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A Theme Park-Inspired Urban Design in Italy and a Floating Neighbourhood in Iran: 10 Unbuilt Projects Submitted to Archdaily

Urban design is increasingly striving for more inclusive, sustainable environments, bringing together various groups and activities, and fostering social interaction. This week's curated selection of the Best Unbuilt Architecture focuses on urban designs, large-scale urban development projects and masterplans submitted by the ArchDaily Community, showcasing how architects around the world work with and shape the urban fabric of highly diverse environments.

Berlin’s Architectural Transition to Postmodernism Gets an Overdue Examination

The Berlinische Galerie's exhibition Anything Goes? recounts how a global, contradictory Postmodernism took root on both sides of the Berlin Wall in the 1980s. Florian Heilmeyer in his piece originally published on Metropolis discusses the ambitious exhibition that was able to look simultaneously at both sides of the German city at that time.

Barcode Architects and Tchoban Voss Architekten Illustrate Germany's Cultural Shift in new Dresden Headquarters

Barcode Architects and Tchoban Voss Architekten have landed the win of the Dresden City Public Administration Headquarters design competition. The proposed building will have a dynamic, three-layered façade that compliments Dresden's architecture and carefully embeds it with its surroundings. The 34,000m2 'Verwaltungszentrum' will be part of a larger urban transformation of the Ferdinandplatz, and is expected to be complete in 2025.

"Sustainability Is A Synonym Of Beauty": In Conversation With Anna Heringer

Talking to the Louisiana Channel, German architect Anna Heringer outlines the way she works and her multi-disciplinary approach to architectural practice. Growing up in a small town at the Austrian-Bavarian border close to Salzburg - Heringer spent a year living and working in Bangladesh at the age of 19, a place that is now home to a majority of her office's projects. Heringer describes herself as a mix of things in addition to being an architect, describing herself as an activist and a development worker - using her creativity to explore ideas in a variety of forms and media.

An Irish Embassy in Tokyo and a Bridge Over the Nile: 11 Unbuilt Projects Submitted to ArchDaily

Focusing on competition entries, this week’s curated selection of the best-unbuilt architecture draws from proposals submitted by the ArchDaily Community to highlight award-winning design across the globe. Made for diverse programming, the entries each explore how to build upon the identity of local sites to win their respective competition. Together, they showcase contemporary formal, spatial and conceptual approaches.

Project Galath3a: a Woman-Machine Collaboration at the Berlin Open Lab

Exploring the use of innovative technologies in architecture and practicing at the crossroads between art and spatial design, Gili Ron and Irina Bogdan have imagined project Galath3a, a woman-machine collaboration. The research-based venture uses a UR5 robotic arm named Gala (short for Galatea), to speculate on what is culturally considered as "womanly behavior".

6 Schools That Defined Their Own Architectural Styles

Architectural education has always been fundamentally influenced by whichever styles are popular at a given time, but that relationship flows in the opposite direction as well. All styles must originate somewhere, after all, and revolutionary schools throughout centuries past have functioned as the influencers and generators of their own architectural movements. These schools, progressive in their times, are often founded by discontented experimental minds, looking for something not previously nor currently offered in architectural output or education. Instead, they forge their own way and bring their students along with them. As those students graduate and continue on to practice or become teachers themselves, the school’s influence spreads and a new movement is born.

Mad Arkitekter to Design Germany's Tallest Wooden Tower

Mad Arkitekter and Mud Landscape Architects, have won the international competition to design a vertical city quarter in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Selected from 14 submissions of well-known European architecture firms taking part in the contest, the proposal re-interprets the district in a vertical configuration. Set to be 98 meters high, with 29 floors, the Woho project will become Germany's tallest three-hybrid construction, once completed.

UNStudio Introduces New Flexible Urban Living Concept in the Van B Residences in Munich

UNStudio and Bauwerk have created a new ‘analog smart’ urban living concept for the Van B residences in Munich, Germany. The completely new form of housing reimagines the future of city living, catering to changing demographics and multiple family constellations. Through adaptable partitions and a system of plugin furniture, the project allows an easy change of configuration. “Quality meters over square meters”.

“Most Importantly, I Can Stimulate Processes": In conversation with Christoph Hesse

Vladimir Belogolovsky speaks with Christoph Hesse over Skype between New York and his office in Korbach, Germany to discuss his pioneering projects and why working in the countryside is relevant.

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