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A Visual Journey within the Sanctuary of Wadi Rum

Delicately excavated from the natural grounds of Jordan’s Wadi Rum, Jordanian architect Rasem Kamal transformed the phrase of “form follows function” into “subtraction follows function”, emphasizing the relationship between external form and internal space with a resort that promises a sanctuary both above and underground.

In the newly-released video of the proposal, the architect uncovers the hidden resort and takes viewers on an enchanting walkthrough of the proposed Wadi Rum Sanctuary Resort. Kamal complements the desert’s jagged landscape with the resort’s subtle architecture, letting the structure blend seamlessly with its surroundings.

Marc Thorpe Imagines “Citizens of Earth” Installation on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Citizens of Earth is a conceptual proposal by Marc Thorpe Design for the city of Marfa in Texas. Located 20 miles outside of the city on the border of Mexico and the United States, the installation aims to “question the value of international borders within the context of the 21st century”.

ZAHA Degrees - Iceland, Reykjavik - Traveller's Pods And Carnival Centre

ZAHA is an Arabic word meaning clear, pure, beautiful, to blossom and to flow in all degrees like the nature does and have a language and a form which emerges as the most beautiful and the attractive one.

In this competition you are not allowed to use any right angles, just as the name suggests the clear and pure form, the lines and the form should flow marvelously.

Your imagination should travel in all the degrees but surely meet at one where the journey of the lines becomes a form which is a total bliss.


Publication: Top 20 winners will be published

Designers Imagine Bamboo Colony on Mars

Designers Warith Zaki and Amir Amzar have imagined a project that seeks to find alternatives to traditional construction material in order to build the first settlements on Mars. In fact, they opted for a natural earthy element that competes with wood, brick and concrete, and drafted a project that uses bamboo.

© Karim Moussa, Warith Zaki, Amir Amzar, Nasril Zarudin© Karim Moussa, Warith Zaki, Amir Amzar, Nasril Zarudin© Karim Moussa, Warith Zaki, Amir Amzar, Nasril Zarudin© Karim Moussa, Warith Zaki, Amir Amzar, Nasril Zarudin+ 14

The National Museum of World Writing Tells its Stories Through Architecture

Writing is an unending dialogue that has been connecting one generation to another, maintaining history, culture, and information. For the National Museum of World Writing, stories were built rather than written.

Just as writing transcends the author to another realms, SAMOO Architects and Engineers have proposed ‘PAGES’, a structure of architecturally-devised scripts that disconnects visitors from the outer world, and introduces them to an exceptional architectural narration.

© SAMOO Architects and Engineers© SAMOO Architects and Engineers© SAMOO Architects and Engineers© SAMOO Architects and Engineers+ 47

Retrofuturism Gives Traditional Iranian Architecture a Modern Twist

Villages and cities in Iran have always had a fixed low-rise horizontal skyline due to the lack of beam and column technology. Although some cities have already adopted contemporary styles and have constructed soaring skyscrapers, but the majority of towns remain committed to traditional building techniques.

Iranian architect Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar decided to give traditional Iranian architecture a structural upgrade but kept its main features intact. In his conceptual creations titled "Retrofuturism", the architect used traditionally-designed houses as a starting point, but introduced them to the modern world of skyscrapers and surreal forms, mixing both styles together.

© Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar© Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar© Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar© Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar+ 10