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What is Sustainable Architecture?

There are many ways of designing environmentally-responsible and resource-efficient structures and cities, with amazing innovations and advances introduced every day. These include everything from smart homes and photovoltaic glass to centrally organized power networks, modular building, and even self-healing bio-concrete.

Architects, startups, investors, entrepreneurs, tech companies, and designers are all pioneering holistic new approaches to sustainable architecture, in which new buildings are constructed and maintained throughout their life cycles with as little negative impact on the environment as possible.

Do you have something to say about sustainable architecture?

Bee Breeders, in partnership with ARCHHIVE BOOKS, is calling for essay submissions for

Vale De Moses Meditation Cabins

The Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat in the stunning remote forests of central Portugal is listed as one of the best retreats in the world by NatGeo UK Traveller, Forbes Magazine, The Guardian and several yoga magazines. Every year the retreat welcomes over 500 people from 60+ countries around the world, all looking to take time to be with themselves in a natural wilderness environment - abundant space to breathe and feel.

The initial restoration of the Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat took five years, and used traditional construction methods to reinvigorate four abandoned stone farmhouse cottages. Much of the

San Francisco Affordable Housing Challenge

San Francisco is one of the trendiest and most-popular cities in the United States, which also happens to make it one of the most expensive cities in the world. Home of Silicon Valley, San Francisco has become the go-to city for tech companies within the US, and with countless tech employees flocking to the area with sizeable paychecks, it’s not hard to see why the prices in the Bay Area have skyrocketed in the previous decades.

Add to this the strict zoning laws within the city limits and the greater Bay Area, San Francisco has seen an ever-increasing gap between the

SKYHIVE 2020 Skyscraper Challenge

The SKYHIVE 2020 Skyscraper Challenge is the third annual architecture competition which searches out the latest and greatest designs for an iconic high rise structure. Participants of the SKYHIVE Challenge are tasked with creating a concept for a state-of-the-art tower that breaks from the norm.

Participants are encouraged to incorporate new technologies and materials in their designs, as well as unique aesthetics and spatial organisations. Special consideration is also given to designs that implement innovations in sustainable systems, as well as those that look to solve economic, social, and cultural problems through the establishment of new architectural methods.

There is no

Legendary Bird Home 2020

The LEGENDARY BIRD HOME 2020 competition is the first in a planned series of competitions looking to raise awareness for the global environmental crisis. This competition will be a collaboration with Birdly - a socially-responsible startup that aims to support environmental activism worldwide through funds raised by selling bird homes.

Participants are tasked with presenting innovative and attention-grabbing designs for a legendary bird house that can be built at home, using materials and building methods that are both environmentally sustainable and easily available.

Each project will need to include details of the building method and the materials to be used, ensuring that

Bee Breeders Announces Winners of SKYHIVE Skyscraper Challenge

Bee Breeders have announced the winners of the SKYHIVE Skyscraper Challenge. The purpose of the competition was to allow architects, design students, engineers, and artists from all over the world to generate design ideas for iconic high rise buildings in cities around the globe. As part of this design series, participants were encouraged to incorporate new technologies, materials, forms, spatial organizations, and construction systems in their designs for a skyscraper.

Teamakers Guest House Competition Results Announced

Bee Breeders has announced the winners of the Teamakers Guest House competition, calling for design proposals for an eco-friendly, cost-effective accommodation to house visitors to the Ozolini teamakers retreat, situated in a forest 100 kilometers southeast of the Latvian capital of Riga.

Bee Breeders Announces Winners of the Gauja Footbridge Competition

Bee Breeders has revealed the winners of the Gauja National Park Footbridge competition. The Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia paired up with Bee Breeders to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Latvia's largest national park. Teams were asked to create a footbridge marking the park's entry to serve as an architectural landmark that adds to the park's existing collection of 500 cultural and historical monuments, including medieval castles and towns.

Winning Designs for Abu Dhabi Flamingo Observation Tower

Bee Breeders has announced the winners of the Abu Dhabi Flamingo Observation Tower competition. Situated in the Al Wathba Reserve, 40 kilometers southeast of Abu Dhabi, the competition site oversees five square kilometers of wetlands, salt flats, and fossilized sands and dunes.

Bee Breeders Announces Winners of the Rome Collective Living Challenge

Bee Breeders has revealed the winners of the 2019 Rome Collective Living Challenge competition. Teams were asked to to propose solutions for collective living in Italy's capital city. Participants were tasked with designing a concept for affordable co-living around affordability and community. Organizers sought ideas that could be implemented across Rome to increase the city's housing stock.

Bee Breeders Announces Winners of the Poet Huts Competition

Bee Breeders has revealed the winners of the 2019 Pāvilosta Poet Huts Competition. The project brief asked designers to submit proposals for a writers community in the small coastal fishing village of Pāvilosta, Latvia. The small writers retreat needed to accommodate selected poets with free board visiting for short periods to produce their work. The submissions included a range of building typologies, from isolated cabins scattered across the site, to single buildings focused on community experience, to towers offering views to across Pāvilosta.

A garden within a garden. Image Courtesy of Bee BreedersA garden within a garden. Image Courtesy of Bee BreedersEnclosures. Image Courtesy of Bee BreedersEnclosures. Image Courtesy of Bee Breeders+ 16


The first annual MICROHOME architecture competition is part of the Bee Breeders Small Scale Architecture Appreciation Movement, which hopes to highlight the fact that bigger isn’t always better. With great design and innovative thinking, small-scale architecture could change how this and the next generation view a residential property.

Paris Affordable Housing Challenge

The Bee Breeders Global Housing Availability Challenge series in partnership with ARCHHIVE-BOOKS turns its attention on Paris for the next competition in the series. Paris, like so many other international cities around the world, is struggling with a huge affordable housing problem. Paris ranks in the top 10 most expensive cities to live in, meaning housing prices are naturally higher than in other regions in France.

Bee Breeders Announce Winners of the Urban Zoo Coworking Competition

In their most recent design competition, Bee Breeders partnered with Urban Zoo Coworking to seek a signature style for Urban Zoo’s coworking spaces. Viewed as a prototype to be adapted to each new venue, these interior designs needed to be customizable for various users. Common inhabitants of Urban Zoo Coworking’s spaces include freelancers, start-ups, and small businesses who need a workspace to meet their different creative needs.

Third Prize: Habitat. Image © Apex Project BureauFirst Prize: The Menagerie. Image © Studio MasFirst Prize: The Menagerie. Image © Studio MasSecond Prize: WILD. Image © Cornerstore+ 27

Solutions to London's Mounting Affordable Housing Crisis Proposed in Bee Breeders' Latest

Skyrocketing prices of London housing have become so unbearable that many have turned to less-than-ideal compromises. Large homes can be found but come with commutes of hours; places are still available in the city, but only for those with sky-high paychecks. Unable to balance their needs, people are resorting to workarounds that disrupt the existing urban fabric and dissatisfy all involved. Surely we can do better.

Beyond the Shell . Image © Lianjie Wu, via BeeBreedersInformal Intimacy. Image © Medina Dzonlic, Daniel Andersson, via BeeBreedersWesley New Town // Chronotopia. Image © Yip Siu, via BeeBreedersHedge House. Image © David Saand, Simone De Bergh, Björn Vestlund, Jay Williams, via BeeBreeders+ 54

What is Affordable Housing?

In the search for solutions to the global housing crisis, Bee Breeders are calling for essay submissions to explore the problem further. Winning entries will be included in the first issue of their print publication ARCHHIVE, which will focus on affordable housing.

Submissions can be historical, present, or prospective. They can be data-centric, analytical, fictional, critical, or conceptual; and can be from participants related to any field or discipline. “Essays” can be submitted as written or illustrative, as long as they fit on a single or double-page spread so they can be featured in the publication. (More information available at archhivebooks.com)


Bee Breeders Announce Winners of the Iceland Northern Lights Rooms Competition

Courtesy of Bee Breeders, In-Visible
Courtesy of Bee Breeders, In-Visible

Bee Breeders have announced the winners of the Iceland Northern Lights Rooms competition, where entrants were tasked with designing a series of guest houses that framed the beauty of the surrounding context. In response to the delicate landscape, Mývatn Lake in Iceland, the brief outlined a number of restrictions. These included no permanent construction within 200m from the lake, and that all guest houses were to be movable. Shared themes throughout all the successful proposals were specific material experimentation, “distinct interaction with the site and sky,” scalable design, irand cost-conscious solutions.

Courtesy of Bee Breeders, Northern LightsCourtesy of Bee Breeders, In-VisibleCourtesy of Bee Breeders, BleikurCourtesy of Bee Breeders, Northern Lights+ 80

Bee Breeders Announce Winners of Nemrut Volcano Eyes Competition

Bee Breeders have announced the winners of the Nemrut Volcano Eyes Competition, where participants were tasked with designing a visitor observation platform on top of Nemrut, a dormant volcano in eastern Turkey. With the unique natural environment, including a caldera and a pair of lakes, the observation platform is intended to provide unobstructed views of the extraordinary landscape. The jury encouraged submissions that were cost-effective, environmentally-responsible, and energy-efficient.

Below are the winners of the competition: 

First Prize. Image Courtesy of Bee BreedersThird Prize. Image Courtesy of Bee BreedersSecond Prize. Image Courtesy of Bee BreedersGreen Award. Image Courtesy of Bee Breeders+ 37