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The Multiple Facets of the Architect: Exploring the Works of Álvaro Siza Vieira

When it comes to contemporary Portuguese architecture, the initial association often leans towards tradition. The historical significance of the program, the importance of typologies for the locals, and the construction methods all play a role. These associations are not unfounded, but they are not limiting either. In this context, Portugal boasts a prominent figure who exemplifies this balance: Álvaro Siza Vieira.

From Erudite to Popular: Exploring the Works of Aires Mateus

Despite operating from distinct offices in Portugal, brothers Manoel and Francisco have forged their professional paths in tandem, collectively known as Aires Mateus, a shared surname. As a cohesive duo, these Portuguese architects have left their mark on projects across multiple countries, establishing themselves as a benchmark in contemporary architecture. They are praised for their innovative and elegant designs, gaining global acclaim for their ability to integrate simplicity, tradition, and functionality.

Dissolving Boundaries Between Art and Architecture: Exploring the Works of Diogo Aguiar Studio

There are numerous intersections between art and architecture, including aesthetic enjoyment, formal element composition, the relationship with the environment, and abstraction. The unique combinations of these aspects distinguish each architecture office or artist in their practice and language. Diogo Aguiar Studio is an architecture office that actively explores these intersections, pushing the boundaries that traditionally separate art from architecture.

“Architecture Can Be Bigger Than Its Own Scale or Temporality”: An Interview With Diogo Aguiar Studio

As tragic as they may be, crises often foster adaptability and resilience. In architecture, they challenge professionals to adapt their production to smaller and less frequent orders. That is the case of Diogo Aguiar Studio, a Portuguese studio based in Porto founded in 2016, in the recovery from a profound economic crisis, which, since its emergence, has been forced to reinvent ways of operating within the field of architecture.

Getting to Know the Work of fala

With a diverse and highly distinctive portfolio of projects, particularly notable for their innovative representations, the architecture office fala is marked by a bold, refined, and dynamic creative process. Established in 2013 by architects Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares, and Ahmed Belkhodja, fala is headquartered in Porto, Portugal, and typically engages in projects across various scales, ranging from territories to birdhouses.

Pure Forms (And Emotions): Getting to Know the Work of spaceworkers

The experience of a space depends on various factors, including its size, lighting, views, temperature, and uniqueness. In essence, multiple architectural elements evoke emotions in individuals, both intentional and unintentional. For architects, alongside considerations like client preferences and project proposals, there exists a formal intention, an aesthetic aspect that aligns with the artistic dimension of their discipline. Striking the right balance between these aspects forms the foundation of architectural thinking. This commitment to balance guides the work of spaceworkers, a firm founded by Carla Duarte, who serves as the financial director, and creative directors Henrique Marques and Rui Dinis.

"Concrete Landscape": Álvaro Siza's Documentary Is Available for Streaming Now

In Porto Alegre, the building of the Iberê Camargo Foundation; in the city of Porto, the office of Álvaro Siza, the architect and author of the celebrated project for the institution's headquarters, inaugurated in 2008. Throughout 70 minutes, the documentary "Paisagem Concreta" or Concrete Landscape navigates between these two ports.

Eduardo Souto de Moura Receives the Gold Medal from the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid

The Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura will receive yet another international recognition for his career. On October 20th, the Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid or Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid (CBA) will award the architect the Gold Medal, its highest distinction. This tribute not only adds to Souto de Moura's extensive list of accolades, which includes the 2011 Pritzker Prize and the 2013 Wolf Prize, among others but also represents an expression of appreciation from the world of culture and the arts for a career and body of work that transcend architecture and "reach the dimension of poetry through the acceptance of the technical demands of buildings

Tradition and Details: Getting to Know Carlos Castanheira’s Work

The history of architecture is marked by a rich array of styles and expressions, each of which reflects the specific environment it was created in. Numerous unique narratives have emerged, giving rise to various architectural traditions. The notion of a single, universal tradition is quickly debunked when one explores the pages of any architectural history book.

Wood in Architecture: 9 Unbuilt Timber Projects Submitted by the ArchDaily Community

Sustainability has taken center stage in the broad world of architecture and design, inspiring and directing the construction of new structures towards environmental harmony. The use of wood, a classic material with enormous potential to lessen our ecological impact while providing limitless design possibilities, is a notable example of this movement's implementation. In the fight for sustainability in the field of architecture, wood has become an ally. Its distinctive qualities, such as renewability and carbon neutrality, have inspired creative methods among architects worldwide.

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