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Indonesia to Move its Sinking Capital City to Borneo

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has announced that the country will relocate its capital Jakarta to the island of Borneo. Taking on concerns of overcrowding, pollution, and income disparity, the move also hopes to address issues of extreme land subsidence. The new city would be built over 800 miles away from the current capital to reimagine one of the world’s fastest sinking cities.

The Soul of a Community: How a Young Architect Helped Resurrect a Village Longhouse in Borneo

A version of this essay, originally titled "Rumah in the woods: Resurrection of the Nanga Sumpa Longhouse," reached the top 8 in this year's Berkeley Prize. It was shared with ArchDaily by the authors.

These bodies are perishable, but the dwellers in these are indestructible and impenetrable.

This verse from Bhagavad Gita (a Hindu religious scripture) speaks about the human body and soul. For me, even a piece of architecture has a soul which rests in its place. We can feel its presence even when the building is no longer there.

Construction of the communal gallery (ruai) with temporary bracing. Image © Josh Wallace Villagers using flipbook to understand the various options for the longhouse in a   way that is more coherent than verbal discussion. Image © Josh Wallace Post (tiang) splice detail. Image © Josh Wallace Village Chief’s post raised with the help of Borneo Adventure and the villagers. Image © Josh Wallace + 24