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Uniting Science and Nature: Henning Larsen Wins Competition to Design B777 CERN Campus in France

Henning Larsen and Ramboll have won the competition to design the new campus for the prestigious scientific research center, CERN. Designed to integrate science and nature, the B777 building uses biogenic materials and low-carbon methods to reimagine traditional laboratory settings. Situated on the border of France and Switzerland, in CERN’s Prévessin Campus, the scheme aims to foster a sense of community, collaboration, and well-being.

RSHP Reveals Design for New Museum Woven into the Existing Urban ‘Tapestry’ of Bayeux, France

RSHP has unveiled the urban and architectural design for the new Bayeux Tapestry Museum. The intervention is created to house and display the Bayeux Tapestry, an embroidered cloth measuring 70 meters in length and depicting the events leading up to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 and culminating in the Battle of Hastings. The almost 1000 years-old artifact is also included in UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” list. The project proposes a contemporary extension of the 17th-century seminary where the Musée de la Tapisserie de Bayeux is located.

Navigating 2024: European Cities Tackle Urban Cooling, Congestion, and Connection

As we begin 2024, European cities present various urban development markers that are setting the path for the new year. Under themes of urban mobility in Brussels, sustainability in Valencia, Smart Cities in Rotterdam, and urban cooling in Paris, each city is making noteworthy progress on the road to 2030. In these diverse urban fabrics, European cities are demonstrating a commitment to defining challenges and working towards shaping a climate-conscious future.

Coldefy and Carlo Ratti Associati Reveal Design of the French Pavilion for Expo Osaka 2025

French architecture studio Coldefy and Italian architecture practice CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati have unveiled ‘Theatrum Naturae’, or ‘Theatre of Nature,’ the project selected as France’s national pavilion at Expo Osaka 2025. The proposal welcomes both natural and artificial habitats, aiming to illustrate how design can connect human and non-human worlds while showcasing France’s contribution to culture and the natural environment. In the exhibition, the visitors will be invited to explore France’s multiple ecosystems and rediscover a connection to nature.

RSHP Wins Competition to Transform Jean Moulin Site into Low-Carbon Mixed-Use Development in La Défense, Paris

RSHP has just won the Jean Moulin competition held in La Défense, Paris, to design a low-carbon mixed-use development. The competition is a part of the Paris business district initiative to become the world's first post-carbon business neighborhood, launching “Empreintes,” aiming to revolutionize five urban sites at the district’s periphery. Through collaboration with neighboring city centers, the scheme hopes to create various sustainable mixed-use properties.

The Reconstruction of Notre Dame’s Spire Nears Completion

In April 2019, a devastating fire engulfed the 860-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral in Pars, severely damaging its wooden roof and leading to the collapse of the 19th-century spire, originally designed by Viollet-le-Duc. Immediately after, French President Emmanuel Macron promised that the iconic monument would be restored in just 5 years, an ambitious deadline. As the restoration of the roof structures nears completion, in February 2023, the scaffolding for the reconstruction of the spire has been assembled. The Spire is expected to be finished by the end of the month.

Climat de France: Colonial Social Housing in Algeria by Fernand Pouillon

The Climat de France is a French colonial social housing project in Algeria designed by Fernand Pouillon and currently renamed Oued Koriche. Located approximately 8km west of the country’s capital, Algiers, it was built from 1954 to 1957, right in the middle of the Algerian War of Independence. The project has several buildings with different scales. Its most prominent structure is a large rectangular building that houses 3000 dwellings, along with a spacious interior square similar to a Roman forum and exterior windows inspired by the mosaics found in Islamic architecture.

Construction Starts on La Serre, MVRDV's Urban Oasis Outside Paris

Construction on MVRDV’s La Serre started. Situated in the ZAC Léon Blum eco-district in Issy-les-Moulineaux, just outside of Paris, and designed by MVRDV, in collaboration with landscape architect Alice Tricon, and developer OGIC, the scheme aims to challenge conventional apartment living by integrating nature into the urban setting. The project features housing units, shops, and ample greenery, aiming to create a haven of biodiversity.

A Recycling Center in Zurich and a Resilience Hub in Arizona: 8 Unbuilt Projects That Champion Adaptive Reuse

As the landscape of architecture and urban development adapts to the modern climate, the traditional notion of construction has been significantly modified and adjusted. Specifically, principles of reuse, recycling, adaptive reuse, and the power of transforming existing structures into something more meaningful and sustainable have gained much traction. Looking at these curated collections of unbuilt projects, one can begin exploring a different way of looking at buildings and heritage, which is significantly more sensitive to the built environment.

Le Berlier, the 50-Meter-Tall Timber Tower Designed by Moreau Kusunoki, Opens in Paris, France

In Paris’ thirteenth arrondissement, the architecture office Moreau Kusunoki has completed Le Berlier, a 50-meter-tall timber tower housing residential units along with various other amenities. Situated at the intersection of multiple urban flows, networks, and scales, the project aims to find the middle ground between innovation, monumentality, and domesticity. The new residential center expresses its structural system through the grid of the façade, rendered in charred and pre-weathered wood.

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