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Ooda Reveals New HQ and Museum for Portuguese Football League ‘Liga Portugal’

Portugal-based OODA firm has revealed the design of the headquarters of the Portuguese Professional Football League in Oporto. Located in an area marked by discord and urban diversity, the building is a bold statement in this urban environment and will help to develop the adjacent neighborhoods.

Portugal in Small-Scale: 15 Architecture Projects Under 25m²

It is becoming a priority for architects to optimize projects that require increasingly smaller spaces, especially when building in urban areas where land value is often the most critical factor. This happens in countries like Portugal, for example, where urban plots are scarce and the properties available for remodeling are usually very small.

Working on a small scale offers somewhat playful flexibility. From adaptable interiors to urban installations and treehouses, one must use the imagination to solve the issues of limited space or budget. Check out the following 15 projects in Portugal —from stores to small pavilions— that show that spatial limitations do not diminish the quality of architecture.

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Landscape Design: Drawings, References and Concepts

Successful landscaping is more than just an innate desire to always be in touch with nature. Designing the landscape of public spaces, gardens, or even indoors is an ever-growing concern due to how the arrangement of elements in space can impact not only spatial but also psychological perceptions, contributing to improved comfort and quality for visitors.

Paulo Mendes da Rocha Donates His Complete Collection to Casa da Arquitectura in Portugal

Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha donated his entire collection to Casa da Arquitectura - Portuguese Centre for Architecture based in Matosinhos, which is dedicated to preserving and sharing architectural documents. Considered to be the world's most renowned living Brazilian architect, he signed the contract with the institution last year in December, one month after being invited to donate the material.

The arrival of the entire Paulo Mendes da Rocha collection follows the donation of the National Coach Museum project in 2015, and of a set of seven projects for the Brazilian Architecture Collection in 2018. The material which now arrives at Casa da Arquitectura will be received by more than 30 employees dedicated to inventorying and organizing the thousands of items produced during his long professional life from the 1950s to the present day.

Brazilian Maps from the Venice Biennale 2018 On Sale To Fight Coronavirus in the Amazon

The recently launched non-profit initiative TomorrowAnew (Amanhã (de)Novo) is selling 10 large-scale maps produced for the Brazilian pavilion’s exhibition at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 to help fight COVID-19 in Brazil.

The cartographies reveal different facets of Brazil and examine the nature of the visible and invisible walls that define the country. They were produced by the exhibition’s curators Gabriel Kozlowski, Sol Camacho, Laura González Fierro and Marcelo MaiaRosa in collaboration with 200 professionals from 10 different disciplines

Atelier Marko Brajovic Creates Home Office Capsule That Fits in Any House

Brazilian architecture firm Atelier Marko Brajovic in partnership with the agency ℓiⱴε (Live) and Oca Brasil has just launched their new project, HOM, a kind of portable capsule that provides suitable workspace inside the house. The design explores a relatively new demand of the post-pandemic household, offering "a safe, controlled and equipped workspace," which integrates organically with the home environment.

Francis Kéré: "I Am Privileged to Be Able to Serve My Community"

As part of our partnership with the 27th World Congress of Architects, we are sharing here an interview with architect Francis Kéré, a speaker confirmed for the UIA2021RIO, conducted by architect Miguel Pinto Guimarães.

Economy of Means Discussed by Sharon Johnston, Kersten Geers, and Robin Collyer at the Lisbon Triennale

The Lisbon Architecture Triennale published on Vimeo the series of debates Talk, Talk, Talk held during its 5th edition, which was curated by Éric Lapierre. Divided into five major exhibitions, the Triennale addressed in one of them the issue of economy of means, discussed in the debates below.

IABsp Announces Curatorial Team for XII International Architecture Biennale of São Paulo

IABsp announced the curatorial team of the Open Call for Curation for XII International Architecture Biennale of São Paulo. The team formed by the Brazilian architects Ciro Miguel, Vanessa Grossman and the French Charlotte Malterre-Barthes were chosen by the jury through the proposal titled Todo Dia.

IABsp Launches OPEN CALL for Curation for XII International Architecture Biennale of São Paulo

Celebrating its 75th anniversary, the Institute of Architects of Brazil - Department of São Paulo (IABsp) has launched an unprecedented call for the selection of a curatorial proposal for the Architecture Biennale of São Paulo, to be held between September and December 2019. The proposal should formulate and justify the core program, concepts and themes that frame the Biennale.