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Women Architects: The Latest Architecture and News

How the Star System and Sexism Have Erased the Contribution of Women Architects in Intimate-Creative Partnerships

While women in architecture already face more obstacles than men in their careers, as proven by studies and research from across the globe, the disparities become even more obvious when it comes to partnerships involving both genders. In the history of the profession, there are many examples of office partnerships or collaborations that reveal the discrepancies in terms of recognition achieved by the work, reflected in awards, honors, citations, and salaries.

Many of these collaborations are between intimate couples who, as in any business partnership, design and make work decisions together. But in the particular case of architects in a heterosexual relationship, the role of the "wife" seems to have prevailed over that of collaborator, architect, or equal partner on many occasions.

Who Are Lacaton & Vassal? 15 Things to Know About the 2021 Pritzker Architecture Laureates

House in Bordeaux. Photo courtesy of Philippe RuaultMultipurpose Theater. Photo courtesy of Philippe RuaultTransformation of G, H, I Buildings, Grand Parc. Photo courtesy of Philippe RuaultLatapie House. Photo courtesy of Philippe Ruault+ 12

With a formal and material approach that differs from the scenarios we usually find in Architecture, Lacaton & Vassal —a French practice that marks its influence in contemporary times by being awarded the Pritzker Prize 2021— brings an open and generous vision to the field.

Project Galath3a: a Woman-Machine Collaboration at the Berlin Open Lab

Exploring the use of innovative technologies in architecture and practicing at the crossroads between art and spatial design, Gili Ron and Irina Bogdan have imagined project Galath3a, a woman-machine collaboration. The research-based venture uses a UR5 robotic arm named Gala (short for Galatea), to speculate on what is culturally considered as "womanly behavior".

Laboratory tests performed at Berlin Open Lab, Universität der Künste,Berlin. Image Courtesy of Gili Ron and Irina BogdanDesign proposal: Set design for “The Robot Salon”. Image Courtesy of Gili Ron and Irina BogdanDesign proposal: Set design for “The Robot Salon”. Image Courtesy of Gili Ron and Irina BogdanDesign proposal: Set design for “The Robot Salon”. Image Courtesy of Gili Ron and Irina Bogdan+ 9

10 Inspiring Interviews of Women In Architecture

In the midst of International Women’s Day which was on March 8th, this year features a week-long curation of articles and editorials by ArchDaily, seeking to dissipate the gender disparity that exists in the world of architecture. In highlighting women's voices in architectural conversations - the following are 10 interviews from ArchDaily’s archived Youtube playlists that feature inspiring women figures in the world of architecture.

8 Initiatives that Empower Women in the Architectural and Urban Fields

While in a lot of countries around the world, the construction, architecture, engineering, and urban planning sectors, are still reserved for men, initiatives that empower women in these fields are surfacing everywhere around the globe. Playing a huge role in the integration of female power into these disciplines, these movements take on many forms such as organizations, websites, platforms, etc. working with professionals, artisans, and workers.

From providing skills, connecting outstanding females, ensuring exposure, and promoting the works of pioneers, these initiatives have the common purpose of encouraging women to have an impact on their built environment.

Women in Urban Leadership: 6 Trailblazers You Should Get To Know

“Successful, vibrant, happy cities arise out of the visions of many, not the powerful few.” - Jane Jacobs.

While we’ve seen progress in female representation over the last century, women’s perspectives and voices are still significantly marginalized. This year, the UN reported that women serve as Heads of State or Government in only 22 countries and that 119 countries have never had a female leader, despite the strong case that their leadership makes for more inclusive decision-making and more representative governance. Moreover, women occupy just 10 percent of the highest-ranking jobs at the world’s leading architecture firms.

Courtesy of Charlie Hui, Viswerk. 2020.© Juju BerzôCourtesy of City of Amsterdam. 2021.Courtesy of Safetipin. 2021.+ 6

Lina Bo Bardi Wins Special Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in Memoriam

Lina Bo Bardi, one of the most important architects of Brazilian architecture, was selected as the recipient of the Special Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in memoriam of the Venice Biennale 2021 (also known as the Biennale Architettura 2021), which will open to the public on Saturday, May 22nd, 2021.

Sesc Pompéia / Lina Bo Bardi. Image © Pedro KokMASP / Lina Bo Bardi. Image © Flagrante / Romullo FontenelleTeatro Oficina / Lina Bo Bardi + Edson Elito. Image © Nelson KonRestaurante Coati / Lina Bo Bardi + Lelé. Image © Manuel Sá+ 6

Who Has Won the Pritzker Prize?

The Pritzker Prize is the most important award in the field of architecture, awarded to a living architect whose built work "has produced consistent and significant contributions to humanity through the art of architecture." The Prize rewards individuals, not entire offices, as took place in 2000 (when the jury selected Rem Koolhaas instead of his firm OMA) or in 2016 (with Alejandro Aravena selected instead of Elemental); however, the prize can also be awarded to multiple individuals working together, as took place in 2001 (Herzog & de Meuron), 2010 (Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA), and 2017 (Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, and Ramon Vilalta of RCR Arquitectes).

Wiki Women Design: Unlocking the Contributions of Belgian Female Designers on Wikipedia

The Flanders Architecture Institute has been working to bring “women who have left their mark on Belgium's design heritage out of the shadows”, through Wiki Women Design. Using Wikipedia as a platform, the initiative aims to organize edit-a-thons or writing sessions, to make up for this backlog.

Claire Bataille and Paul Ibens, ca. 1968. Archive of Claire Bataille and Paul Ibens Design, Collection Flemish Architecture Institute, Collection Flemish Community © Paul Lambert . Image Courtesy of Wiki Women DesignPainting student, class of Paul Delvaux at La Cambre, ca. 1960. École nationale supérieure des arts visuels - La Cambre, Brussels.. Image Courtesy of Wiki Women DesignMay Néama with her work for the provincial prize for graphic arts, 1965. Collection City of Antwerp, Letterenhuis. Image Courtesy of Wiki Women DesignElisabeth De Saedeleer and two sisters, 1923 © Heritage Association Businarias. Image Courtesy of Wiki Women Design+ 16

Jadue-Livingstone Will Design the Parque Observatorio on Cerro Calán in Santiago

The panel of judges overseeing the design contest for Parque Observatorio Cerro Calán in Santiago (Chile) publicized their final decision on January 28, naming Chilean firm Jadue-Livingstone as the winner out of the five finalists.

Organized by the Las Condes Municipality in collaboration with the University of Chile and the Cerros Isla Foundation, the contest aimed to find the best architectural and landscape design for an upcoming park in Santiago, Chile: the Parque Observatorio Cerro Calán, a 45 hectare space to be built around the already existing Observatorio Astronómico Nacional.

Plaza elevada. Image Cortesía de Parque Observatorio Cerro CalánEstanque. Image Cortesía de Parque Observatorio Cerro CalánZona de picinic. Image Cortesía de Parque Observatorio Cerro CalánNodo: Sendero Central. Image Cortesía de Parque Observatorio Cerro Calán+ 13

Pamela Conrad on Climate Positive Design, Landscape Architecture, and Carbon Sequestration

In 2019 CMG Landscape Architecture principal Pamela Conrad launched Climate Positive Design in an effort to help landscape architects design and build projects that can become climate positive. In this interview originally published on The Dirt, Jared Green talks with Conrad about how this approach can make a big difference.

"It’s my hope that things like this can give the next generation hope that there are solutions out there," states Conrad, a recipient of the 2018 Landscape Architecture Foundation Fellowship for the development of the award-winning Pathfinder landscape carbon calculator app and the Climate Positive Design Challenge.

The Women of HKS: Architects and Researchers Designing Resilient Cities

Designing resilient cities combines practical solutions with innovative ideas. Interdisciplinary global firm HKS is working to bring these ambitions to life with researchers, urban designers, nurses, anthropologists, graphic designers and more. Viewing design as a process of discovery, three directors at HKS are leading how cities explore research, equity and integration to create more resilient futures.

TWU 20 Year Vision. Image Courtesy of HKSUCSD North Torrey Pines. Image © Kehaulani CrooksHKS Hospital Asuncion Paraguay. Image Courtesy of HKSHKS Nemours Children's Hospital. Image Courtesy of HKS+ 11