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Blurred Border, a Conceptual Intervention Where Form Complements the Essence

The Ukrainian based architecture and design firm O.M.SHUMELDA has conceived a conceptual project that embodies a small terminal that draws the borders of the country. Without acting as a separation, Blurred Border is a proposal that impresses and inspires first comers.

Austrian Bureau Selected to Design the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center in Kyiv

The proposal of the Austrian architecture bureau, Querkraft Architekten, with the landscape architect Kieran Fraser Landscape Design, was selected unanimously as the winning project for the future Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center in Kyiv, Ukraine. Planned to be built on a site that has witnessed massive massacres, the center will be the first Holocaust Memorial in Eastern Europe.

Kharkiv School of Architecture Celebrates BA Inauguration and 2019 EU Mies Award

The Kharkiv School of Architecture is celebrating a prosperous year of academic and international achievements. In addition to hosting the nominated projects of the 2019 EU Mies Awards, the school has completed its first year of BA in Architecture. To celebrate these milestones, the school has organized a double exhibition showcasing the works of first-year students, as well as displaying the projects of Europe's most innovative architects.

ArchDaily & Strelka Award: Last Day to Vote and Decide the Winners

Readers of ArchDaily and Strelka Mag have selected a shortlist of 15 architectural projects nominated for the joint ArchDaily & Strelka Award, which celebrates emerging architects and new ideas that transform the contemporary city. The second stage of voting, which will last until August 15, will decide the three winners.

ArchDaily & Strelka Award: Vote Now to Decide the Winners

ArchDaily, Strelka Institute, and Strelka KB have selected a long list of 50 architectural projects nominated for the joint ArchDaily & Strelka Award, which celebrates emerging architects and new ideas that transform the contemporary city. Now the readers of ArchDaily and Strelka Mag can vote for their favorite project to decide the finalists.

Architect Transforms a Copenhagen Railway Depot into a Colorful Playground

The 2019 CANactions International Architecture Festival focused on an exploration of a notion of "Hromada" — Ukrainian name for the 'community', which is embedded into the country's historic and cultural codes and reflected in contemporary social movements and architectural forms.

33BY Designs Babi Yar Memorial for Ukraine

Ukraine-based 33BY Architecture has designed a Babi Yar memorial and information center for the city of Kiev. The concept of the project is designed to remind people about the tragedy at Babi Yar from 1941-1943. The info center was made to be a Holocaust memorial that could be moved and reinstalled in different locations. The project aims to convey the tragedy of events and create a space for contemplation and remembrance.

Celebrate Ukraine's Soviet Brutalist Architecture with this New Short Film

The fall of the Iron Curtain in 1991 came not only with political, economic, and social implications but also left behind a distinctive style of architecture. This architecture, under the Soviet regime, was a system which relied on quantifiable targets, such as the Five Year Plan. These quotas forced architects to evaluate building projects in terms of material and labor costs, number of units, volume of skilled and unskilled labor, and so forth. As a result, architecture across these regions became an industrial commodity, an outward flex of power and technological innovation, and a collective of architects executing a Stalinist vision.

This Crowdsourced and Crowdfunded Pavilion in Ukraine Embodies the Collaborative Spirit

In Dnipro, Ukraine, sits a unique multi-purpose pavilion rich with historical roots and design influence. Stage is a collaborative project between architects from Ukraine, Poland, Denmark and Italy, crowdsourced and crowdfunded by the citizens of Dnipro. The site for the pavilion has been centered around community involvement throughout the complex history of Dnipro, but it has laid unused for over 70 years.

The Architecture of Chernobyl: Past, Present, and Future

April 26th saw the 32nd anniversary of the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, with the explosion of the Reactor 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine causing the direct deaths of 31 people, the spreading of radioactive clouds across Europe, and the effective decommissioning of 19 miles of land in all directions from the plant. Thirty-two years later, a dual reading of the landscape is formed: one of engineering extremes, and one of eeriness and desolation.

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