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Call for Submissions: SITE DWELLING

10:42 - 19 October, 2016
Call for Submissions: SITE DWELLING, Courtesy of Unknown
Courtesy of Unknown

ARKxSITE is pleased to announce the SITE DWELLING international architecture ideas competition for architecture students and young architects.

The SITE DWELLING, located on the cliff of the bay, in the village of Salir do Porto, Portugal, aims to create a secluded destination, a place of retreat to engage with the landscape while providing shelter from the natural elements.  This is a place to stay and inhabit for a few days, offering visitors a unique experience in a very special setting; visitors must leave the space as they found it, empty.

Call for Submissions: Festival des Architectures Vives 2017

04:00 - 14 October, 2016
Call for Submissions: Festival des Architectures Vives 2017, FAV2016 La Grande Motte - JNarchitectes
FAV2016 La Grande Motte - JNarchitectes

In 2016 the Festival was visited by not less than 20 000 visitors and was committed to raising awareness in schools.75 kindergarten and primary classes took part in this new program.

The twelfth edition of the Festival will take place from 13th June to 18th June. The FAV in La Grande Motte will take place from 17th to 25th June 2017. 

The FAV will keep to aware a wide public to architecture, to highlight a young generation of architects and to discover places from the urban heritage.

Generazione: a Call From Rome

14:02 - 13 October, 2016
Generazione: a Call From Rome, Generazione: a call from Rome, credit by Alessio Agresta, Jacopo Costanzo, WAR.
Generazione: a call from Rome, credit by Alessio Agresta, Jacopo Costanzo, WAR.

The series will start next Friday, and the lectures will be every month up to June 2017 in Rome, at Casa dell’Architettura.
The participants - all born in the Eighties - will be paired in couples, in order to obtain an interesting dialogue in each and every meeting.

Call for Submissions: Next Step Program and Award

12:10 - 20 September, 2016
Call for Submissions: Next Step Program and Award

Next Step Program is a new program for emerging design talent in architecture. The initiative by BNA International (Netherlands) and developer SYNCHROON strives to give young designers the opportunity to make a next step in their careers.

Bauwelt Award 2017: First Works

15:40 - 9 August, 2016
Bauwelt Award 2017: First Works, Call for Projects: Bauwelt Award 2017
Call for Projects: Bauwelt Award 2017

The Bauwelt Award (consisting of 6 awards of 5000 Euros each), awarded this year for the 10th time in cooperation with Messe München, applies to all categories of “First Work” – from the interior design of shops and stores to prototypal constructions, from public housing projects to the restructuring of a public space and to temporary interventions - and a not-yet-realized project with socially relevant approach for the advancement award (award optional). Qualified for submission is every first work the submitter has realized on his or her own responsibility and which has been completed after September 30th, 2013.

2016 TID Excellence Awards for Architecture, Furniture Design & Interiors

09:00 - 22 July, 2016
2016 TID Excellence Awards for Architecture, Furniture Design & Interiors, TID EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016 - ARCHITECTURE, FURNITURE DESIGN & INTERIORS

Initiated by The Interior Directory, TID Excellence Awards 2016 is going to be the most significant student design competitions in the world. The competition features three categories: Architecture, Furniture Design and Interior Design. The Interior Directory serves as a global platform for architecture, design , interiors and latest in technology. TID Excellence Awards have been initiated to provide boost and incentive apart from name and fame to our future architects and designers.

Event: Guess-A-Sketch 2016

18:00 - 28 April, 2016
Event: Guess-A-Sketch 2016

Center for Architecture is proud to present the return of Guess-A-Sketch, a lively evening where architects, architecture enthusiasts, and young professionals gather for an architecture-themed, pictionary-style tournament. Charles Renfro, AIA will host the evening as Master of Ceremonies. Honoree sketchers draw iconic buildings as battling teams guess to win. Enjoy libations and hors d’oeuvres served all night. Audience members are encouraged to play by tweeting their guesses. 

Open Call: Young Architects' Competition 2016

07:00 - 25 March, 2016
Open Call: Young Architects' Competition 2016

Seoul Metropolitan City is holding ‘Young Architects’ Competition 2016: Parking Lot Cultural Space Creation’ to provide design participation chance for domestic and international young architects to promote architecture service industry and discover and nurture outstanding designers. In order to extend participation of rising architects, only architects under the age of 45 (who was born after Jan 1, 1971) can enter this design competition.

Call for Entries: The Site Gallery Design

07:53 - 4 February, 2016
Call for Entries: The Site Gallery Design

This international one-stage architecture competition invites all architecture students, young architects and young professionals with a degree in architecture studies (≤ 40 years old) to develop and submit compelling ideas for the design of a Site Gallery located near the River Tower (Torre do Rio) in the bank of the Guadiana River and adjacent to the fortified walls of the village of Mértola, Portugal.

Competition: Berlin University Residences (BUR)

08:19 - 10 January, 2016
Competition: Berlin University Residences (BUR)

With a population of 3.4 million inhabitants, Berlin is the largest city in Germany and one of the major enclaves of power and culture in Europe. The division of the city during the Cold War doubled the cultural offer. Two theaters, two philharmonic and two stadiums were built generating a great amount of establishments that after the unification enrich the collective culture. Berlin is the cultural capital of the country by excellence. Despite the atrocities it suffered in the past, the city is known for its religious tolerance and multiculturalism. Today the city coexists exemplarily withdifferent religions and cultures from

Why "Young Architecture" is a Detriment to the Profession

09:30 - 6 March, 2015
Why "Young Architecture" is a Detriment to the Profession, The Artworks Elephant by Harper Downie. Image Courtesy of The Architectural Review
The Artworks Elephant by Harper Downie. Image Courtesy of The Architectural Review

As one of the first organizations to implement a regular award for young architects, The Architectural Review has had its eye on youth for over a decade and a half. But with awards, exhibitions and media coverage of those conspicuously labeled as "Young Architects" proliferating in the years since, has the concept now been co-opted by those who merely seek to monetize and exploit architecture's most precarious practitioners? In this polemical article, originally published by The Architectural Review as "The problem with 'Young Architecture'," AR Assistant Editor Phineas Harper and Phil Pawlett Jackson unpick how the cult of "Young Architecture" has been absorbed into the profession, with potentially harmful ramifications.

When the romantic notion of the architect as auteur, a high priest in the cult of culture, is married to the virginal myth of untainted youth, a potent marketable commodity is brewed: the "Young Architect". All but invisible when the AR launched its Emerging Architecture prize at the end of the 20th century, this breed is now celebrated in numerous awards, exhibitions and published collections. But beware the cult of youth − there is a broad landscape of risks as well as opportunities facing designers who choose this identity willingly or have it thrust upon them.

MOS Architects wins the P.S.1 competition

04:30 - 29 January, 2009

We just got the news that MOS Architects won the competition to build a temporary installation at MoMA´s P.S.1 during this summer.

For this competition the P.S.1 invites each year a group of emerging architects to experiment with new shapes and materials, as Work AC did last year with their PF1 project.

MOS project is entitled Afterparty, a design that Micheal Meredith and Hilary Sample (MOS partners) say is meant  to honor and reflect current economic realities, by using basic materials. The main structure is a lightweight aluminum frame using recyclable parts which require minimal assembly, which will become a landmark for the neigborhood – all this on a USD$70,000 budget.

I spoke with Michael a few minutes ago and he refered to the name of the project: One thing about the “Afterparty,” as we’re calling it, is the need to look for new promiscuities after the party of a sort of high-formalism which has dominated academic discourse, and in our case it’s with the basic structural arch geometries, rough almost singular materiality and the production and interaction of “environment,” (literally cooling down the courtyard through stack effect) looking towards a more primitive state of architecture. – (See afterparty definition on Wikipedia).

The project is still under development, and we´ll keep you posted on further updates. We´ll try to do a good coverage on this as we did last year.

You can see other works from MOS previously featured on AD: Floating House and their ORDOS 100 villa.

More images of Afterparty after the break.

AD Interviews: Shohei Shigematsu, OMA*AMO NY

20:47 - 4 May, 2008

A few weeks ago we started conducting a series of video interviews with some of the most promising young architects. In times when “ architect may no longer mean architect“, they were asked to talk about key aspects of their role as an architect in modern society, among other topics to discuss about the direction of architecture.

Our first guest is Shohei Shigematsu (1973). He graduated from the Department of Architecture at Kyushu University in 1996, and then went to the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam. He started working at OMA in 1998, becoming an associate in 2004. He´s now the director of OMA*AMO NY, working on projects such as the CCTV Headquartes in Beijing, the design of the Whitney Museum extension in NY, the Millestain Hall at Cornell, the Stock Exchange at Shenzhen, the Torre Bicentenario in Mexico and a mixed use building in Jersey City.

Photos of OMA NY after the break.