AD Classics: National Museum of Roman Art / Rafael Moneo

© Flickr user James Gordon

Arches have long been used to mark the greatest achievements of Roman civilization. Constantine, Titus, and Septimus Severus built them to commemorate their military victories. Engineers at Segovia and Nîmes incorporated them into their revolutionary aqueducts. And fifteen hundred years after the Fall of Rome, Rafael Moneo gave a modern touch to the ancient structure in Mérida’s breathtaking National Museum of Roman Art, located on the site of the former Iberian outpost of Emerita Augusta. Soaring arcades of simple, semi-circular arches merge historicity and contemporary design, creating a striking yet sensitive point of entry to the remains of one of the Roman Empire’s greatest cities.

Dune House / Marc Koehler Architects

© Filip Dujardin

Architects: Marc Koehler Architects
Location: Terschelling,
Architect In Charge: Carlos Moreira
Area: 180.0 sqm
Year: 2015
Photographs: Filip Dujardin

‘The Listeners Project’ Create Four Short Films In London’s Former BBC Television Centre

: four short in the former BBC Television Centre. Image Courtesy of

The Listeners Project, a small London-based initiative that works with young filmmakers in unique architectural spaces to develop and create short films, have taken residence in the former BBC Television Centre. The building, designed by Graham Dawbarn of Norman & Dawbarn in the late 1940s, has an iconic plan that resembles a question mark. The centre, which was once the beating heart of the majority of the British Broadcasting Company’s television production, was listed in 2009 before it was finally vacated in 2013.

Cabin at Femunden / Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter

© Tom Gustavsen

Architects: Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter
Location: Femund,
Area: 85.0 sqm
Year: 2015
Photographs: Tom Gustavsen

Innsbruck Trade Fair A / ARGE CNBZ Architects

© Hanspeter Schiess

Location: Innsbruck,
Architects In Charge: Andreas Cukrowicz, Stefan Abbrederis
Partner Architects: Cukrowicz Nachbaur Architects Zt Gmbh (Bechter Zaffignani, Thomas Marte)
Area: 20715.0 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Hanspeter Schiess

Farmhouse / Minako Wakasa

© Yoshihiro Asada

Location: Shiga Prefecture,
Collaborator: Motoaki Sano
Site Area: 359,48m²
Area: 156.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Yoshihiro Asada

Hello Wood 2015: Project Village


Hello Wood is looking for students and young architects, designers, and artists in their Project Village, its 2015 workshop and symposium held 11-19 July. Applications are due before the 16th of May.

This year’s event follows the success of Hello Wood’s workshop in the summer of 2014, which saw participation from over 120 architects, artists and designers from 25 countries. Project Village will examine the typology of the village and the means for its production, proposing new and more efficient methods of master planning and construction. Among the invited team leaders of Hello Wood 2015 are: the founder of Invisible Studio and Studio in the Woods, Piers Taylor; winner of ArchDaily’s Building of the Year 2014 award, Katsuya Fukushima; and founders of 72 Hour Urban Action architectural group. Open Call for students is available here.

Anne Démians Wins Competition to Renovate France’s Nobel School


French architect Anne Démians has been named the winner of a competition to renovate and expand the Paris Tech Higher School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry (ESPCI), the 120-year old Nobel School. The competition, which seeks to convert the university into a leading research center, garnered submissions from such designers as Rem Koolhaas and Renzo Piano. As part of a larger transformative campaign undertaken by the school, the ESPCI redesign aims to elevate the Ile de area to a metropolis standing.

Read on after the break for more on the 176 million Euro proposal.

Maison D / Fouquet Architecture Urbanisme

© Philippe Ruault

Architects: Fouquet Architecture Urbanisme
Location: , France
Architect In Charge: Gabriel Lefèvre
Area: 148.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Philippe Ruault

eVolo’s 20 Most Innovative Skyscrapers

Cloucity / Juerg Burger, Ge Men, Qingchuan Yang, Yin Li, Wei Hou. Image Courtesy of

In the celebratory spirit of its recent 2015 Skyscraper Competition, eVolo has compiled a list of the contest’s most innovative submissions. 20 skyscrapers from 13 countries rose above the rest in terms of their unorthodox forms and imaginative solutions to socio-environmental issues. The avant-garde designs, which range from self-sustaining micro-climates to extensive sky-bound bicycle networks, address the cultural, social, and sustainable contexts of the future through groundbreaking means.

See all 20 innovative after the break.

Light Matters: Heightening The Perception Of Daylight With Henry Plummer (Part 1)

Therme Vals, Switzerland by Peter Zumthor. Image © Henry Plummer 2000

Architecture professor and photographer Henry Plummer has heightened the transformative power of daylight with his cameras and published several remarkable books about light and architecture. His deep interest in light, and his lyrical writing perspective, were formed through his contact with the designer and art theorist György Kepes while studying at MIT. Within his numerous photo journeys Plummer has documented the various facets of in Japan and the Nordic Countries, and of masters like Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn. As a Professor Emeritus of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Plummer also still has ambitious plans for future book projects. In the first part of this interview, Plummer shares a variety of insights about understanding light and approaching buildings for photography.

Public Housing VPO in Ciudad Real / Rojo/Fernández-Shaw

Courtesy of

Architects: Rojo/Fernández-Shaw
Location: Calle Gregorio Marañón, Ciudad Real, Ciudad Real,
Architects In Charge: Begoña Fernández-Shaw, Luis Rojo de Castro, Basic AAP slp arquitectos
Year: 2009
Photographs: Courtesy of Rojo/Fernández-Shaw

© guiba6 via Flickr. ImageSan Cataldo Cemetery
© guiba6 via Flickr. ImageSan Cataldo Cemetery

Spotlight: Aldo Rossi

Ada Louise Huxtable once described him as “a poet who happens to be an architect.” Italian architect Aldo Rossi (1931-1997) was known for his drawings, urban theory, and for winning the Pritzker Prize (in 1990). Rossi also directed the Venice Biennale in 1985 and 1986 – one of only two who have served as director twice.

Central Art Depository Freiburg / Pfeifer Kuhn Architekten

© Claudius Pfeifer

Architects: Pfeifer Kuhn Architekten
Location: ,
Architect In Charge: Prof. Günter Pfeifer, Prof. Christoph Kuhn
Design Team: Daniel Lenz, Alexander Unsin, Klaus Dömer
Area: 5690.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Claudius Pfeifer, Städtische Museen Freiburg – Photographer Markus Frietsch, Kuhn und Lehmann, Hannelore Pfeifer

INHAC / Atelier d’Architecture Brenac-Gonzalez

© Sergio Grazia

Architects: Atelier d’Architecture Brenac & Gonzalez
Location: ,
Year: 2014
Photographs: Sergio Grazia

IZB Residence / Stark Architekten

© Robert Sprang

Architects: Stark Architekten
Location: Am Klopferspitz 2, 82152 , Germany
Design Team: Claudia Kammerer, Christine Röger, Markus Müller, Nicole Arndt
Area: 2000.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Robert Sprang

3 Winners Announced for Bangkok Fashion Hub Competition

1st Prize: Ilya Pugachenko, Andrey Sayko, and Alla Aniskova. Image Courtesy of HMMD

The winners of the international design competition ”Bangkok: I am Fashion Hub“ have been unveiled. Entrants were challenged with the task of unifying the functions of a community center, library, exhibition theater, and public space within a cohesive venue in Bangkok for both the local and international fashion communities.

Of the original entries, three winners were selected by an international jury based on their adherence to several design factors including conceptual clarity, creativity, integration within the existing urban fabric, and feasibility as a center for fashion. The winning designs, from Malaysia, Russia, and France, garnered monetary prizes ranging from $1,000 to $6,000. Check them out, after the break.

Slice / Saunders Architecture

© Bent René Synnevåg

Architects: Saunders Architecture
Location: ,
Area: 15.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Bent René Synnevåg