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Winning Entry: Nu Oil / Felix Yang and Thomas Noussis. Image Courtesy of Combo Competitions
© GP
Winning proposal. Image © Moreau Kusunoki Architectes / Guggenheim
© West 8
Courtesy of Zeller & Moye
Courtyard. Image © HPP Architects
Courtesy of The Architectural League New York
Guangzhou Science Museum. Image Courtesy of Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos
Link / Cavin Costello of the Ranch Mine. Image Courtesy of Houzz
Rethinking Biotope / Kyriaki Goti and Nikolaos Xenos. Image Courtesy of IS ARCH
1st Prize: Ilya Pugachenko, Andrey Sayko, and Alla Aniskova. Image Courtesy of HMMD
© The Pier Park / Rogers Partners Architects+Urban Designers, ASD, Ken Smith
#76 MUUSA / draftworks*architects. Image Courtesy of The Next Helsinki
Courtesy of West 8
via inexhibit
Courtesy of AIA Portland
Courtyard. Image © Henning Larsen Architects
Courtesy of Knight Foundation