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The Clearing - Memorial at Utøya / 3RW Arkitekter

© Jørgen Watne Frydnes © Martin Slottemo Lyngstad © Martin Slottemo Lyngstad © Martin Slottemo Lyngstad

From Seville to San Francisco: 3 Pelli Clarke Pelli Projects in Progress

US firm Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects is renowned for their iconic and sustainable designs, having won numerous awards, including the AIA’s Firm Award. They currently have several projects under construction, ranging from a transit center in San Francisco to an office and retail tower in Seville, Spain. Read on after the break for an overview of three of their current projects, all in various states of completion.

Spotlight: Richard Rogers

As one of the leading architects of the British High-Tech movement, Pritzker Prize-winner Richard Rogers stands out as one of the most innovative and distinctive architects of a generation. Rogers made his name in the 70s and 80s, with buildings such as the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the Headquarters for Lloyd's Bank in London. To this day his work plays with similar motifs, utilizing bright colors and structural elements to create a style that is recognizable, yet also highly adaptable.

RIBA Future Trends Survey Reaches "All Time High"

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)’s Future Trends Survey for June 2015 shows "an all-time high," with the workload index ascending to +44 compared to +37 last month. All nations and regions within the United Kingdom returned positive balance figures, with practices in the Midlands and East Anglia responding most confidently about workloads in the next quarter. Following a slight fall last month, the private housing sector workload forecast increased to +39 (from +34), while the public sector saw a modest increase back into positive figures. Workload forecast balance figures have remained extremely high. The survey reports that large-sized practices continue to be the most optimistic about growth, while small and medium-sized practices "remain in strongly positive territory."

Spotlight: Arata Isozaki

Japanese architect, teacher, and theorist Arata Isozaki (born 23 July, 1931) helped bring Japanese influence to some of the most prestigious buildings of the 20th century, and continues to work at the highest level today. Initially working in a distinctive form of modernism, Isozaki developed his own thoughts and theories on architecture into a complex style that invokes pure shape and space as much as it evokes post-modern ideas. Highly adaptable and socially concerned, his work has been acclaimed for being sensitive to context while still making statements of its own.

Urban Elevator and Pedestrian Bridge / VAUMM

  • Architects: VAUMM
  • Location: Hernani, Gipuzkoa, Spain
  • Competition, Project And Construction Management: Iñigo Garcia Odiaga, Jon Muniategiandikoetxea Markiegi, Marta Álvarez Pastor, Javier Ubillos Pernaut, Tomás Valenciano Tamayo
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Courtesy of VAUMM

Courtesy of VAUMM Courtesy of VAUMM Courtesy of VAUMM Courtesy of VAUMM

NOIE - Cooperative House / YUUA Architects & Associates

  • Architects: YUUA Architects & Associates
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Architect In Charge: Madoka Aihara & Tomokazu Shimizu
  • Interior Designers: YUUA Architects and Associates(NOIE K), SOL style(NOIE A)
  • Area: 796.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: SOBAJIMA Toshihiro

© SOBAJIMA Toshihiro © SOBAJIMA Toshihiro NOIE K. Image © SOBAJIMA Toshihiro NOIE Complex. Image © SOBAJIMA Toshihiro

ALL SH / Linehouse

  • Architects: Linehouse
  • Location: 94 Wu Xing Lu, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000
  • Area: 20.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Benoit Florencon

© Benoit Florencon © Benoit Florencon © Benoit Florencon © Benoit Florencon

4 Reasons to Come to Finland this August

Tommi Lindh, director of the Alvar Aalto Foundation, shares four exciting reasons to enjoy the architectural offerings of Finland this summer. 

Architecture hasn't been this intensively represented in the Finnish summer events ever. The whole summer is full of nice places to visit, but what makes August so very special is what's happening in Helsinki and Jyväskylä in the beginning of the month. The Alvar Aalto Symposium kicks off with lectures by the Museum of Finnish Architecture in Helsinki on Wednesday, August 5 and continues to Jyväskylä where the main event starts on Friday, August 7 with the first thematic session and a keynote presentation by Liu Xiaodu of Urbanus.

Balmoral House / Clinton Murray + Polly Harbison

  • Architects: Clinton Murray, Polly Harbison
  • Location: Balmoral Beach, Sydney NSW, Australia
  • Architect In Charge: Clinton Murray, Polly Harbison
  • Design Team: Nicholas Byrne, Vince Myson
  • Area: 1172.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Brett Boardman

© Brett Boardman © Brett Boardman © Brett Boardman © Brett Boardman

WAF Announces 2015 Festival Theme

The World Architecture Festival (WAF), the world’s largest architectural festival and awards event held annually in Singapore, has announced the theme of this year's program: 50:50. The theme is inspired by Singapore’s upcoming 50th anniversary as an independent country, and will look back on how architecture and urbanism have changed during the last 50 years, as well as forward on what may change or stay the same in the next 50 years to come.

Office Building Transformation / Studio VARA

© Bruce Damonte © Bruce Damonte © Bruce Damonte © Bruce Damonte

Gramazio Kohler's Robotic Arm Creates an Elegant Twisting Brick Facade

Advances in computers and fabrication technology have allowed architects to create fantastic designs with relative ease that in years past would likely require the labor of countless master craftsmen. Architecture firms like Gramazio Kohler Architects are known for their innovative approach to digital fabrication, adapting technology from a variety of fields. To create this stunning new brick façade for Keller AG Ziegeleien, Gramazio Kohler used an innovative robotic manufacturing process called “ROBmade,” which uses a robot to position and glue the bricks together. 

Courtesy of Gramazio Kohler Courtesy of Gramazio Kohler Courtesy of Gramazio Kohler Courtesy of Gramazio Kohler

Rancho Los Sauces / grupoarquitectura

  • Architects: grupoarquitectura
  • Location: Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
  • Design Team: Erick Rios, Héctor Ferral, Rosa López Susana López, Erick Ríos, Rafael Sánchez, Chantal Stoopen
  • Project Area: 1500.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2009
  • Photographs: Courtesy of grupoarquitectura

Courtesy of grupoarquitectura Courtesy of grupoarquitectura Courtesy of grupoarquitectura Courtesy of grupoarquitectura

3RW's "The Clearing" Memorial Opens at Norway's Utøya Island on 4th Anniversary of Tragedy

Marking the fourth anniversary of the terror attack in Norway that left 77 dead, today the island of Utøya has opened "The Clearing," a memorial designed by Norwegian firm 3RW to commemorate the 69 victims of the shooting massacre on the island.