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Digital Platform: The Latest Architecture and News

Sasaki Launches New Urban Planning Online Tool

Global design firm Sasaki has announced the launch of Density Atlas, a new online platform for planners, urban designers, developers, and students immersed in the public realm, to have a better understanding about density. The platform explores the limitations of density and defines a more standardized set of metrics for understanding and comparing density across different global contexts, such as in urban centers, college campuses, or community under development.

Courtesy of SasakiSyracuse University Campus Framework. Image Courtesy of SasakiCourtesy of SasakiCourtesy of Sasaki+ 5

UNStudio and BIG Invest in Virtual Design Platform SpaceForm

UNStudio and Bjarke Ingels Group have partnered up with Squint/Opera to develop SpaceForm, a virtual, cloud-based platform that facilitates design, review and collaboration processes for architects and developers. The new virtual workspace explicitly developed for the architecture and construction industry aims to fill a gap by creating a viable and sustainable way of collaborating and designing remotely across global teams, thus reducing the need for travel.

Courtesy of UN StudioCourtesy of UN StudioCourtesy of UN StudioCourtesy of UN Studio+ 7

Austria's Contribution to the 2021 Venice Biennale Highlights Digital Platforms and the Built Environment

For the 17th international architecture exhibition – la biennale di Venezia 2021, Austria is creating a platform of debate around how we envision the architecture of the future. In fact, the Austrian contribution, entitled “Platform Austria”, curated by Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer, seeks to articulate the profound changes established by the development of digital platforms in our built environment.

Courtesy of Centre for Global ArchitectureCourtesy of Centre for Global ArchitectureCourtesy of Centre for Global ArchitectureCourtesy of Centre for Global Architecture+ 8

8 Initiatives that Empower Women in the Architectural and Urban Fields

While in a lot of countries around the world, the construction, architecture, engineering, and urban planning sectors, are still reserved for men, initiatives that empower women in these fields are surfacing everywhere around the globe. Playing a huge role in the integration of female power into these disciplines, these movements take on many forms such as organizations, websites, platforms, etc. working with professionals, artisans, and workers.

From providing skills, connecting outstanding females, ensuring exposure, and promoting the works of pioneers, these initiatives have the common purpose of encouraging women to have an impact on their built environment.

Rebelarchitette Releases a New Public Women Architects World Map

Rebelarchitette has created a new tool that aims to detox architecture from inequalities, an interactive public world map showcasing 732 outstanding women architects from all over the world.

© rebelarchitette web© rebelarchitette web© rebelarchitette web© rebelarchitette web+ 12

"Are.na" is an Online Tool for Contextualizing the Internet – Here's Why It's Useful to Architects

Outside of our familiar feeds, social or otherwise, the Internet can be a daunting place. While information and interaction have never been easier, developing ways to get a handle on the quantity and pace of this crowded, if not valuable, world can often be difficult – it’s all too easy to find your digital life unintentionally isolated. In the architectural sphere, shared knowledge and a broad understanding of history and contemporary practice are all-important; discourse and conversation even more so. Are.na, a platform for collaborative and independent research, provides a new lens when surfing, capturing and contextualizing the content of the Internet.

'Channels' on Are.na. Image © Are.na'Blocks', as shown in this 'Channel', can be hyperlinks or text. Image © Are.naPicasso's 'Constellation Drawings' (1924) shown here as a 'Block' with eight other connections. Image © Are.naThis 'Channel' comprises entirely of text-based 'Blocks'. Image © Are.na+ 12