Haus BRU 1.25 / SoHo Architektur

Courtesy of SoHo Architektur

Architects: SoHo Architektur
Location: , Bavaria,
Architect In Charge: Alexander Nägele
Project Year: 2008
Project Area: 90 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of SoHo Architektur

JA+U Interviews Japanese Architect Kumkio Inui

JA+U presents this brief interview with Japanese Architect Kumiko Inui of the Office of Kumiko Inui.  The interview gives an inside look at to how architects choose to design.  In Inui’s case, she explains how drawing and sketching is a way for her to explore her ideas in concepts, schematics and tectonics.  Sometimes these ideas are not fully formed and Inui uses sketching as a strategy to let her mind wander and unfold her various thoughts on the architectural problems before her.  Through iteration and reinterpretation, Inui explains how an idea from the depths of her subconscious, eventually surfaces.

Automative Industry Exporters Union Technical and Industrial High School / Metin Kılıç + Dürrin Süer

© Cemal Emden

Architects: Metin Kılıç + Dürrin Süer
Location: , Turkey
Architectural Group: Metin Kılıç, Dürrin Süer
Architectural Office: Seden Cinasal Avcı, Merih Feza Yıldırım, Serdar Uslubaş, Duygu Ceylan Saylım, Tuğçe Şık
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Cemal Emden

New York Cityvision Competition Awards Ceremony

Courtesy of

This Friday, October 12, CityVision will celebrate its second year during the event UNKNOWN, a special event that will take place at Galleria di Architettura “come se”, a Roman architecture space devoted to creativity and innovation. The event will feature the winners of New York CityVision International Competition, which were recently featured here and the competition Awards Ceremony. During the event CityVision Magazine # 7, the new issue of the international free press on contemporary architecture, will also be presented and free distributed. it will be also possible to have a look at the site specific artwork made by SBAGLIATO for CityVision about the theme Past Shock. Another capital moment of the event will also be the seventh edition of PECHA KUCHA NIGHTTM ROMA.


Courtesy of David Dahl and Nicole Lew
Courtesy of David Dahl and Nicole Lew

Transforming Seattle’s 520 Floating Bridge Competition Winners

RETHINK REUSE recently announced the winning entries in their Transforming Seattle’s 520 Floating Bridge 2012 International Design Ideas Competition. With the goal of envisioning new, innovative reuse strategies, the winners successfully answer the questions: What is a floating bridge when…

My Motherhood + Architecture Adventure / Samara Greenwood

In a recent article for The Guardian, Hannah Rosin interviewed Emily White, a Facebook executive, who noted that our lives are no longer about work/life balance, but rather the work/life “merge.” Much like women in high-power executive positions,   (and particularly mothers) similarly must learn how to negotiate never-ending demands – from the workplace and the home – on a daily basis.

Samara Greenwood discusses this difficult “work/family equation” below. You can find the full, un-edited version at Parlour: Women, Equity, Architecture, If you like this post, you may also enjoy Work/Life/Work balance, by Andrew Maynard.

My own motherhood + architecture adventure began six years ago – so far, it has been a pretty wild ride. There are times I have felt invincible, like I’ve found the magic key to a brilliant life. But more often than not life has felt out of whack, like something wasn’t quite right. Again and again, I’ve attempted to put my finger on the problem, to find the missing piece of the jigsaw. Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I don’t.

I don’t think I am alone.

Ingfah Restaurant / Integrated Field

Courtesy of co.,ltd.

Architects: Integrated Field
Location: Khaolak,
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 2,040 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Integrated Field co.,ltd.

House in Hofit / Paritzki & Liani Architects

© Amit Geron

Architects: Paritzki & Liani Architects
Location: Hofit,
Project Year: 2012
Project Area: 919 sqm
Photographs: Amit Geron

Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award Winners 2012

Courtesy of Fernando Guerra

Arcaid Images, in conjunction with The Architectural Review and World Architecture Festival, just announced the 2012 Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award Winners in the categories of exterior, interior, sense of place, and buildings in use. Images and the winners of each category can be viewed after the break.

FECHAC Regional Office / Grupo ARKHOS

Courtesy of Grupo ARKHOS

Architects: Grupo ARKHOS
Location: ,
Project Year: 2012
Project Area: 15,600 sq ft
Photographs: Courtesy of Grupo ARKHOS

Vasconcelos Mexico Public Library by Alberto Kalach
Vasconcelos Mexico Public Library by Alberto Kalach

Alberto Kalach Lecture

Each year the Architectural League presents the work of significant international figures who powerfully influence contemporary architectural practice and shape the future of the built environment. Co-sponsored by The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union, the…

Beacom School of Business / Charles Rose Architects

© John Linden

Architects: Charles Rose Architects
Location: , SD, USA
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: John Linden

Flemington Primary School / Maddison Architects

© Amir Shayan

Architects: Maddison Architects
Location: Flemington, Victoria,
Principal: Peter Maddison
Design Director: Kim McLaren
Project Architect: Chris Jones
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 1,000 sqm
Photographs: Amir Shayan

Courtesy of Boston Society of Architects
Courtesy of Boston Society of Architects

ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX)

Produced by the Boston Society of Architects, the ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX) will take place November 14-16 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Boasting the most comprehensive education program and largest marketplace for the design and construction industry in New…

Sports Centre Csörsz / T2.a Architects

© Zsolt Batár

Architects: T2.a Architects
Location: ,
Architect In Charge: Gábor Turányi, Bence Turányi
Project Team: Zsolt Frikker, András Göde, Orsolya Gönczi, László Földes, Barna Láris, Péter Márk, Eszter Mészáros, Levente Skultéti, Zoltán Stein, Miklós Vannay
Photographs: Zsolt Batár

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Venice Biennale 2012: ModellStudiengang

© Nico Saieh

The artists in this installation share, with Thomas Demand, a very particular attitude towards models, which stems from their engagement with architecture. Models, according to Demand, are ways of understanding the environment without the distraction of a multitude of diverging stimulations. They are pieces of cultural technology.

Renzo Piano is not an architect

© Building Workshop

Well, according to the UK’s Architects Registration Board (ARB) he isn’t.

Last week, BDOnline received an email from the ARB asking them to refrain from calling Renzo Piano and Daniel Libeskind an architect, since “they are not registered with the ARB they are not entitled to be described as such”.

The statement said: “BD referred to two eminent individuals as architects – neither of whom are on the UK register. This is one of a number of peripheral areas, and architects often contact us when they are concerned about the use of the title ‘architect’ in the press although no breach of the legislation in fact occurs.”

Two Houses / BAUEN

© Mónica Matiauda

Architects: BAUEN
Location: ,
Architect In Charge: Aldo Cristaldo Kegler
Project Year: 2012
Project Area: 600 sqm
Photographs: Marcelo Jiménez, Mónica Matiauda