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Indonesian Architecture

Capital Jakarta

Language Indonesian

Area 1,904,569 km2

Population 255,461,700

The architecture of Indonesia is defined by its diversity of culture and geography. Similar to many eastern countries that were invaded and colonized by westerners, the influences in Indonesian architecture come from a variety of locations. This page explores the architecture of the islands, including the emerging urban city of Jakarta, through projects, news, and events that show the wide assortment of design styles developing in Indonesia architecture.
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Latest projects in Indonesia

Latest news in Indonesia

The Architecture of Technology and Nature: 9 Unbuilt Projects in the Far East Submitted to ArchDaily

The built environment of Far East Asia is challenging the paradigm through urban developments that are centered around principles of sustainability, community, and user-centric design. Following concerns of high-density neighborhoods and compromised landscapes, architects of that region became aware that building for the future means changing their outlook on financially-driven projects with unsustainable strategies, and replacing them with structures that put the user and the environment at the forefront. 

How "Smarter" Cities Can Exacerbate Inequity

The urban metropolises of our planet are home to an abundance of stories. They are home to stories of wealth, of innovation, and of architectural marvels. They are home, too, to stories of inequality, inequity and of urban divides – places where one’s income determines the quality of the spatial environment around them. Within these stories has developed an increasing advocation for making cities “smarter”, the goal being to use data and digital technology to build more efficient and convenient urban environments.

National Pavilions at the London Design Biennale 2021 Highlight the Role of Design in Addressing Global Challenges

London Design Biennale is currently unfolding at Somerset House, with 38 exhibitions from across six continents showcasing the role of design in addressing global challenges. Curated by Artistic Director Es Devlin, the event centres around the theme ‘Resonance’, inviting designers and artists to consider the ripple effect of “ground-breaking design concepts on the way we live, and the choices we make”. At the third edition of the London Design Biennale, the national pavilions highlight new perspectives on world issues, exploring sustainability and the environment, globalisation and migration, history and daily life.

An Irish Embassy in Tokyo and a Bridge Over the Nile: 11 Unbuilt Projects Submitted to ArchDaily

Focusing on competition entries, this week’s curated selection of the best-unbuilt architecture draws from proposals submitted by the ArchDaily Community to highlight award-winning design across the globe. Made for diverse programming, the entries each explore how to build upon the identity of local sites to win their respective competition. Together, they showcase contemporary formal, spatial and conceptual approaches.

Baker’s Dozen: 13 Sweet Projects Filled with Delight

Few architectural typologies are as timeless as bakeries. A practice spanning thousands of years, the art of baking has diverse roots. Today, bakeries combine areas to gather, socialize, shop, and work. While industrialization and commercialization transformed the art of baking and baked goods, bakeries remain important community spaces for gathering and defining neighborhood identity.

Rethinking Embassy Design: Building Diplomacy Around the World

The architecture of diplomacy balances security and openness. As symbols of protection and representation, embassies are built for utility in both urban and rural contexts alike. At their core, they are also made to communicate the values and ideals of nations as welcoming structures and sustainable civic spaces. Today, modern embassy projects are made to meet rigorous security standards while embracing local culture and conditions.

An Indonesian Smart City Design and a Contemporary Art School in Vienna: 10 Unbuilt Projects Submitted by our Readers

Presented part of international competitions, this week’s best-unbuilt architecture gathers award-winning projects submitted by our readers. Highlighting as usual diverse approaches from across the globe, ArchDaily is rounding up in this article, a curated selection of cultural, civic, and urban proposals.

Indonesian Architect Ahmad Djuhara Dies at 54

Chairman of the Indonesian Architects Association (IAI) Ahmad Djuhara died at the Infection Disease Hospital (RSPI) Sulianti Saroso last Friday afternoon. The news was posted by the IAI, though no cause of death has been confirmed. Djuhara founded the architectural firm Djuhara + Djuhara together with his wife, architect Wendy Djuhara, and was a major voice for architecture and design throughout Indonesia.

OMA / David Gianotten Completed its First Hotel in Bali, Indonesia

OMA has just finalized Potato Head Studios, a hotel, first of its kind, dedicated to both guests and the local community. Located in Seminyak, Bali, the building’s design, led by David Gianotten and project architect Ken Fung, opens the ground floor for public cultural events and activities.

Indonesia to Move its Sinking Capital City to Borneo

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has announced that the country will relocate its capital Jakarta to the island of Borneo. Taking on concerns of overcrowding, pollution, and income disparity, the move also hopes to address issues of extreme land subsidence. The new city would be built over 800 miles away from the current capital to reimagine one of the world’s fastest sinking cities.

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