Collin Abdallah

A recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Architecture, Collin is currently living and working in Austin, TX.


"Pixel Facade" System Combines a Love for Nature With Next-Generation Workspaces

Recently shortlisted for the 2018 Design Challenge "Design the Next-Generation Facade" by Metals in Construction Magazine, this "Pixel Facade" system is an adaptive, scalable and repeatable building system that can be applied to various building typologies. The system draws inspiration from our innate desire for nature, also known as "biophilia." The "Pixel Facade" system merges a contemporary office environment with biophilic environments to create the next generation of office design.

Adjaye Associates Among Team of Britain's Top Designers Commissioned by Startup to Help Solve the UK's Housing Crisis

A new property startup named Cube Haus is looking to alter the existing housing market, offering high-value homes at reasonable prices "that can be configured to fit small and awkward urban sites." To do this, Cube Haus is commissioning a team of Britain's top architects and designers: Adjaye Associates, Faye Toogood, Carl Turner Architects and Skene Catling de la Peña. The team will create a series of customizable modular homes with a focus on outstanding design.

Design by Adjaye Associates. Image © Design by Faye Toogood. Image © Design by Faye Toogood. Image © Design by Skene Catling de la Peña. Image © + 13

New Development in Toronto Is "Choreographed City-Building"

"The Well" is set to be one of the most ambitious urban developments Toronto has seen. Estimated to host nearly 10,000 people living and working daily, "The Well" includes over 1.5 million square feet of retail, office space and food services, as well as 1,800 residential units all spread throughout seven buildings flanked by Front, Spadina and Wellington in downtown Toronto.

New Concert Hall Design in Nuremberg Envisaged as "House With Four Fronts"

German architecture firms Johannes Kappler Architektur und Städtebau, Super Future Collective, and Topotek 1 Architektur have released images of a competition-winning design for a new Concert Hall in Nuremberg. Designed as an addition to the ensemble of the Meistersingerhalle, the hall engages the existing infrastructure and context to create a connection between the present landscape and public space.

The combination of the existing building and the new translucent exterior envelope provide "a house with four fronts" that engages the surrounding landscape on all sides.

New Extension for Revit Exports Models Directly to Sketchfab for Online Sharing

Sketchfab, the powerful architectural visualization software and database, is more convenient than ever thanks to a new extension for Revit developed by Emanuel Favreau of Montreal firm Larose McCallum Architects. Adding Revit to Sketchfab's extensive list of software add-ons is a big win for the Building Information Modeling (BIM) community. The new extension will allow Revit users to export models and scenes directly to Sketchfab, where they can be viewed in 3D and virtual reality from any device simply by following a link.

Los Angeles Is Painting the Streets White (Again), and Your City Might Be Next

Last spring, the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services tested a new, creative approach to combat the rising temperatures in the city center. The pilot project covered one neighborhood street in each of the LA's 15 council districts with CoolSeal, a more reflective asphalt-based coating developed by California-based company GuardTop. After seeing a difference of 11-13 degrees Fahrenheit on the coated streets, Los Angeles and other cities plan on implementing more reflective roofs and pavements to reduce the side effects of "heat islands."

More on the CoolSeal coating and the fight against heat island effect after the break.

These Balancing Boulders Are Just the Destresser You Needed

Architecture requires patience. Seeing a building through from initial sketches to the first occupant is a process that in most cases takes years, sometimes decades. The various details required throughout the building process at times can be stressful, but the end result is nearly always worth the struggle. The finished form reflects the decisions made throughout the process, and thus becomes a contributing member to the surrounding environment.

If you are at the point in the process where you need a quick destresser, take a moment and watch land artist Pontus Jansson work his magic. The Swedish artist uses boulders and the surrounding nature to create balancing works of art.

DISSING+WEITLING Wins Competition for Scenic Pedestrian Bridge in China

Nearly a year after opening its "Xiamen Bicycle Skyway," DISSING+WEITLING Architecture has won another major infrastructure project in the Chinese city. The winning design, "Xiamen Footpaths," is set to be a 21-kilometer network of paths and bridges creating a large-scale network connecting the surrounding nature and the budding metropolis of Xiamen.

Much like DISSING+WEITLING's "Bicycle Snake" did for bicycles in Copenhagen, the "Xiamen Footpaths" will improve the traveling conditions and city experience for pedestrians in the bustling city of Xiamen.

New Hotel From Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter Nestles Gently Into the French Hillside

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter has released images of a new hotel located in the northeast of France. Breitengach Landscape Hotel links the beautiful French countryside and culture with modern lodging through a combination of amenities. The main reception building, a restaurant, and spa are flanked by 14 Nordic-style cabins that sit lightly on the hillside. Referencing the local character and landscape, the hotel will "offer an unusual but comfortable experience" for all visitors.

Immerse Yourself in These Unbelievable Modernist Visualizations

© Alexis Christodoulou
© Alexis Christodoulou

Cape Town native Alexis Christodoulou is a winemaker by day but also dabbles in the art of 3D visualization. His Instagram (@teaaalexis) is a striking composition of intricate spaces rich with color, light, and materiality. Crafted entirely from scratch, each of Christodoulou's digital worlds appears to be influenced by many of the modernist masters. In a recent interview with Curbed, Christodoulou lists Aldo Rossi, David Chipperfield and Le Corbusier among his inspirations.

Much has been said about the new "Instagram aesthetic." Put that together with the emerging role of Instagram and other social media platforms in the design process, and the result is a new type of digital art form. Christodoulou's page is the creative collection of a year-long personal challenge to regularly create and publish images of his own fantasy worlds, which has resulted in a community of nearly 20K followers.

Get lost in more of the images below.

This Modular Mountain Shelter Is Net-Zero and Can Be Delivered via Helicopter

Mountain shelters serve as protection for climbers during severe weather conditions. However, a Bulgarian design team discovered that many shelters have been destroyed, putting mountaineers at risk. As the winning proposal for the competition "Architecture of 2050," this innovative building addresses this critical problem through a combination of sustainability, materiality and technology.

Courtesy of Lusio Architects
Courtesy of Lusio Architects

RIBA Announces Competition Shortlist for Innovative Nature and Wellbeing Center in Sevenoaks

The shortlisted schemes for the RIBA Competition to design the new Innovative Nature and Wellbeing Center, located in Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve, are now on display to the public. The competition launched last October by Kent Wildlife Trust, in partnership with The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), as an open design competition "seeking worldwide architects and teams to put forward designs that promote learning, wellbeing, curiosity and nature" for a new visitor center at Sevenoaks.

Garitage Park Complex in Bulgaria is the Epitome of "Mixed-Use"

Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects (MBB) has recently revealed its competition-winning design for the final phase of Garitage Park, a 41-acre complex in a growing district of Sofia, Bulgaria. The extensive mixed-use development by Garitage Investment Management, among several other major multinational companies developing nearby, will provide residences, a school, office, commercial, retail and event spaces to a large international population of residents.

Courtesy of MBB Courtesy of MBB Courtesy of MBB Courtesy of MBB + 15

Proposed "Permeable" Mixed-Use Tower in Dubai Challenges Urban Density

Dubai Nhabitat, a mixed-use tower proposed by Ankara-based firm rgg Architects, utilizes its own unique formal system to create "permeability through different materials and building tectonics." The tower is an aggregate of individual modules that can be enlarged or shrunk by an "8mx8m grid" based on programmatic needs, creating views and outdoor spaces unique to each spatial arrangement.

Photographer Iwan Baan Celebrates Pritzker Prize Winner B.V. Doshi With Curated Instagram Posts

The great #BVDoshi at #sangath. @pritzkerarchitectureprize 2018 laureate.

A post shared by Iwan Baan (@iwanbaan) on

Architectural photographer Iwan Baan recently honored 2018 Pritzker Prize Laureate Balkrishna (B.V.) Doshi. It has been a little over a month since the Pritzker jury selected the Indian architect as the latest winner, and his work still remains popular within the online world. The genuine materiality and intricate spatial experience associated with Doshi's work are captured by Baan in multiple projects across India. Baan's Instagram (@iwanbaan), which has nearly 120K followers, acts as "a diary of travels with the iPhone."

Read on to see some of Baan's images (some posts have multiple images, so be sure and use the left and right arrows to see the full set of pictures). 

SMAR Architecture Studio Selected as Winners of Science Island Design Competition

Kaunas City Municipality has announced SMAR Architecture Studio as the winners of the Science Island International Design Contest for Lithuania's new National Science and Innovation Center. SMAR's design was the highest ranked of three winners in the Design Contest, which was the most popular in Lithuania's history attracting 144 teams from 44 countries.

This Stackable Emergency Shelter Can Be Assembled in Under 15 Minutes

MADWORKSHOP Fellows Jeremy Carman and Jayson Champlain have designed a unique approach to emergency post-disaster shelters. The 2017 Fellows of the MADWORKSHOP Foundation created "Shelter Squared" as a response to "the current scarcity of design-oriented solutions to emergencies."

Overall, the design utilizes cost-effective, recyclable materials to provide a meaningful alternative to the current standard of post-disaster shelters, described the architects. 

Peek Into This Contemporary Office Environment Through the "Eye" of this New Business Center Facade

The contemporary work environment is evolving. This new office building from Cloud Architects captures the essence of this evolution through multiple green terraces, a large atrium, and elegant materiality. The U219 Business Center in Vilnius, Lithuania, provides 15,000 square meters of rentable area into two horizontal volumes.