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Oda New York: The Latest Architecture and News

Construction Begins on ODA's ZETA Residential Building in Buenos Aires

ODA, the New York-based architecture office, has recently unveiled its design for Paseo Gigena, a former parking lot that will be transformed into a mixed-use project and a public park in Buenos Aires. Around the same time, ODA has also announced the beginning of the construction phase of its first residential venture in the same city: The ZETA building.

Located in the Belgrano neighborhood, next to the modern structure of the University of Belgrano and facing the historic mansion that houses the Australian Embassy, the 126-unit project seeks to "reimagine the language of residential buildings in Buenos Aires", according to the architects.

Edificio ZETA en Buenos Aires, diseñado por ODA. Image Cortesía de ODAEdificio ZETA en Buenos Aires, diseñado por ODA. Image Cortesía de ODAEdificio ZETA en Buenos Aires, diseñado por ODA. Image Cortesía de ODAEdificio ZETA en Buenos Aires, diseñado por ODA. Image Cortesía de ODA+ 14

ODA Transforms Old Parking Lot into Mixed-Use Project and Public Park in Buenos Aires

The old structure called Playa Gigena, in honor of the equestrian of the same name, located between the hippodrome and the Rosedal de Palermo in Buenos Aires, will now be converted by ODA into a Class A office building and a public park including cafes, restaurants, shops, and a covered parking lot. The partial demolition of the old parking lot has begun on June 28th.

Designed by the American architecture office ODA, the next Paseo Gigena will be the firm's first mixed-use project in the city of Buenos Aires city. The team involved in the process also includes the participation of Aisenson studio, Inscape Landscape, Coinsa, and the developer BSD Investments, to which the government has granted the concession of the property known as Ámbito Gigena, for a period of 15 years.

Paseo Gigena, diseñado por ODA. Image Cortesía de ODAPaseo Gigena, diseñado por ODA. Image Cortesía de ODAPaseo Gigena, diseñado por ODA. Image Cortesía de ODAPaseo Gigena, diseñado por ODA. Image Cortesía de ODA+ 6

ODA Designs New York's Largest Residential Cantilever in Manhattan

ODA New York have released images of their newest project "Era", Manhattan's largest residential cantilever building. Located in the Upper West Side, the 20-storey condo features a striking 50-foot cantilever structure and the neighborhood's only rooftop pool. The project’s unique cantilever design allows for more expansive views as it ascends, wide common spaces, grand residences, and a rooftop recreational space.

© ODA© ODA© ODA© ODA+ 16

ODA Designs Largest Affordable Housing Project in NYC

ODA-Designed Hunter’s Point South, the newest development by TF Cornerstone, and the largest affordable housing project in NYC has launched its housing lottery. The master-planned, mixed-use and mixed-income community, park, school, and playground, situated along the East River in Long Island City, Queens, the first of its kind to hit the market since COVID-19, brings 1,194 rental units and a new park to Long Island City waterfront.

ODA Designs Mixed-Use District to Revitalize the Astoria Neighborhood, in New York City

Designed by ODA, Innovation QNS is a neighborhood-focused initiative, in Western Queens, that generates two acres of open space, community health & wellness facilities, hundreds of affordable apartments, and thousands of jobs. Located on a site currently occupied by large surface parking lots, underutilized buildings, and vacant spaces, the imagined master plan will help jumpstart Astoria’s economy and revitalize Steinway Street in New York.

© VERO Digital, courtesy of ODA© VERO Digital, courtesy of ODA© VERO Digital, courtesy of ODA© VERO Digital, courtesy of ODA+ 8

ODA Introduces New Approach to Tower Building in Seattle

ODA released images of its 1,185’ mixed-use tower in downtown Seattle. Showcasing a novelty in high-rise design, the project underlines the value and importance of outdoor space. Carving out a void in the middle of the tower, the design creates a shared outdoor amenity space with impressive views to Mt. Rainier.

ArchDaily X LifeCycles: The Future of Architecture

This talk is about our future architecture, and the crossover with construction. The future is changing faster than ever before. Building concepts designed today, to be built in 3 to 5 or more years, require extensive research to guarantee their future relevance. Let’s address the past, the present and the future of architecture.

From the design process to carbon footprint, clean energy and wood constructions. About futureproof engineering, meeting global challenges, sustainable construction materials, modular systems and more. The way we design and fabricate the built environment is more exciting and challenging than ever.

ODA Designs Tiered Garden Complex as its First Project in China

Architecture firm ODA has designed a 700,000 square foot, tiered development as a gathering spot for Chengdu. The team was invited to participate in a new master plan for the city in China, and their design includes a diverse program, from four residential towers to a commercial park of retail and green spaces. As ODA states, the plan is an urban experiment in rearranging priorities for the public realm.

Courtesy of Filippo Bolognese ImagesCourtesy of Filippo Bolognese ImagesCourtesy of Filippo Bolognese ImagesCourtesy of ODA+ 9

ODA Imagine a Stacked Program for Beth Rivka School

In Brooklynn New York, ODA created new stacked functions for a school for girls in Crown Heights, in a highly dense urban fabric. Starting with a compact shaped cube, the design of the Beth Rivka School merges the benefits and the creative constraints of a vertical building.

ODA Designs New Detroit Book Tower Rehabilitation Project

ODA New York has been selected as the Design Architect for the rehabilitation of Detroit's iconic Book Tower. Working with real estate company Bedrock, the team will create a mix of residential, hospitality, retail and office space in the tower. ODA plans to update and expand on Book Tower’s programming and existing structures with nearly 500,000 square feet of downtown programming. The restoration of the 38-story landmark aims to create a cohesive civic vision for Washington Boulevard.

ODA Designs New Detroit Book Tower Rehabilitation ProjectODA Designs New Detroit Book Tower Rehabilitation ProjectCourtesy of bloomimagesODA Designs New Detroit Book Tower Rehabilitation Project+ 7

"We Can Find Ways for Buildings to Talk to Each Other": In Conversation with Eran Chen

By Pavel Bendov. Image Courtesy of ODA ArchitectureBy Forbes Massie. Image Courtesy of ODA ArchitectureBy Pavel Bendov. Image Courtesy of ODA ArchitectureBy Imagen Subliminal. Image Courtesy of ODA Architecture+ 39

New York-based architect Eran Chen (b. 1970) was born and grew up in Be'er Sheva, Israel where his Polish-born grandparents, Holocaust survivors, settled right after World War Two. Early on the original long Polish surname was abbreviated to short Chen, which is pronounced “Khen.” In Hebrew, it stands for charm. After four years in the army, following high school, Chen studied architecture at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, the top architecture school in the country. Upon graduation in 1999, he ventured to New York to gain professional experience. He was hired by Perkins Eastman, a global New York-based giant of over 1,000 architects. In just a few years Chen was made the youngest principal in the company to oversee the design of his own diverse projects, including several competition-winning entries. By then he got married, became a father, a licensed architect, and settled in the city that he now calls home. In 2007, Chen decided to strike on his own. He focused on working with developers on residential projects, mainly in New York, as well as other major cities in the US and around the world. Many of Chen’s projects are situated in dense urban places. They are about reinventing the familiar living typology of buildings as extruded boxes. We met at the architect’s busy Manhattan office of over 100 young, ambitious architects helping Chen to make our cities more livable. We discussed his concept of vertical urban village and the truly democratic idea that every apartment, no matter where it is positioned in the building, can be turned into a penthouse.  

ODA Tapped to Expand Rotterdam's Historic Post Office

ODA New York has been selected to redesign the historic post office of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The iconic Postkantoor has sat vacant for more than a decade, and now the adaptive reuse project aims to bring new life to the city center. Built in 1916, the post office was one of the only original structures still standing after the Rotterdam Blitz aerial bombardment in 1940. The city of Rotterdam hopes to re-energize the neighborhood by activating the site with residential, retail, and hospitality.

The POST. Image Courtesy of Forbes MassieThe POST. Image Courtesy of Forbes MassieThe POST. Image Courtesy of Forbes MassieThe POST. Image Courtesy of Forbes Massie+ 18

ODA Unveils Images of Bamboo-Inspired "Dragon Gate" for New York's Chinatown

ODA New York has released images of its proposed “Dragon Gate” pavilion for New York’s Chinatown, seeking to act as a symbolic gateway to the famous Manhattan neighborhood. Using modern materials and forms to invoke symbols of traditional Chinese culture, the scheme seeks to capture Chinatown’s remarkable duality: a community of tradition resistant to change, yet one regarded as a uniquely contemporary phenomenon showcasing New York’s inclusive diversity.

Situated on a triangular traffic island at the intersection of Canal, Baxter, and Walker Streets, ODA’s scheme seeks to activate a currently-underused pedestrian space. The Dragon Gate consists of a triangular form adhering to a three-dimensional, gridded structure formed from interwoven, tubular, bronze steel inspired by bamboo scaffolding. As the structure densifies, selected pieces will be painted red to create the illusion of a dragon in mid-flight.

Courtesy of ODA New YorkCourtesy of ODA New YorkCourtesy of ODA New YorkCourtesy of ODA New York+ 5

New Drone Footage Shows Construction of the Largest Residential Development in Bushwick, New York

ODA New York’s design for Bushwick II, a high-end residential complex on the former site of Brooklyn’s Rheingold Brewery, is coming to life in the fast-growing neighborhood of Bushwick, New York. Developed by All Year Management, 123 Melrose is already being clad. Meanwhile, Rabksy Group’s development, 10 Montieth, recently topped out.

Together, the projects will cover three full city blocks, totaling 1.35 million gross square feet. Bushwick II will be the largest housing increase this neighborhood of Brooklyn has ever seen.

New Drone Footage Shows Construction of the Largest Residential Development in Bushwick, New YorkCourtesy of ODA New YorkCourtesy of ODA New YorkCourtesy of ODA New York+ 24

Eleven Practices to Complete $2 Billion Waterfront Development in Washington D.C.

Eleven of the United States’ most prestigious architects have been selected by developers Hoffman-Madison Waterfront (HMW), to commence Phase 2 of The Wharf, a $2 billion neighborhood situated on the southwest waterfront of Washington D.C. The development is adjacent to the National Mall, spanning 24 acres of land and 50 acres of water.

“We have selected a diverse group of locally, nationally, and internationally renowned designers, knowing they will bring their talent and expertise to The Wharf, building a waterfront neighborhood that is an integral part of the city,” said Shawn Seaman, principal and Senior VP of Development at PN Hoffman.

ODA Designs D.C. Development With Views into Nationals Park

ODA New York has released plans for “West Half,” a mixed-use development for the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood of Washington, D.C., that will offer residents views into baseball games at the adjacent Nationals Park. The 11-story building will also feature two floors of retail space and community amenities as it becomes a new visual complement to the neighboring cultural landmark.

© Luxigon© Luxigon© Luxigon© Luxigon+ 16

ODA Unveils Plans for "A City Within a City" in Brooklyn, New York

ODA New York has unveiled the plans for Bushwick II, a 1,000,000 square feet apartment development that will occupy two city blocks in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood in New York.

Located on the former site of the Rheingold Brewery, the project will act as a “city within the city,” and is modeled after “the quintessential European village,” featuring a meandering system of interconnected courtyards.