La Salle Cuernavaca University Annex Building / GBF taller de arquitectura

© Luis Gordoa

Architects: GBF taller de arquitectura
Location: Cuernavaca, Morelos,
Design Team: Sergio R. Salas, Francisco Ramírez Díaz, Pedro Estrada Herrera
Project Area: 2,300 sqm
Project Year: 2013
Photographs: Luis Gordoa

17a Highbury Terrace Mews / Studio 54 Architecture

© Sarah Blee

Architects: Studio 54 Architecture
Location: , UK
Contractor: Fullers Builders
Year: 2013
Photographs: Sarah Blee

© Flickr CC User Michael Kötter
© Flickr CC User Michael Kötter

How Kiev’s Independence Square Helped Spur an Uprising

In a fascinating article for the GuardianOwen Hatherley visits Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kiev, the public square at the heart of the Ukranian revolution that ironically was designed under Stalin as a Baron Hausmann-style weapon against uprisings. Hatherley examines how elements of the public space were utilized by protesters, and how different areas of the square are now hosting a variety of political factions. You can read the full article here.

Strasbourg School of Architecture / Marc Mimram

© Julien Lanoo

Architects: Marc Mimram
Location: 4 Boulevard du Président Wilson, Strasbourg,
Area: 4,500 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Julien Lanoo

Amsterdam Metro Station / Maccreanor Lavington Architects

Courtesy of Maccreanor Lavington

Architects: Maccreanor Lavington Architects
Location: 1103 , The
Area: 1880.0 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Maccreanor Lavington

MONU Magazine New Issue: Geographical Urbanism

MONU Magazine New Issue: Geographical Urbanism

MONU– magazine on urbanism is a unique bi-annual international forum for artists, writers and designers that are working on topics of urban culture, development and politics.
Contrary to the simplified linear causality of the environmentalism of the past, which posited…

UNC Coastal Studies Institute / Clark Nexsen

© Mark Herboth

Architects: Clark Nexsen
Location: , NC, USA
Principal In Charge: Clymer Cease, AIA, LEED AP
Area: 63,190 sqft
Year: 2012
Photographs: Mark Herboth

VIDEO: “Ambient 30_60 – Yap_Constructo” by Cristobal Palma

Cristobal Palma from Estudio Palma presents his latest video of Ambient 30 60, UMWELT‘s pavilion for Yap_Constructo 2014 in Chile. The video aptly captures the spirit of the Young Architects Program (YAP) — an annual collaboration between the MoMA and MoMA PS1 that takes place in Istanbul, New York, Rome and Santiago.

Building Trust International Constructs Sustainable Housing in Cambodia

Courtyard House render. Image © Building Trust International

Building Trust International, in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity and Karuna , has realized three winning designs from the 2013 Future of Sustainable Housing in Cambodia competition. 

Built on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, the constructed designs sought to provide impoverished Cambodians with new options for safe and secure homes under $2000 that are capable of withstanding flood and able to be expanded in phases.

Check out the three completed designs, after the break…

Glass House Mountains House / Bark Design Architects

© Christopher Frederick Jones

Architects: Bark Design Architects
Location: QLD 4552,
Architects In Charge: Stephen Guthrie, Lindy Atkin
Year: 2013
Photographs: Christopher Frederick Jones

“Unfinished Spaces” Wins SAH Award for Film and Video

Alysa Nahmias and Benjamin Murray’s Unfinished Spaces has been awarded the 2014 Society of Architectural Historian’s (SAH) Award for Film and Video, an award presented annually to the “most distinguished work of film on the history of the built environment.” Initially released in 2011, the critically acclaimed documentary reveals the turbulent past of Fidel Castro’s Cuba and tells the story of his utopian dream to construct the Cuban National Arts Schools. You can learn more about the film and the school’s history, here.

LITTLE Designs Locally-Inspired Cultural Campus for Anqiu


The fertile Anqiu region of China’s Shangdong Province is known locally as the land of “cultivation, stone hills, and creeks.” Thus, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting’s (LITTLE) design for Anqiu’s new cultural campus and fitness center is based upon these very elements.

The campus will host five buildings raised on a plinth: a multi-functional citizen’s center, a 10,000 square meter performing arts building, a central public library, and two museums devoted to Anqiu’s history and urban development. Each of these buildings will be clad in a thin veneer of local stone, transforming them into rocky outcrops that reference the local hills.

LT Josai / Naruse Inokuma Architects

© Masao Nishikawa

Architects: Naruse Inokuma Architects
Collaborators: Hirotsugu Tsuboi Structural Engineers, Gn-setsubi
Area: 307 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Masao Nishikawa

Hello Wood 2014

Hello Wood is an international art program, taking place in , the countryside of between July 19 and July 27, 2014.All work, produced there, carries two attributes: it’s mostly from wood and it’s characterized by an interplay of art and social commitment. Hello Wood integrates various fields of art, design and science; it creates community and encourages talent. It brings together students and professionals from across borders, moreover it connects everyday people with the designer community.

This year, participants will have the opportunity to create 12 wood installations. To participate, you need to fill out the application form until May 16. The organization is also having an open call for workshop leaders.

All the information regarding the event, participation and workshop leaders after the break.

Condominium Polo Cachagua Etapa 1 / Estudio Valdés

© Felipe Díaz Contardo

Architects: Estudio Valdés
Location: Cachagua, , Valparaíso Region,
Architect In Charge: Leonardo Valdés Cruz, Carlos Ignacio Cruz Elton, Alberto Cruz Elton
Area: 1,286 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Felipe Díaz Contardo

Courtesy of SketchUp
Courtesy of SketchUp

SketchUp Announces Mobile Viewer for iPad

SketchUp have recently unveiled the latest app in their suite, SketchUp Mobile Viewer for iPad. Allowing “on the go” access to models, the app also features access to “the entire universe” of files in their 3D Warehouse. Users can use the same familiar features, such as Orbit, Pan and Zoom, to “present their own private 3D models to clients and partners.” With a price tag of $9.99 from Apple’s App Store, early reviews suggest that this is a good first step with some way yet to go. Being the first ever SketchUp tablet product (with a planned Android version in the works), it has been released in conjunction with SketchUp 2014 which incorporated BIM capabilities for the very first time.

Edificio Vitra / Sebastián Larroulet + Arturo López + Francisco Vergara A.

© Cristian Brahona

Architects: Sebastián Larroulet, Arturo López,
Location: , Metropolitan Region, Chile
Area: 8286.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Cristian Brahona, Courtesy of Sebastián Larroulet, Arturo López, Francisco Vergara

Origami Houses: Tables That Become Shelters When Disaster Strikes

The Floating Origami Houses. Image Courtesy of

In the immediate aftermath of an earthquake, the need to provide shelter and privacy for those affected is outranked only by the need for food and water. As such, a lot of effort is now put into planning for disaster: how will shelters be distributed? How can they be built cheaply, in large numbers? The answers to these questions have usually led to a standardized design, distributed to any part of the world in the days after an earthquake strikes.

But is this the best way to deal with these natural disasters? Architecture Global Aid, a group based in Spain and , thinks not. They’re developing a series of lightweight, fold-able shelters which are actually distributed to earthquake-prone areas in preparation for future earthquakes, rather than in response to one. And unusually, these “Origami Houses” have different designs to suit conditions in different countries.

Read on to find out more about these Origami Houses