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Awarded Competition: The Latest Architecture and News

Mecanoo Reveals Images (And a LEGO Model) of Competition-Winning Social Housing Proposal in Taiwan

Mecanoo has released images of their competition-winning social housing proposal for the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The 234-unit-scheme embodies Mecanoo’s philosophy towards social housing, “defined by flexibility, the right balance of private and communal spaces, mixing housing types, connection with the environment and identity.” Comprised of two buildings linked by a green canopy, the scheme is designed for a variety of users, including students, young families, the elderly, or people with special needs.

Masterplan. Image Courtesy of Mecanoo Lego model. Image Courtesy of Mecanoo Design concept. Image Courtesy of Mecanoo Lego model. Image Courtesy of Mecanoo + 13

Inter-Generational Mixed Use Project Wins Imagine Angers Design Competition

International architecture competition, Imagine Angers, asked designers to create an innovative solution for one of six sites in Angers, France. Paris-based architecture firm WY-TO and Crespy & Aumont Architectes interlaced the natural landscape with a contemporary lifestyle for all ages in their winning design, Arborescence.

Young Architects Win First Prize for Museum of Forest Finn Culture in Norway

An international team of young architects based in Copenhagen have won first prize for their proposal ‘Finnskogens Hus’ in a competition for a new Museum of Forest Finn Culture in Svullrya, Norway.

The fourth largest architectural competition in Norway, the new museum aims to inform and educate visitors about the Forest Finns, Finnish migrants who settled in Swedish and Norwegian forests in the late 16th to 17th centuries.

Inside the Museum. Image Courtesy of Lipinsky Lasovsky Johansson View from Outside. Image Courtesy of Lipinsky Lasovsky Johansson Hide and Seek. Image Courtesy of Lipinsky Lasovsky Johansson Site Plan + 7

Archstorming Announces Winners of Mosul Postwar Camp Competition

Archstorming has announced the winners of their Open Ideas Competition: Mosul Postwar Camp. In the competition for architects and architecture students, the challenge was to design a social reintegration solution with essential humanitarian aid for people who return home to Mosul after the Iraq war against ISIS. The competition results proved there are many ways to revitalize the lives of displaced people through the spaces they inhabit.

C.F. Møller Wins Competition for Active-Learning School in Copenhagen

In May 2017, C.F. Møller and Tredje Natur’s interactive education design won the New Islands Brygge School competition. The new education facility sets up innovative, sustainable and active spaces for sixth to ninth grade students to participate in experience-based learning.

Courtesy of C.F. Møller Courtesy of C.F. Møller Courtesy of C.F. Møller Courtesy of C.F. Møller + 24

Bee Breeders Announces Winners of Modern Collective Living Challenge

Bee Breeders announced the winners of the Modern Collective Living Challenge, one part of their Global Housing Crisis competition series. Participants conceived new types of accessible housing for rural China’s relocated farmers. China’s fast-paced urbanization is causing millions of rural folk to move to cities. With no designated site, successful projects need to be versatile enough to work in a variety of sites and even be adopted as a standard for addressing relocation. Winning projects were held to a high standard in their answering of the question: how can we create modern community living situations where relocated individuals are not forced into changing their way of life? Common themes in winning projects are modularity and green space.

The competition winners are listed below.

OOPEAA Wins Multi-functional Church and Social Housing Proposal in Helsinki

Courtesy of OOPEAA
Courtesy of OOPEAA

OOPEAA and Lujatalo worked together to design the winning proposal for a new multi-functional church and social housing project for Tikkurila, Helsinki entitled Church in the City. The project is unique in the way that the architect, builder, and client participated in a highly collaborative design process.

Courtesy of OOPEAA Courtesy of OOPEAA Courtesy of OOPEAA Courtesy of OOPEAA + 7

Hamburg Hybrid Housing Competition Announces Winners

Ctrl+Space has announced the winners of their Hamburg Hybrid Housing Competition, which prompted participants to design a mixed-use residential building in the St. Pauli neighbourhood of Hamburg, Germany. Entries were expected to reflect on the typology of the mixed-use building, exploring the set of relationships present with the city, the public, the time of day and the different programmatic areas. See the three winners after the break.

Europan 13 Winners Announced

With 1,305 projects submitted, 44 winners, 49 runner-ups and 61 special mentions have been selected in the Europan 13 competition. Held annually, Europan is a European competition to design urban and architectural projects for implementation. Europan 13 was done in partnership with governing bodies of cities across Europe in collaboration with 15 European structures, under the theme “The Adaptable City: Self-Organization – Sharing - Project”, with participants called on to address the economic and ecological issues of sustainability in European cities.

KHR Arkitekter, WHR Architects and Arup International Design Bispebjerg Somatic Hospital

After an international competition, the design by KHR Arkitekter, WHR Architects and Arup International Ltd. has been selected for the new Bispebjerg Somatic Hospital in the Bispebjerg region of Copenhagen, Denmark. Being added to an existing hospital campus project that will include a somatic hospital, a psychiatry hospital, laboratory/logistics building and a parking garage, the new hospital will help meet the region’s demands.

Winners Announced in Competition to Design Cultural Square in Seoul

The winners of the Sejongdaero Competition to masterplan the former National Tax Service building site in Seoul, Korea have been announced. The competition called for entries that not only addressed the site, but also the underground area of Sejongdaero and the old city area of Seoul. The jury was looking specifically for entries that addressed the many layers of culture and history in the area, promoting a new vision for the future.

After receiving 80 entries from 20 countries; first, second and third places, as well as 10 honourable mentions were awarded. See the three finalists along with the jury’s comments after the break.

Time Connector. Image Courtesy of Sejongdaero Competition Seoul Living Room. Image  Time Connector. Image Courtesy of Sejongdaero Competition Seoul Chronicle. Image Courtesy of Sejongdaero Competition + 15

Winner of Yeats2015 "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" Announced

Yong ho Shin and John Randle of shindesignworks have been announced as the winners of "The Lake Isle of Innisfree," a design competition held earlier this year as part of the Yeats2015 festival. Based in London and Daegu, South Korea, the pair of architects proposed "Square Moon," a light-based installation for the Irish Island about which Yeats wrote his eponymous1892 poem, and from which the competition took its name.

BIG's “Unconventional” Uppsala Power Plant Designed to Host Summer Festivals

Courtesy of BIG
Courtesy of BIG

The city of Uppsala invited BIG to design a biomass cogeneration plant that would offset its peak energy loads throughout the fall, winter and spring as part of an international competition (ultimately won by Liljewall Arkitekter). Home to Scandinavia’s oldest university and landmark Uppsala cathedral, the plant proposal’s biggest challenge was to respect the city’s historic skyline.

Considering the project’s proposed seasonal use, BIG envisioned a dual-use power plant that transcends the public perception; in the summer months, the “crystalline” proposal was designed to transform into a venue for festivals during the peak of tourism. 

Courtesy of BIG Courtesy of BIG Courtesy of BIG Courtesy of BIG + 22