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Building the Future: The Rise of Modular Construction in the Middle East

Modular construction is a process in which a building is constructed away from its actual site, within controlled factory settings, using identical materials, and adhering to a set of codes and regulations. The methodology was first introduced as a solution in the search for efficient, quality-controlled, and cost-effective building systems. The industrialized building method evolved to meet historical demands and has recently been met with renewed interest. These “modules” are then transported to the construction site and assembled into the final structure, adhering to the same building standards as conventionally built facilities. With potential benefits in terms of waste reduction, energy efficiency, emergency responses, and fast-tracked development, the methodology is gaining traction worldwide.

Doha's Architectural History: In Conversation with Péter Tamás Nagy, Curator of "Colors of the City" at Design Doha 2024

As part of the Design Doha 2024 Biennial, Glenn Adamson and Péter Tamás Nagy present the exhibition “Colors of the City: A Century of Architecture in Doha” investigating the architectural evolution of the capital of Qatar based on multiple global influences that characterize it. Running until March 30, 2024, the exhibition offers a journey through Doha's architectural history featuring various styles such as Classicism, Art Deco, and Modernism, contemplating the Qatari adaptations of these styles developed by architects from Europe, America, the Middle East, and South Asia.

Monumental Sculptor Richard Serra Passes Away at 85

Renowned sculptor Richard Serra, known for his monumental steel structures that reshaped the landscape of contemporary art, passed away at the age of 85 at his residence in Orient, N.Y. His groundbreaking works, characterized by massive tilting corridors and spirals of steel, offered viewers a unique experience, inviting them to navigate through and around the imposing forms to fully comprehend their essence. Because of this invitation to explore space, materiality, and site, the artist has been long-recognized in the architectural community, earning him the Architectural League of New York President’s Medal in 2014, becoming the first artist to receive the honor.

Reimagining The Mashrabiya: Functionality and Symbolism in Contemporary Architecture

For centuries, arid environments have solved the problem of light, privacy, and heat through a statement architectural feature of Islamic and Arab architecture, the mashrabiya. Crafted from geometric patterns traditionally made from short lengths of turned wood, the mashrabiya features lattice-like patterns that form large areas. Traditionally, it was used to catch wind and offer passive cooling in the dry Middle Eastern desert heat. Frequently used on the side street of a built structure, water jars, and basins were placed inside it to activate evaporative cooling. The cool air from the street would pass through the wooden screen, providing air movement for the occupants.

Design Doha Prize: A Platform for Innovative Design in the MENA Region

Last Monday I got on a Berlin to Doha flight, a usual route given how Qatar has positioned itself as an effective hub connecting east and west. But this time Doha was not the connection, it was the destination.

Arab Designers Crafting their Own Narrative: Design Doha 2024 Explores Identity and Innovation

Establishing a platform in the Arab world, Design Doha 2024 debuted its inaugural edition in Doha, Qatar. Facilitating dialogues between designers, the event challenges the misconception that the Arab world is composed of a singular culture. It highlights, therefore, the diversity of populations, landscapes, and histories it encompasses.

Doha Architecture City Guide: 15 Contemporary Projects to Explore in the Capital City of Qatar

Doha is the capital of Qatar and the county’s most populated area, accommodating more people than the rest of Qatar combined. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Doha is a relatively young city, founded in the vicinity of another settlement, Al Bidda, sometime during the 1820s. In recent years, the city has seen rapid population growth, an image reflected in the architectural landscape. During the 1960s and 1970s, many of the old districts in Doha were demolished to make space for new developments, while several schemes have been deployed to advocate for the preservation of the city’s cultural and architectural heritage.

Inaugural Edition of Design Doha 2024: Showcasing Innovation in Middle Eastern and North African Design

Qatar Museums has just revealed the roster of designers and exhibitions for the inaugural edition of Design Doha. Running from February 24 to August 5, 2024, Design Doha is a new Design Biennial showcasing over 100 Middle Eastern and North African designers. The announcement outlines six exhibitions launching during the first week, spotlighting innovation within Qatar and the region at large.

Herzog & de Meuron Reveals Design for Lusail Art Museum in Qatar

Qatar Museums has released renderings showcasing the future Lusail Museum, designed by Swiss architecture office Herzog & de Meuron. The museum will house one of the largest collections of Orientalist art, exploring the movement of people and ideas across the globe and over the centuries. The new institution also strives to provide opportunities for high-level study for scholars, academics, policymakers, and curators. Consequently, the building is conceived as “a vertically layered souk, or miniature city contained within a single building,” aiming to encourage conversations, debates, and meditation on global issues.

12 Architecture Events to Pay Attention to in 2024

Spanning continents and cultures, architecture-focused events serve as platforms for the gathering of diverse groups of professionals to share innovations and embark on dialogues regarding some of the most pressing matters faced by our profession. Embodying the spirit of collaboration, highlighting local cultures and practices, and fostering open debates, this year’s list of events covers a diverse range of biennales, forums, city-wide celebrations, international fairs, and awards.