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Call for Submissions: The 2020 AZ Awards for Design Excellence

AZURE announces the opening of submissions to the 2020 AZ Awards!

Now entering its 10th year, the AZ Awards celebrates the best in architecture and design from around the world. Each winner will receive the AZ Awards trophy, get international exposure through our media partners, and have their achievements recognized by AZURE in print, online and at the AZ Awards gala in June 2020.

The AZ Awards is open to architects, interior designers, landscape architects, product designers, industrial designers, experimental graphic designers, product manufacturers and students in design-related disciplines.

Early-bird deadline: January 31, 2020
Competition closes: February 18, 2020

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity! Submit

Archisource - Drawing of the Year Competition

Archisource presents ‘Drawing of the Year 2019’. Our first competition celebrating the talent of architecture and design students and young professionals through a single drawing. With four categories to win from, we are celebrating the extensive variety of drawings that are created around the world each year.

This competition is in no way limited to architecture and we very much welcome those from other arts and design industries.

We are collaborating with a number of exciting partners to provide a collection of prizes worth a total of £1,500 including; a limited edition physical award designed by Mamou-Mani Architects, an Artist 15.6

Academia 20 Gym / Studioworkers

© Ivo Tavares Studio © Ivo Tavares Studio © Ivo Tavares Studio © Ivo Tavares Studio + 47

  • Architects: Studioworkers
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 12217.0 ft²
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2018

CTBUH 2019 International Student Tall Building Design Competition

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is pleased to announce its 8th International Student Tall Building Design Competition. The goal of the competition is to shed new light on the meaning and value of tall buildings in modern society.

CTBUH 2019 Student Research Competition: Tall Building Performance

The goal of the 2019 Student Research Competition is to assist talented students, working in groups under the guidance of a professor, to focus on a relevant research question, and create an engaging output as a response. Research proposals should directly relate to the 2019 topic of “Sustainable Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat”. Proposals can come from any topic/discipline, including but not limited to: architecture, construction, energy issues, environmental engineering, façade design, financial & cost issues, fire & life safety, humanities, infrastructure, interiors, maintenance & cleaning, materials, MEP engineering, policy making, resource management, seismic, social aspects, structural engineering, systems development, urban planning, vertical transportation, wind engineering, etc.

International Student Tall Building Design Competition

The goal of the competition, which is open to all students who are currently enrolled at the university level, is to shed new light on the meaning and value of tall buildings in modern society. Participants should engage with the exploration and resolution of the synergistic relationship between a tall building and its urban setting; how that tall building can be inspired by the cultural, physical, and environmental aspects of its site; how the program of the building is influenced by the micro and macro site/urban conditions; and how the building responds to global issues. Proposals should show evidence of a clear understanding of how considerations of structure, environment, servicing, etc. are as vital to the success of a tall building as the form, materials, aesthetics, etc.

Berlin Architecture Museum Student and Young Architects Competition

Berlin has been a main witness of the greatest cultural, religious, political and artistic transfor­mations of Europe throughout the centuries and its architectural and urban heritage allow us to revisit through its streets, monuments and buildings the convulsive history of this continent. From its origins in the middle Ages it has witnessed the raise of the Prussian Empire and its collapse after the First World War, its resurgence as the Weimar Republic and later the formation of the III Reich. It has seen the horrors of World War II, occupied and divided by a shameful wall for almost 30 years and later, after its fall, it has experienced the reunification of a country to finally establish itself as the most important capital of Europe.

Open Call: International Housing Competition - Straw Bale Eco House.

COMPETITION NAME: Straw Bale Ecological House.

LOCATION: El Clavín estate, a housing development only 5 minutes drive from the city of Guadalajara, Spain.

ELIGIBILITY: Architects and architecture students, construction and design professionals

Abouthaus is a training and service platform for people who are building their own house. One of our main services is organizing international housing contests.


The Straw Bale Ecological House competition is a contribution to the natural, sustainable and efficient homebuilding.

The eco-house will be built with a modular and prefabricated system of straw bales, a green roof, a greenhouse and consequently a high level of energy efficiency.

A successful

From Digital to Built: Six Experimentations With Brick

Argentine firm Estudio Arzubialde and Chilean architect Verónica Arcos led a Material Experimentation Workshop in Rosario, Argentina, during which six different groups of students designed and built projects using a variety of brick laying techniques.

Each project used different brick patterns based on simple rules, resulting in a structure with a certain degree of geometric complexity. 

© TEM 2015 © TEM 2015 © TEM 2015 © TEM 2015 + 38

Open Call: 2019 UIA-CBC International Colleges and Universities Competitive Construction Workshop

Open Call: 2019 UIA-CBC International Colleges and Universities Competitive Construction Workshop

2019 UIA-CBC International Colleges and Universities Competitive Construction Workshop is now calling for participants from all around the world! Started in 2016 International Colleges and Universities Construction Competition initiated by CBC (China Building Centre), this annual event has been successfully hosted in different places of China and acquired a wide recognition at home and abroad. This year, International Union of Architects (UIA) joined as the international supporter of this event and make it the first China-based International construction competition on such level. 

African School Project: Education for the future

Many developing countries are seeking universal education, gender equality, and women's empowerment. Educating children helps reduce poverty and will give the next generation the tools to achieve upward mobility and conquer disease. Education also offers children a safe environment, with support, supervision, and socialization. Here they learn life skills that can help them prevent diseases, including HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention. Children may receive life-saving vaccines, fresh water, and nutrient supplementation at school.



TRANS PLAN is an international student design competition organized by A2G (Architecture Gallery at the Faculty of Architecture University of Manitoba). The competition is open to all students registered in a spatial design (architecture, interior, landscape, urban, and so on) and or an exhibition design programs.

The challenge of TRANS PLAN 2018 is to design an immersive installation that evolves throughout the duration of the exhibition. The winning entry, selected by the jury, will be installed at A2G for public viewing for 50+/- days in the fall of 2018.

[Design Brief]

Can space evolve through its contextual and environmental

AJ Student Survey Results Pose a Worrying Question: Is Architecture Becoming an Elitist Subject?

The Architects' Journal’s 2018 student survey has revealed troublesome, though perhaps not surprising, trends within the profession. The results of the survey, drawn from nearly 500 students in the UK, suggest that the economically fortunate are more likely to succeed within a culture that promotes unsociable and unhealthy working hours.

The numbers paint a bleak picture of the architecture student lifestyle in the UK, where, including tuition fees, students are now forking out an average of £24,000 per year. 44% of respondents identified this as the largest problem for them and their peers.

So as the traditional route into the profession becomes “increasingly out of reach for many,” is it time for schools and offices to reevaluate their methods in order to maintain a diverse, accessible architecture?

Courtesy of AJ Courtesy of AJ Courtesy of AJ Courtesy of AJ + 5

Young Talent Architecture Award 2018 Announces 4 Winners

Courtesy of YTAAwards
Courtesy of YTAAwards

The four winners of the Young Talent Architecture Award (YTAA) 2018—a competition run by the European Commission, the Fundació Mies van der Rohe, the Architects’ Council of Europe, and the European Association for Architectural Education—have been announced. With “implicit social and cultural relevance,” each of the winning projects deals with the theme of heritage in a personal yet visionary manner, leading to a set of projects that “show good architectural citizenry.” In the second edition of the competition, 451 students from 118 schools participated, representing 32 countries from across Europe (with China and South Korea participating as Guest Countries).

Read on to see the four winners with descriptions of their projects provided by the Young Talent Architecture Award.

Courtesy of Hendrik Brinkmann Courtesy of Loed Stolte Courtesy of Loed Stolte Courtesy of Matthew Gregorowski + 34

Amanda Levete Architects Unveil Oxford University Addition

London-based AL_A, spearheaded by Amanda Levete, have revealed their design for two new buildings at the Wadham College site of the historic Oxford University in England. The Dr. Lee Shau Kee Building and William Doo Undergraduate Centre will provide much-needed space for undergraduate services to support the University's access programs as well as new gathering places for the student body. The firm has been developing the expansion since securing the project after an invited design competition in the summer of 2016.

Connect Student Design Competition

Now in its sixth year, CONNECT highlights innovative design programs at universities throughout the country. Students, under the supervision of university faculty, have the opportunity to design environments that incorporate seating and lighting installations, with the intention of offering an intimate area on the show floor where attendees can sit, relax and "connect." Exhibits will be located throughout the show floor, providing SOFA CHICAGO's international audience an opportunity to experience the innovation and creativity of future designers.

Deepen Your Understanding of Construction and Materials With These Online Courses

How much do you wish you knew about carpentry, solar energy or masonry? Leonardo Da Vinci said, "the noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding." Those who are open to learning and expanding their horizons are more likely improve their approach to design. If you've always wanted to understand more about construction processes, structures or materials, this list of online courses is for you. 

We scoured MOOC platforms and databases to highlight a series of online courses related to construction and building materials.  Many of the courses are permanently available and can be taken immediately; we've also provided information so that you may contact the universities or instructors to inquire about start dates, certificates, costs, course language and other relevant details.

How Did You Finance Your Model-Making and Printing Costs During Architecture School?

Architecture is well-known as one of the more expensive professions to study given the high costs for supplies. The fast-paced rhythm of traditional studio courses requires students to present their design ideas using drawings, diagrams, renderings, and collages—usually plotted onto paper—adding to the already high cost of creating physical models. The price tag for studying and practicing architecture is a cost that the entire profession has assumed, for better or worse.

If you aren't one of the lucky few residing in a country or state in which education is free, or in which there are significant financial aid support systems, the constant extra cost of building models and printing presentation materials has a big impact. In the best case (and only in cases in which the family is in the fortunate position to do so) parents supplement the extra money need; but in many cases, students must work while studying. What else can you do when you're expected to produce a final project or thesis that can total hundreds or even thousands of dollars to produce?