articles, videos and tutorials that target a specific audience.

In this edition, we’ll be focusing on important tips for generating engaging titles and attractive images that help to successfully deliver your message.

How to Generate Content That’s Interesting for Architects (Part 2: Include Technical Material)

In our previous article we wrote about the importance of standing out from the competition by generating content that readers find valuable; this will ensure that they associate your brand with engaging instruction--and hopefully turn them into a loyal client!

Architecture Marketing 101: How Basic Concepts Can Help Your Practice

This article was originally published by Archipreneur as "How to Grow Your Architecture Firm Through Marketing."

Marketing is not simply an expense reserved for already established architecture firms. Small businesses in particular can benefit from a smart marketing strategy by aligning their operations with some of marketing’s most basic premises and concepts.

Architects in general have a tendency to underestimate the importance of marketing in creating and running a successful business. Even those who claim to understand the role of marketing in acquiring clients and building relationships often fail to fully utilize its potential. Principals of small architecture firms often get caught up in trying to keep their practices afloat and end up treating marketing as a luxury that they will be able to afford once they achieve stability--thus missing the true role of marketing as being a catalyst for growth. Architects need to apply marketing to their practices from the onset and treat it with the same amount of dedication as they do with their floor plans, sections and 3D models of their building designs.

Architecture Marketing: At What Cost?

Architecture Marketing: At What Cost? - Featured Image
Gabor Gallov drawing of a party. Architects should win people over by making their world as appealing as that of performers, artists or even fashion designers. Image © Gabor Gallov

In an era of heavily marketed brands, relentless advertising and all pervasive social media, just how far should architects market themselves to stand out from the crowd? Laura Iloniemi, expert in architecture media, explores the tricky issue of how practices can use marketing without losing integrity.

Marketing companies and publicists working for architects have certainly adapted to increasingly hard-nosed commercial trends. They have embraced, for example, the latest trade shows, no matter how brash, along with high-profile international property conferences and moneymaking awards events (with apparent relish), hoping to place their clients in front of new, and ever more commercial, audiences.

But marketing folk sell only what they know from their own experience - experience that may or may not be relevant to architectural practice. If they do not have an intuitive or trained eye for architecture itself, or a feel for its rightful place in our culture, they can never produce a worthwhile strategy for ensuring its true relevance in society.

Why Architecture's Marketers Fail (And How to Fix It)

This article, by Principal of Breuer Consulting Group, Mary Breuer, originally appeared in Dogpatch Dispatch as "Why Marketing People Fail."

In many firms, the marketing function is like a revolving door: a new director comes in; the coordinator resigns; the director stays for six months only to leave the AE industry. Two coordinators later, a new director is hired, doesn’t work well with the market sector leaders, and is asked to leave the firm. Pick up any “People on the Move” section in your local Business Times and there will inevitably be the smiling face of a new Marketing Manager or Director for some design firm in your town.

6 Tips to Build Business in the Digital Age

This article, which originally appeared as "Clients for Life: 6 Tips to Generate Leads and Build New Business" on Autodesk’s Line//Shape//Space publication, is by Ken Micallef; it features the advise of John Beveridge, a 30-year veteran in the management-consulting industry.

“Like most small businessmen,” Beveridge says, “I too am a small-business guy trying to compete with bigger companies, trying to generate leads.”

To that end, Beveridge stresses the importance of Internet marketing. But creating a business website is only the first step.

See Beveridge's 6 tips to building business, after the break...