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Retrofuturism's New Series Places Contemporary Landmarks in Old Persian Paintings

Architect and visual artist Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar has been conceptually combining contemporary landmarks with traditional Iranian houses and palaces, in a photo-series titled "Retrofuturism". In his latest collection, the Persian architect chose to displace iconic structures and place them in 19th century paintings of the country by artist Eugène Flandin.

© Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar© Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar© Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar© Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar+ 10

Dust, Cracked Walls, and Enchanting Artwork

Magic lies in architectural ruins. Beneath the dirt and mold, fractured walls and deserted rooms still stand, preserving the remains that have lingered long after their owners' departure.

During his explorations of abandoned places across Europe, photographer Romain Veillon stumbled upon enchanting frescoes and paintings that were left to fade in the parlors of the aristocrats. Veillon became keen on finding more of these imaginary museums across the continent, and to his chance, managed to discover many in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and Portugal.

Before their art is forgotten and their houses quietly rust away, Veillon captured the murals found in these haute bourgeoisie family houses, which illustrate stories of the cities they lay in and the people they once belonged to.

© Romain Veillon© Romain Veillon© Romain Veillon© Romain Veillon+ 37