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Top Architecture Offices Facebook Fan Pages

Do you think maybe it’s people that respect and admire these architects, and it’s reflected on their fan pages?

The World's Most Expensive Cities 2010

Looking for a new city to live? Maybe you should check this ranking first. ECA International has released the list of the 30 most expensive cities to live in. You can see that Tokyo took the first spot and Oslo moved from the 8th spot in 2009 to 2nd in 2010. The ranking is based on a basket of 128 goods including food, daily goods, clothing, electronics, and entertainment. You can see the complete ranking here, and check how much will lunch at a restaurant, a can of beer, o a movie ticket will cost you. Seen at Bloomberg Businessweek.

Best Cities for Design and Modern Architecture

Top 250 US Architectural Firms

Architectural Record recently published their Top 250 architecture firms. Companies are ranked according to revenue for architectural services performed in 2008 in $ millions.

Firms engaged in the business of architectural design that responded to Engineering News-Record’s annual Top 500 Design Firms survey submitted these revenue figures. Number 1 was for AECOM Technology Corporation (in the picture), an engineer-architect firm from Los Angeles, California.

The firms classify themselves by: A=Architect AE=Architects-Engineer AEC=Architect-Engineer-Contractor EA=Engineer-Architect

You can see the top 25, after the break.

The 10 Most Creative People in Architecture

ALSOP Architects
ALSOP Architects

Cliff Kuang from Fast Company has ranked the 10 most creative people in architecture. That doesn’t mean they’re the best, just the most unusual and influential visions in the field.

Be sure to check the architect’s works published on ArchDaily!

The complete list after the break.